7 1 3 lao jun tou fa biao

I ca n’t afford it, these old guys participated in the revolution later than you. You are our old volleyball team! I said the old row is long. Do n’t leave when you come back.I am all packaged in the army. "

Lao Cheng waved his hands and said," The grievances living in the city are not as comfortable in the mountains. BesidesDo it. "

" Cost? Who did you sue? Let me tell me, I see if I can help. "Guan Shanhai immediately came interested and told the old man behind him," PharaohIsn't your big boy from the Provincial High Court? You also come to listen. "

A group of old troops sat over, listeningTaking this matter can make these old guys have strong resonance and indignation. Lao Tzu desperate to fight the devils. In the end, even a martyr's tomb has been repaired into tofu residue. This is not counted.This group of turtle grandson Wang Ba egg should be pulled out for five minutes.

After listening, Guan Shan Haiqi was stunned, and he stood up and walked back and forth for several laps to calm down a little bit.You are relieved of this, and give it to our old guys. I wo n’t pick up his county magistrate's black hats, I have his surname! "

The rest of the old troops are also angry,It is extremely dissatisfied with the phenomenon of corruption in the local area. The rivers and mountains that Lao Tzu will be ruined by your bastard. Don't think that we will be wrong when we retire.Water comes out of stones and never receive troops.

Guanshanhai immediately established the front line command to allocate the work of this group of old military heads, contact the political and legal committee of the court procuratorate, but don't underestimate these old guys.For those who are mixed, one or two people may not be a climate alone, but so many people are twisted into a lot of energy. This energy can be imagined.

Guan Shanhai lifts a marching bed and let Lao Cheng live at home at night. The old man himself also sleeps in the military bed all year round.I am all right in the ground.

A group of old men did not mistakenly ask about the health of Lao Cheng's health. Lao Chengtou talked, saying that he has been practicing in the past ten years.If there is a small land, you can hunt and stipulate your home. There was a semi -automatic semi -automatic issued by **. Later, the county shot of the county was paid.It's right.

In recent years, eating wild pork in the county has been popular in the county. There are not many afterbirths in the village.Change the money in the village and buy a pencil book for dolls in the village.

A group of old men listened to sighs, and look at the long body bones of the old row, and the kinematic is like a 30 or 40 -year -old adult. On the other hand, there are various chronic diseases under the food of Jinyi.Hypertensive diabetes prostate hypertrophy. If you think about this fate is still fair. Although Lao Cheng has not enjoyed blessings, his body is healthy for a lifetime. This is a blessing that you can't buy.

Lao Chengtou's country population is not good. He will not brag about himself. Liu Ziguang looked anxious and said, "Father Cheng's body is really not ordinary.At that time, the Japanese gendarmerie captain competed for martial arts, and the old devil was split with a knife. "

" There is still this! Talk about it. "The old people stared at the eyes of their eyes.

Lao Cheng's head smiled and didn't want to say, Liu Ziguang told the whole story from beginning to end for him. After listening to hear, the old people were addicted to it.In the evening, you have to do three cups in the evening! "

A group of veterans are strenuous, but Guan Tao and Patriota are yawning.To contact the hotel, I invite my old comrades to dinner at night and book a better place for me. "

Guan Tao said that I was doing this, stood up and replied:" Grandpa rest assured, you are satisfied with you."

Guan Shanhai said again," How can the tiger head come back and call him to urge him. "

I was saying that there was a car outside the door.After that, let's greet the old man, and then suggest that Guan Shanhai entered the room with his eyes.

Guan Shanhai said, "What's the matter as everyone's face, it's not something unsatisfactory."

Guanyan said, "Minister Feng said that this matter is comparableIn trouble, three cadres had been recruited in the first half of the year, and this mouth could not be opened anymore. "

Guanshan Henani was furious.What kind of thing, what draft champion, popular singer, fast male and female! Is it possible to fight with these guys who are not men and women and defend the country! I specially recruits a god gunner to go back to the back door and seek personal selfishness with power!Babizi! "

" Grandpa, you disappear. "Guan Ye and Guan Tao hadn't seen Grandpa so hot for a long time, and hurried to persuade.

"Don't persuade me, I'm calm, call Rokkong, I ask him to directly ask for a place." Guan Shanhai waved his hand and said, anger, and I ca n’t see more things over the years.Life is still the same.

"Deputy Commander Luo met in the capital and couldn't contact it." Guan Ye said.

Guan Shanhai groaned: "The old volleyball team is long, you have been in the tomb of Commander Zhao for decades, you can know that Commander Zhao is still alive."

Lao Cheng was surprised: "After Commander Zhao has it, it is a great event."

Guan Shanhai said, "I also listened to others. Zhao Ziming was originally the staff of the main group. He was married and had been married.Later, he accepted the task to go to the enemy to develop a base. He loved a boy in his life. He had never seen his father and son. Later, Zhao Ziming sacrificed.An old man, let's do it like this, I will help you inquire about it. If you have the opportunity, it is also a good thing to let the descendants of Commander Zhao worship the ancestors. "


BR> Lao Cheng lived in the Ganxiu that night. Originally, the old man still wanted Liu Ziguang to live at home, but was discouraged by Guan Tao, saying that your elderly played himself, and our young people also had their own space. Every day, we had to have their own space.Listening to you talk about those old teeth, the ears you listen to are cocoon, the brain is painful, and you have to go out to change the fresh air at night.

Guan Shanhai will no longer stop, but strict order is not allowed to drive out of his own car. Guan Tao naturally agreed that he did not even use his brother's military vehicle.Come, don't look at the inconspicuous car. The logo is like Chery. The price is not cheap, and the 600,000 imported cars are not affordable by ordinary people.

The two brothers of the Guan family coupled with Liu Ziguang and Pi Paradise. The four people drove to the top -grade restaurant in the provincial capital to dine.In the end, Guan Tao is a successful career. He is not dared to wings at home at home.> He is obviously a frequent visitor to this shop. The waiters know him. The tall and tall -looking cheongsam cooked cooked dishes laughed, saying that the boss Guan joked with us again.

Guan Tao said, "What kind of joke, this is the noble guest I invited, how can you stay slowly."

Guan Ye said: "Okay, just order a few dishes casuallyThat's OK, it's all yourself. "

Guan Tao converged, ordered a few representative special dishes, and asked two bottles of red wine.Circle, I talked to Liu Ziguang: "Liu Di, when the soldiers are actually not interesting, you really want to develop. I recommend a job for you. My friend opened a security company to undertake international security business. Those international portsThe Taiwanese star comes to our side, they are all their companies that bear the security business. Don't underestimate as a bodyguard. The salary is taken as an hour and the base salary is tens of thousands.What he said, Guan Ye was unhappy, refuting: "How can the bodyguard be compared with the soldiers, and even more money, it is not a housekeeping dog for others. The soldiers have a sense of honor."

Guan Tao sneered:"This year, you tell me the sense of honor of soldiers. How much is the sense of honor and a pound of honor. I pack me two tons for me. I tell you that my brother, I am not a soldier who has not been a soldier.It is clear than anyone else. Now it is not the sense of honor of the soldiers. I was eaten by a dog earlier by the soldiers! "

Guan Ye was out of anger to leave the seat.The brothers no longer mentioned the matter. The meals came up one after another. They were all delicate dishes. Because the atmosphere was wrong, everyone was tasting. The two bottles of red wine only drank one bottle and eaten barely.You have to go back before, and Guan Tao will not leave him, saying that you go back quickly, and we are playing with your old ancient board.

Guan Ye snorted, ignored his brother, walked to Liu Ziguang and said, "You're careful, my brother likes to make trouble when you drink too much wine.Go first. "

Liu Ziguang patted his shoulder:" Thank you brothers, I have a lot. "

Guan Ye took a taxi, and Guan Tao relaxed, haha laughed:""My brother, I don't know what the stuff in my mind is, just like the old stubborn, he can only go, we can play it, yes Liu Di, what kind of show is arranged below?Drinking, either singing? Jumpy? Our provincial capital is more tricky than you Jiangbei. "

Paradise fluttering and laughed, saying," Taozi, you may misunderstand, Liu Ziguang is not what is it.The militia cadres of the state -owned factory have all the bathing centers and restaurants and bar property companies under his hands. The value is not much less than you. I haven't seen any world. Let's stop and drink.

> Guan Tao suddenly enlightened: "Oh, my eyes are clumsy, I said, Liu's temperament is different from the average person. Originally, I was a fellow person.Go to the bar for two glasses to chat. "

The three came to a green bar, and the car stopped at the door knew that the grade was not low. Guan Tao was also a frequent guest here.After the seat, Guan Tao ordered a dozen beer. Liu Ziguang looked around and looked around. He was looking for a passage that could be quickly left when an accident, but suddenly found a familiar figure.

It is Fang Ye's little sister -in -law. He is holding a wine bottle and talks. There are a few people sitting around, wearing white shirts and trousers, and the atmosphere of the bar is incompatible.The words of the county propaganda work conference ".