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"I think."

"You look so cute." Liu Ziguang said with a rampant breasts with anger, saying unscrupulously, and at the same time, his legs were lifted toOn the table.

Hu was very smiling, but he sat down again: "I tell you that Liu Ziguang, even if this suspect really has a previous subject, as long as you do not catch the current crime, you cannot count it, but your charges are charged.If you can't run, I can do you to disturb the law and order and detain you for fifteen days. "

" If you don't catch the thief, you will be detained to catch the thief.Are you trying to try one by one. "Liu Zi was extremely arrogant.

"You!" Xiao Hu fell on the table with the folder in his hand, reached out and went to the wall to pick up handcuffs. Suddenly the door of the duty room opened, Pharaoh came in: "Xiao Hu, you come, come, come a bit. "

Ruke stared at Liu Ziguang, and fell to the door to leave. When he reached the corridor, Pharaoh took out a piece of information just printed and handed it to her:" Catch the big fish, that guy, that guy, that guy, that guy, that guyThe wanted criminals, more than ten crimes in neighboring provinces, are high -rise residential communities, and the amount involved in the case is as high as 500,000, and there is a life on the body.Pharaoh patted Xiao Hu's shoulders."Your dad will be proud."

"Really!" In the end, Xiao Hu, Xiao Hu's toes were happy, almost jumped up, and suddenly frightened again: "That就不能拘留刘子光了,怎么说他都是有功之人。”

老王语重心长的说:“小胡啊,这个人咱们不是查过了么,没有案底的,作为公安人员,You ca n’t wear colored glasses to see people. Since he is willing to divide as a security guard, we should support it. "

Hu bit his lips and nodded:" Understand, Uncle Wang. "

BR> After a moment, Xiaohu with a face came in from the outside and threw the transcript in front of Liu Ziguang. He said hard: "Sign a word, press a handprint, you can go back."
" No, noDo you want to detain me? "Liu Ziguang said, grabbed the name of the dragon flying phoenix dance on the pen, and pressed a handprint, throw it back to Xiao Hu, pushed the door and went away.

Hu took the transcript, looked at the signature and bright red handprint, and secretly: I don't believe you can't check your old background!She didn't notice that the handcuffs hanging on the wall were less pair.


"Jiangyang Thieves finally settled on the net, the internship police officer showed the power!" This is the headline of the Morning News of the city the next day.The camouflage, captured the gangsters with the cooperation of the three security guards of Zhicheng Garden, won the awards of the municipal bureau and the warm praise from the masses.

Xiao Hu's laughter in the newspaper is not like the hero of the gangsters, but it is like a female thief who was arrested.Colleagues are very dissatisfied. The gangsters are clearly arrested by Liu Ziguang. Because their father is the secretary of the Municipal Legal Committee, they can open their eyes to speak nonsense and impose honors to themselves, which is really uncomfortable.

That Liu Ziguang is not a good thing. He actually led the sheep and touched the handcuffs of the duty room. The harmful himself was criticized by the political commissar. Next time, he had to give him some color.


In Zhicheng Garden Property Company, Liu Ziguang watched the newspaper that day was also laughing.Come, to capture the security guards of the gangsters.

Manager Gao couldn't help it, so he had to put a level to Liu Ziguang. He was promoted from ordinary security guards to a security leader, and he also had a bonus of 500 yuan.

The news came to the house. Dad was ecstatic. Everyone said that his son was promoted for three days. The old man was happy, and Liu Ziguang was also happy.

After being a foreman, it is convenient for the deployment time. Colleagues like to find Liu Ge, but instead put the higher -level Captain White, and Captain White has no choice but to do it. After all, Liu Ziguang's fame has already beenIt was passed to the group.

At noon that day, Liu Ziguang drove home, parked the car outside the alley, and walked towards the house. He was seeing her mother with a half -old Xu Niang wearing a pink skirt with a thick makeup.He glanced at Liu Ziguang and looked at the oral car in the alley again. Then he pulled his mother's hand: "Sister, Teacher Zhang's class at night, don't forget to come."

Send away awayAfter Xu Niang, my mother said with a beautiful look and mysteriously, "Xiaoguang, try to try clothes and fit."

A jacket and a pair of black trousers on the bed in the home,The slippery feeling does not feel like a good fabric. My mother took out a shirt from the box and wrapped it on Liu Ziguang's back, saying, "These clothes are all the brands I bought by my trustee.It's more than eighty after the folding. The gown is called Jinba men's clothing. They all said that it is the brand that walks into the Louvre of France. You are also the boss.Look. "

Liu Ziguang was helpless, so he had to put on a full set of new clothes and stood there to let his mother look at Liu Ziguang's figure according to the mother's impression.*, But finally, when I saw my mother laughed, Liu Ziguang said, "Mom, not a blind date, what do you look good?"

Mom said: "It's a blind date.Seeing your car, I think how big you are. I came to me early this morning and said that they would arrange an object for you. The girl has a formal work, long and beautiful, you can take it seriously. "

"Well, have such good things? Then I have to see it." Liu Ziguang didn't want to hurt the old man's heart and agreed.

Seeing that the son agreed with the blind date, his mother was even more happy. Take out a handkerchief bag from the big wardrobe drawer and take out a bank card to hand it over to Liu Ziguang: "You are the boss, you can't delay anymore.When you are generous, there is another one, let alone you are a security guard, just say that you do it in the property company. This card is a card folding.If you have idle money, you can save it, and you should get married ... "

Poor parents in the world, Liu Ziguang took the money card and said," Rest assured, I have to know. "

At 6:30 in the evening, Liu Ziguang opened Malacca to the central square, stopped to the side of the road, walked to the fountain in the middle of the square, and waited for five minutes to sound.After looking up, the two MMs appeared in front of them, one tall and short, fat, and thin, forming a sharp contrast. The fat girl raised a face full of freckles and asked Liu Ziguang: "You are Liu Ziguang?"

Liu Ziguang said:" I am. "

Freckles and fat girls said:" We were introduced by Teacher Amway Chen, now give you a chance to invite two beautiful women to dinner, hee hee, hee hee, hee hee, hee hee,Of course, I asked her, I followed me. "He said to push the tall beauty next to him.

Tall man, in fact, is only one meter six, mainly because the next one is too short, she looks a little altitude, this beauty is a bit of a look, wearing a small small waist that can't see the waist body.Wind coats, pedaling horse boots, and a cold beauty faction, ignoring Liu Ziguang.

Liu Ziguang is a bit unhappy, but he pretended to be very enthusiastic for his mother's face, "Two beauties have not eaten yet, I invite you to get off the restaurant."

> Freckles and fat girls said: "Those restaurants are not hygienic, we only eat winners."

Liu Ziguang didn't know what the Pizza Hut was, "What?"Pointing at the big signature of the Pizza Hut downstairs of the Plaza Border Emperor Chamber of Commercial Building: "That's there."

Liu Ziguang was walking in front, two MMs followed, Liu Ziguang listened toYou can still hear the whispering of the two.

A freckles who are one meter and five meters of freckles whisper: "You see that he is dressed in real soil, like a township cadre, and people are not ugly, but they are too short, even one meter, even one meter, even one meter, even one meter, even one meter, even one meter, even one meter.Eight is not enough, it is a second -class disability. "

Leng Ao beauty just snorted without any, as if he was dismissive of what comments on Liu Ziguang.

When the three walked into the Pizza Hut Restaurant, they just walked out of the two girls from Emgrand Charity Xiamen. They were very happy and laughed. Suddenly one of them saw Liu Ziguang's back and those two MMs.Live, her companion asked: "Fang Ye, what's wrong with you? The face is so bad."

Nurse Fang Ye lowered: "Nothing, I'm not very comfortable."

> ...

Today is not the weekend, so there are still some vacant people in Pizza Hut. The three sat down on the seat of the window. The waiter put the menu.Piccas, roasted lamb chops, steamed rice, pasta, salads, chicken wings, desserts, etc. It is estimated that there is a thousand dollars.

The pizza quickly brought up. The two girls ate their own care, whispered and whispered to the private room.Think of the person like a person next to it. I wiped the oil hand and asked, "Handsome guy, introduce your basic situation."

Liu Ziguang just wanted to speak, suddenly the cold proud beauty was retching, stood up and stood up.Pick up a small bag and said, "Sorry, I'll go to the bathroom first." Freckles and fat girls quickly stood up with her.

Liu Ziguang also had some urine, so he got up and went to the bathroom. When he walked to the corner, he heard the conversation of the two women.> Leng Ao beauty covered her belly: "The little thing is kicking me again, really annoying."

Freckles and fat girls said: "Lili, do you see that person looking at your eyes, I think he must be that he must beYou are fascinated by you. "

Leng Ao beauty just snorted, probably very confident about your personal charm.

Freckles and fat girls lamented: "Well, if it wasn't for that black man returned to China, Lili would not be so miserable. Now you have to get married as soon as possible, hum, cheap this soil."

> Leng Ao's beauty is a little unpleasant to correct: "Jack is an American, not ordinary black people."

Liu Ziguang over there was already angry, just wanted to hold back again. After all, this is a legal society.He came back to the seat as if he was okay, but he didn't notice that there was already a pair of eyes staring at himself in the corner of the restaurant.

"Xiao Hu, what do you look at?" Yang Feng, the police of the Public Security Brigade of the Branch, asked whately, Hu Rong, the police officer of the police station opposite him, said, "Nothing, see a one, see a one, see aThe little confusion in this area. "

Yang Feng looked back and looked at Liu Ziguang from the professional eyes of public security personnel.The heroic deeds in the fighting competition made a laughed.

The two beauties who went to wash their hands returned to the seat, and the freckle fat woman coughed: "After the inspection of you, the preliminary identification is qualified, you can associate with us." Then the two small little small little small.His eyes stared at Liu Ziguang, looking forward to seeing his ecstatic expression.

Liu Ziguang's smile on the corner of his mouth, saying, "How to deal with it?"

Lili frowned, and said impatiently: "Your situation, Chen Chen, Chen, ChenThe aunt briefly introduced it. Honestly, your conditions are really poor, but I can just get it. In this way, get married on the National Day.The house must be available. The wedding room must be written in three rooms and two halls. I have to live alone after marriage. Your parents have been once a month. "

Liu Ziguang nodded like a garlic, and found a pen.Remember in a decent look, and asked Lili to ask: "Is there any request?"

"Yes." Lili said and proudly, "Sleeping in a room after marriage, you can'tTouch me. "

" Oh? Is your 13 inlaid? "Liu Ziguang's mouth Zhang Chengcheng O -shaped, so he asked in surprise.

"You!" Lili was shocked by Liu Ziguang's shamelessness. This man exported dirty in an elegant place like Pizza Hut, which was really surprising.The beauty of freckles burst for a moment, and stood up and said, "Who do you think you are and not even a house. If your mother promised Aunt Chen to buy our products, we Lili did not know allYou, villagers! "

In fact, Liu Ziguang is still quite concentrated. I just wanted to tease them, but when I heard the freckles and fat girls mentioning their mother, they suddenly did not hit a place, and they would not be angry.The table was lifted, and what pizza salad and soup soup were sprinkled with two women.

Freckles and fat girls are really not fuel -saving lamps. When the hair is hurt, the pigs are killed and howling: "Help, beating people!" The guests who were eating in the restaurant turned around and looked overEssence

The female policeman Hu Rong hates the man who hates the most in her life. She suddenly stood up and asked to interfere, but Yang Feng held her shoulders: "Xiao Hu, let me come."