7 1 4 guan chang di zhen qian zhao

, To do a drug business, playing well, that is, people owe the ignition, how, do you know? "

Liu Ziguang nodded:" It's a bit of the holiday. "

Guan Tao laughed:" II also saw that the kid was not pleasing to the eye. Otherwise, let's do it in the past, "

Liu Ziguang asked:" I heard that his background is okay. "
" Mao, his old man's old man's old manI used to be a deputy secretary of the Provincial Party Committee before. The old man was ill and died with an oxygen tube. What energy can you have?The two in the hall, I heard that in the past two years, I can move up. Other siblings are eaten old, some are moving, some are oil, some in the provincial party committee, basically the middle level, there is nothing big.Treasure, saying that he is a word. "

Liu Ziguang said:" The rural areas next to him, I was full of it. "

Guan TaoSaid: "I saw it a long time ago, and it must be that Yuan Laowu boasted what person he knew and how much he could settle. This group of rural officials knew to go the crooked door evil ways, it should be whole."

Liu ZiguangQuestion: "So how do we do the law?"

Guan Tao said, "You just wait to see the excitement. This matter is given to me. It is absolutely proper.Crying. "

Liu Ziguang said:" It won't cause you any bad impact. "

Guan Tao's contempt:" What, I play this inner line, anyway, anyway,It ’s time to hit the child on a rainy day, and I’ m idle, come, drink.

Although so, the three still controlled drinking, so as not to delay the good show in the back.The boy is so colorful. This time, you must knock the bamboo bar fiercely, and even eat it. After a while, they have finished drinking, which is the time when the big show is staged. "

Okay, after a while, Yuan Laowu will beI couldn't hold back. I walked out of the bar with a few Nantai cadres and went to two cars. Liu Ziguang followed him and went out to the door of a four -star hotel.

Yuan Laowu opened two standard rooms, and took the cadres to go to the room to talk about work. The white shirts were from the Propaganda Department of Nantai County.In the crisis of relations, they met Yuan Xiaoda, one of the "four sons" of the provincial capital through the introduction of capable people, and heard that his background was prominent. The family was not rich or expensive.Deputy Director, a brother worked in the propaganda department, is definitely the kind of player.

Yuan Xiaoda patted his chest in front of the cadres from the county and packed the ticket: "This matter is covered on me, and a phone call will let the relevant departments be named under the call, delete posts, prohibit reports, and absolutely take this.The negative impact of the matter was minimized. "

The cadres laughed with a smile, and ended with the sound. Yuan Xiaoda bounced the ash with the gray ash and said," Of course, you must be self -reliant, I will give you youWith a trick, five cents a post, find someone to spray on the Internet with them, don't care who is wrong, first mix the water and talk about it. "

The cadres are like a pour, and some people hurry up to the family.After sending a text message, this arranged for the five -haired work. Yuan Laowu proudly said: "It's not too early, I arrange some shows, everyone is casual."

The girls who have exhibited flowers are in their early twenties. The skin is tender and can get out of the water. The smile is polite.

The cadres immediately got up and hidden, covering up: "President Yuan, how much the impact is so bad."

Yuan Xiaoda laughed: "You want to be crooked, this is a regular massage.It doesn't matter, after taking the car for a day, how good the boat is loose and loose, it's okay, this is my cover, it's absolutely safe. "

Everyone leads to the gods, and each picked a massage technician to return to the room to go back to the room to go to the room to go to the room to go to the room to go to the room to go to the room to go to the room to go to the room to go to the room to go to the room to go to the room to go to the room to go to the room to go to the room to go to the room to go to the room to go to the roomIt's ...

In the lobby downstairs, Guan Tao looked at his watch, wiped out the cigarette butt, and picked up his mobile phone: "Xu team, my Taozi, people have already entered the room, you can do it."
Not a big time, a team of police officers came in. After showing the documents, they went upstairs. The front desk staff of the hotel hurriedly called the duty manager and security department, but it was too late.On the floor of the floor, the programs in which the shows are on the end of the show. The cadres do not know what to do if they are naked, or they are experienced in the massage lady, and they are not well experienced to destroy the evidence. However, the police have broken the door.The people were stolen and obtained, and the people in the room were pointed at the people in the room with a strong light handle: "Squat!"

Yuan Laowu was also caught in the form, and he shouted that I knew the old old who was separated from you.Zhang, but the police did not give him face at all, took a photo, only let the bath towels, and then pledged them all.

Liu Ziguang and others saw Yuan Laowu and several Nantai cadres came out of the elevator in the lobby on the first floor, with a black plastic bag on his head, a bath towel on his waist, and a hotel slippers on his feet.The fat (the word Nan Gongtu must be familiar with this word must be very familiar), the ugly state is unbearable, and the massage technicians also put the long hair under the face, ashamed to see people.

The person was taken away on the police car. Guan Tao explained: "Yuan Lao Wu is miserable this time. Although he does not have to be detained, his wife can not get it.It ’s not easy to say that the rural cadres are hard to say. If you do n’t, you have to expel public office."

Liu Ziguang said, "Then wouldn't we harm others for a lifetime."

Guan TaoSneessing: "Mao, just these birds, all the guns were unjust, and the dark single doubles guns were leaked, and they were fired.BR> The cadres of the Propaganda Department of Yuan Laomu and Nantai were not concerned about how the cadres of the Propaganda Department of Nantai were escaped. In short, they would definitely lose a few black hats.

It is late at night after busy. Guan Tao closed several real estate in the city, and just took out a key to arrange Liu Ziguang.It is ready.

Liu Ziguang was idle to watch the Internet. A few days ago, he arranged people to speculate on the monument of the tofu residue. Now to see how the results have been achieved. As a result, when the forum was on the forum, it was actually scolded.The registered ID supports Nantai official, saying "you don't have to scold the monument in the county, you have to scold the monument.The following people responded to the post: "Don't be more true with them, you lose more than true. This group of people clearly slander our great XX with five beauty."

and expert -type washing ground, Listed the specific figures to illustrate the huge cost composition of the commemorative tower. It is only two million in the design costs of the famous Italian artist.The cost of Philippines is not only not much, but also very savings. Why do some people selectively ignore this good thing in contemporary contemporary profit?

Someone praised the post immediately: "This post is worth five pieces!"

Some conspiracy theorists, saying that the monument of the tofu residue is a scam from beginning to end.In order to blackmail the Construction Bureau, the wild boar rural people destroyed the monument by themselves. At the end of the post, they sighed and compassionate.

Liu Ziguang sneered, closed the computer, and the online public opinion was so fierce that he couldn't hold the leader's sentence. This was a trivial matter.Eating a better look, you are greedy and greedy, just do so, even the money of the dead, so the simple masonry monument, even the primary school students can estimate the cost of no more than 30,000 yuan, but can actually be ableThe eight -million budget came out, I really don't know if they were really stupid, or regarded the public as a fool.

This incident has intensified, and it has shocked the leaders at all levels of the provincial capital. I am afraid that it is difficult to bleach beautiful and bright ground.Liu Ziguang picked up the phone and called Zhou Wen.

Although it was already late at night, Zhou Wen still answered the phone quickly, and the voice was very low: "Hello, I am Zhou Wen."
"Zhou Wen, I am Liu Ziguang, what's wrong with you?Wake up? "

" No, what do you say? "

" This time the South Thai government is going to earthquake, I will get angry in advance.Jumping out, just look at this time. "

Zhou Wen was silent for a long time, and he was still not excited in his tone, but just said that I knew it, and hung up the phone.

Zhou Wen who put down the phone was not a wave of waves. When he knew that the county sent someone to the provincial capital to catch a reporter, he felt that it was going to be troubled, but how could he use this time to use this time this timeOpportunities to break out, it seems difficult, it is difficult ...

Early the next morning, Liu Ziguang was awakened by the phone.Asked what happened, Guan Tao said unknowingly that the old masters were going to play big, you hurried, and he couldn't see a good show late.

Liu Ziguang hurried out to take a taxi and rushed to the rest. The guards at the door did not know him, stopped and stopped in, and were in the negotiation.Audi, the gatekeeper went to open the door in a hurry, Liu Ziguang faintly realized something. He was throbbing in his heart. This old army head was really cruel!

The gate was opened, the gatekeeper was standing, and a car drove out of the door of the dry rest at a constant speed and drove towards the north. At this time, Guan Tao ran out of the courtyard and said, "YouIt's late, I didn't see it just now. "

Liu Ziguang said," Which of the old men do you sing? "

Zhengxi, Guan Shanhai's northern expedition, the old guys suspected that the legal procedure was too slow and went straight to Nantai County. "Guan Tao said with a disaster.