di si bai er shi si zhang shen qi de shuang shou

Take a step forward, Ji Shi has come to the round table.This round table is also very large.Ji Shi's hands pressed lightly on it.

A weird scene appeared, or a scene that made others unable to understand in the room appeared. It was a table where they were still eating and drinking. The solid wood table, along with everything above, had everything above.A touch of black appeared at the next moment, and then, the next moment, they disappeared quietly.That's right, it disappeared so out of thin air, and only the slight ash slowly fell.There was no sound during the whole process.

Everyone in the room was stunned. What kind of power is this?From the yin to soft, the instant erosion could reach the degree of returning to true. What is even more terrible is that Ji Shi has not released his yin and yang crown until now. In this case, anyone may have fear in his heart.Ji Shi's white hair was full of weirdness in the world.

"This is the demon method?" The man headed stared at Ji Shi in surprise.Without the barrier of the table, the space in the room is much larger.The remaining guards did not dare to rush up again, watching Ji Shi with vigilance.But I dared not take the initiative to take the initiative. They saw the ending of the two guards before, and they understood from the result of the table in front of them. The two guards may be defeated by Ji Yin to soft power instantly.Internal organs, there are no damage to the body on the surface, but in fact, the internal organs in the body have been turned into green smoke.That's two six -crowns!In front of the white -haired young man in front of him, he was like a paper paste. He raised his hands and killed him.He can kill the two and naturally kill others. No one is not afraid of death. Naturally, these guards are not exceptions.Fortunately, they were a little bit that Ji Dong did not continue to launch an attack after destroying the table, but stopped.

Ji Shi looked at the man's headed man, pointed at the ground in front of him, "Kneel down, apologize to me, and let you go."It was Ji Shi's face, and what he wanted was also the face of the other party. Therefore, he did not open the killing ring, but just showed his hand and deterned each other.


"Bastard, do you know who I am?" Perhaps it was because the pressure brought by Ji Shi was too high, and the man was a little hysterical."I am the second prince of the Xijin Empire. Even if you kill me, I will never succumb. My godfather is the Speaker of the Speaker of the Money Business Association.No matter how strong the strength is, there is only one person. Today, don't want to go out of life from here. "

The Emperor of the West Gold Empire is already old. This two princes are one of the strong priests. TodayIt was asking the ministers around him to discuss countermeasures at the silly money hotel. Seeing the fluttering purity for a while, he was a little bit -hearted, but how could he think that he brought such a fatal problem because of his greed.

After listening to his words, Ji Shi was really surprised. Although he was guessed by these people's conversations just now the identity of the man and relative of the man in front of him, he did not expect that this person's identity was so high.It is not only related to the West Gold Empire's royal family, but also a silly money business association.But what are these for Ji Dong?

"No matter who you are, what I said has never been recovered. You just said that even if you die, you will not yield. Okay, you have a bone. I hope you can always be so bone."As he said, Ji Shi had taken the pace and walked towards him.

Boom.The strong golden and black double -colored flames rose almost at the same time from the back of Ji. In this wide but closed room, the temperature rose sharply, almost just instantly, and it has become like a huge melt furnace.Those guardians have changed their faces at the same time, and they couldn't help falling back one by one. The attribute suppression accompanied by Ji's soul suppression and impacted their bodies with the toughest situation. The oppressed guards were very difficult to breathe.Their strength could not be competed with Ji Shi. Under such a strong suppression, the harsh in their eyes could no longer be concealed, and they kept a panic and retreated.The two princes and ministers supported him also retreated, and instantly posted on the walls of the room.

Ji Shi stood still, and the double -colored flames on his body suddenly turned into pure black. Suddenly, his left hand was moved in the direction of a guard.The magic light shone, and the guard only felt that an irreversible huge absorption suddenly appeared, and the body came to Ji Shi in an instant.In the panic, he could only fight hard on his chest.

Ji Shi did not even hide at all. While the other party bumped into his chest, his left hand had already grabbed it, and went straight to the other's throat position. It was Mingyang Hunting.It's just that he did not use Bingwu Yuan Yang Shenghuo, but Ding Yingming Yin Linghuo.The skills of the two kings are interoperability, in terms of Ji Kimong's control.This is nothing at all.

Seeing that Ji Dong didn't dodge, the guard could not help but fully output his magic. Although he was too late to use any magic skills, as a six -crowned magician, the power of magic power, the power of magic powerThe output is also quite scary.

But when his double boxing was on his chest, his face suddenly changed, and it became ugly like dead ash.Because he suddenly discovered that Ji Dong's chest seemed to become extremely soft, and with a special rhythm slightly trembling, the magic he blasted had been resolved 50 %.At that moment, the attributes of his magic were offset by the extreme double fire of Ji Xun.The other half of the magic seemed to be rushed into a strange vortex, which can absorb the vortex of the world.In the stuffy sound, Ji's body had not even moved, and the body of the magician had fallen into the air.Ji Jin's left hand squeezed his neck and lifts there.

A more weird and shocking scene appeared. The black flame rose and did not roar, but the next moment, it was a skull in front of the second prince and others.The guard who was pinched by Ji Shi was above the neck.The entire head has completely become a skull, without hair, flesh, but the bones are not damaged, the lower body is still the same, and even struggling.

This scene is too weird. From the beginning to the end, Ji Dong only used his hands, and it was these magical hands, but it created such a horror scene.Can it be shocking?

When the first shot, Ji moved to destroy the god of the gods.Instantly broke the attack of the two guards and destroyed their internal organs directly with the ultimate yin fire.At this time, he used his extreme yin fire directly.After grasping the opponent's neck, it is not difficult to kill.It is rare that after killing the guard, he just burned his head and did not involve the bone grid. This control of the magic was definitely appalling.These two princes in front of them are also well -informed, but they have never seen this level of control!

Ji Shi dumped and lost the body in his hand.His choice of killing is also purposeful. His six senses are far beyond ordinary people, especially after the power of the soul reached a certain degree, the six sensations become more sensitive.The three guards he killed were the most bloody smell of these guards.There must be their servants. These people are the guards of the second prince. With the arrogance of these two princes, these guards must be accomplices.

Ji Shi's right hand replaced his left hand to lift his left hand. This time, his palm pointed directly at the direction of the second prince. Although there was no magic fluctuations, he had previously killed the horror sucking from his hand when he killed the guard.Everyone felt it, and was covered by his right hand. The huge pressure made the two prince's face pale, and a large drip sweat continued to slide along the horns.Although there are still many famous guards around him, he could not have a half -point security at all.He only felt that the breath of death was unprecedented, and he never wanted to be the next person who became a skeleton.

Ji Shi is still expressionless, but at this time, he can imagine the pressure that these people in front of him. They even dare not breathe in the atmosphere.He is heavy, and they dare not imagine what happened if Ji Shi's goal is.

Ji Shi pointed at the ground in front of him again, "Kneeling and apologizing, I won't say the third time."
"I ..." The second prince wanted to refuse from the heart,However, when he opened his mouth, he found out.I couldn't say what I refused at all.

"His Royal Highness, the eldest husband can be flexed and stretched out, let's talk about this robbery first." An old minister standing beside the second prince said eagerly.They and the two princes were both grasshoppers hanging on a rope. Once the second prince had an accident, even if Ji moved to kill them, they would never be better in the future.At this time, when the second prince still had the meaning of fighting, how could he not be in a hurry, and quickly reminded him.

The second prince's face retreated, and he never looked proud and arrogant again. As a prince, how could he be willing to die?However, in the face of so many ministers, if he succumbed to this way, how could he raise his head in the future.

Ji Shi's patience has never been so good. Seeing that the second prince was still hesitating, a huge sucking power appeared again from his hands.

When this sucking power was polite to the body of the second prince, he almost screamed and shouted, "I kneel, I kneel ..."

Sucking infectionTo such a short moment, the clothes on the second prince had been soaked by sweat, and his knees were soft, and he fell down in front of Ji Shi.Teeth bite tightly. This time, he didn't dare to hesitate, "I was wrong."

Ji moved lightly, "What are you in front of me, what are you?" After saying this, this sentence,He turned proudly.Leave the silence of a house.

The second prince jumped up from the ground. When he was about to issue the order of hunting Ji Kimong, he suddenly rushed up and grabbed his arm, "His Royal Highness," His Royal Highness, "His Royal Highness, His RoyalCalm, be calm. "

" You let go of me, how do you let me calm down? "The second prince shouted with red eyes.

"His Royal Highness, since this person dares to do so when he knows your identity, you must follow it.He was breathing, fear, and strong fear constantly attacking his heart. This was why he was so hysterical. He was still very calm in his usual.At this time, the mood gradually calmed down, and in addition to the severe shame, there was a strong later fear.He can be sure that if he did not yield at the moment, then the white -haired young man really killed him.

Yes!Who is he?Not to mention his origin, if his actual age and appearance look the same, it is terrible.Such a young strong person must be very famous on the mainland. These courtiers are right. Now that it is not angry, anger is also unparalleled.

Ji moved out of the room, just saw the fluttering and rugged hotel staff standing in front of the door.

Seeing that Ji moved out of peace from the inside, the flutter was stunned, and then there was a touch of relief on his face, and he whispered eagerly: "Sir, hurry up.The person in it is a prince. Although I don't know how you deal with it, I'm afraid there will be trouble! "

Ji Tong glanced at this pure girl a little surprised.Ji Dong, the girl's heart is as pure as her appearance.A rare smile on the calm face, nodded to the fluttering, and said, "Thank you. I will deal with this matter."

The managers have arrived near, with a total of more than ten people. The leader is obviously the boss of the hotel. He is in a Chinese suit, which is exactly the same as the hotel manager who once "reminded" Ji.He had a embarrassing look, but when he saw Ji Shi at a glance, his face became wonderful.

The pace of hurriedly stopped, his appearance was ordinary, his face was full of surprise, shock, and incredible.For thousands of calculations, he did not expect to see this person here.

The reason why this manager did not come as soon as he came because he had just returned from the school farm!He is also one of the members of the Silly and Rich Business Association. Not long ago, he just witnessed that Ji Qi defeated the elite feat of more than a thousand Jin Sha Legi with one person.Seeing Ji Shi here, how can he be surprised?In his opinion, this youth is likely to be the next president!

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