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At the same time, Hu Rong also took out his mobile phone, and the two looked nervous. This is an order from the command center.In the restaurant, this kind of male and female disputes were not even a law and order case. There were no idle pipes. They left a few banknotes and hurriedly left. Before leaving the door, Yang Feng stared at Liu Ziguang fiercely and fixed his appearance firmly.Printed in your heart.

Two women are dumbfounded.


The nurses Fang Yan's face is dark, and his brows are sitting on the square bench. The companion was sitting nervously with her, the stomach of the belly, the usual Fang Ye'sThe body is very good, why is it suddenly uncomfortable today.

After a while, Liu Ziguang came out of Pizza Hut from a distance. After a while, the two girls came out with a stain, and they went away.

Fang Ye, who was sitting behind the flower bed, saw this scene. Suddenly the gloomy complexion became bright, and the corner of his mouth was tilted: "I'm fine, let's go, let's go to KFC, let me go."

The companion's eyes were glaring, and Fang Ye was 80 % of the evil evil today.


When Liu Ziguang came to the car, a police motorcycle had just left, leaving a penalty of illegal parking on the front windshield of Malacca.I had already received a lot, and I didn't care about pulling down and throwing it away. I was about to drive the door, and suddenly noticed that there was a self -service bank next to it.

Yesterday, the company's five hundred bonuses were stored in the card given by my mother, so that the old man was happy. Liu Ziguang made up his mind and went straight to the self -service bank.

The faint flower fragrance strikes, the glass door of the self-service bank is separated on both sides, and Liu Ziguang below the steps see a pair of round and long black-silk-silk-legs.A ten -year -old woman, the slender body was wrapped in a fitting short trench coat, hurriedly sorted out the things in the Kunbao, and did not lift her head with Liu Ziguang.

Liu Ziguang walked to ATM, just to take out the bank card, and suddenly he spit out a card in the slot. No one else in the self -service bank was. This card must be left by the hurried woman just now.Essence

Liu Ziguang pulled out the bank card and rushed out of the woman who was standing next to the red Volvo S4O sedan on the side of the road and shouted: "Wait a minute!"

The woman looked at the woman vigilantly atLiu Ziguang, the beautiful eyebrows frowned, Liu Ziguang hurriedly said, "Your card is forgotten."

"Ah!" The woman pulled out and took out the peeling clip, and the bank card really disappeared.She hurriedly closed the door and walked in front of Liu Ziguang, reached out to pick up the golden bank card, looked at her signature on the back, and took out two large red banknotes from the fiber clip.

"Thank you."

"Be careful next time." Liu Ziguang did not receive the banknote at all, leaving a word and returned to ATM to save money.


Drive back to the company, sit in the security room, just put on the desk on the leg, the phone sounds, grabbing the handset, it is the sound of Xiaibei's anxiety: "Brother Guang, my Beibei, Zhang Biao's raised talk, saying that the three cars are not needed, let us stay, but it is difficult to say if you have any life. "

Liu Ziguang said:"Okay, I just waited for him. You came over and went to work with me. "

In less than five minutes, Beckham rode his jog motorcycle that drove the black smoke.When I came to Zhicheng Garden, at this time, Liu Ziguang had called eight brothers, and all changed the stool. Hao put the iron rod in the trunk.The car went straight to the hospital.

When I came downstairs in the hospital, Liu Ziguang left two brothers to keep the exit and took seven people straight to the elevator. It happened that an old lady shook the wheelchair over.The door, let the old man come in, put your hand on the elevator floor button, and asked kindly: "Grandma, how many floors?"

"Eighteenth floor, thank you." The old lady nodded gratefully.Then look at the man with a flower with a flower with a large waist and a large waist, and asked casually: "Look at people."

"Yeah, see (cut) people." Liu Ziguang replied with a smile, just rightThe orthopedic ward on the tenth floor arrived, Liu Ziguang said goodbye and led people out.

"There are not many polite young people." The old man said to himself.

Out of the elevator and came to a small nurse on the face, it was the nurse of the bed when my father was hospitalized some time ago. When he saw Liu Ziguang, he screamed excitedly: "Oh, you!You have forgotten everything. "

Liu Ziguang smiled:" Sorry, give you a good look, I come to see friends today, yes, Zhang Biao stays in the bed? "

"Fifty -five beds, how do you know him? That bad guy, drove the patients out, occupy a ward yourself, you hate it. "As soon as the little nurse pouted, it was obviously not a cold for Zhang Biao.

"Oh, a business acquaintance, how many accompanying Zhang Biao?"

"There are two, what's wrong?"
"Okay? "

" No problem. "The little nurse ran back to the workstation, picked up the microphone and pressed a keyway:" Fifty -five beds with others, someone finds it. "

After a momentThe two young people with their heads came out of the ward. As soon as they walked to the nurse station, they were taken away by the four big men with a dagger with a dagger. The movements were quite natural.

Liu Ziguang and Beckham's hand holding a big bouquet walked into the ward and shouted at Zhang Biao lying on the bed: "Biao, I came to see you."
Zhang BiaoI was watching the newspaper and looked up at a scared spirit. I just wanted to jump down from the bed and was pressed by Beckham.

Liu Ziguang pulled a chair and sat down in front of Zhang Biao's bed. Slowly took out a short fire ax from the bouquet of the flower, and the ax's edge was froze and shiny.

"Brother Biao, don't be afraid, I am fast, just for a while." Liu Ziguang held the ax on the knee of Biao Brother.

"What do you want to do!" Brother Biao scolded, "Don't be a scary when Zhang Biao, you dare to move me a little hair, I kill you all the family!"

Zhang BiaoThe color is loud, and there are a lot of sweat on the fat face.

"Mom 13, let you horizontal!" Beckham pulled out a thick short iron rod from his back, and smashed it on the arm of Brother Biao's gypsum.

The sound of screaming pierced the window of the ward building, echoing in the city hospital, and could not calm down for a long time.

The head nurse hurried and asked at the door: "What's going on!"

The brothers of the wind at the door said, "Nothing, our brother is afraid of injections."

The head nurse glanced at the scene in the inside, and she immediately understood, but she had no good impression of Zhang Biao's hooligan at all. The bed was so nervous that he had a ward alone.It is better to kill him, and there is less scourge in the world.

"Huh, then the adult is still afraid of injections."

In the ward, the sweaty brother is begging: "What can't you sit down and talk clearly, don't do it."

"Talk?Talk about your mother 13, give you face, don't blame you, and kill my family, I tell you, I just want to interrupt your two legs, and now change your mind, I want to kill you. "Liu ZiguangThe fierce light appeared.

"I don't want the car, and the medical expenses of your brother, I also pack it, how much is it, don't do it, say something slowly."What conditions are promised first.

"It's late, I don't want a car. Today, I have to live your life." Liu Ziguang didn't eat soft and hard, holding the ax, and scratched the shell of Biao Brother.

Brother Biao's sweat, tears and nose came out, he listened to Liu Ziguang and Beckham in discuss.

"It is not good to splash a bed brain slurry, and the aunt who looks back at the sheets will have opinions."

"That is, it is better to throw him down.Death, shovel directly with the iron pupa to send the peace, live together. "

It sounds like a joke, but the two people's movements are not a joke at all.Come over, one person mentioned one leg and hung Zhang Biao, a screaming of wow.

The tenth floor is very high. The cars below are as large as toy cars. If this is fell, the iron will become meat mud, the wind in the high altitude blows over, and the brother Biao is a hand that is not injured.Dancing in the air, wow weird, "Brother, Grandpa, please, don't kill me, give you everything, I give you 300,000 yuan, I will give you you, I will never retaliate afterwards.You guys, I am Wang Ba egg! "

Liu Ziguang let the top shout:" Your life is worth 300,000? Beckham, let go! "

Brother Biao's body fell down, and he was so scared that the urine was almost coming out. He was afraid that Liu Ziguang would lose his hand and ignore him.Business, don't give you all! Forgive me! "

Liu Ziguang and Beckham looked at each other, and he dragged Brother Biao up.Paralyzed on the ground, I couldn't speak only when I was panting. Because the blood flowed on my head, the fat head became purple.

Some animals will use the changes in feathers and colors to scare their opponents. There is also a type of people in the society. There is no capital to pretend to be.Essence

"Write the lack of strips, sign the painting and press the handprint!" Xiaobei extended a piece of paper in front of Biao Brother, and Biao Brother knew that people came to extort.In desperation, I had to sign the painting.

"I don't look at your car breaking, or the price, you drive away 100,000, and transfer the mud header team to me.You just keep it, I don't have to be unreasonable, don't you always leave you a way? "Liu Ziguang accepted the word and told Biao Brother a great reason, so he turned to leave.

I just turned back to my body: "By the way, I'm still in the class, the time is limited, give you an hour and a half, don't blame me for regretting."

Biao brother noddedJust like pecking rice.

Liu Ziguang left. After a while, the two hooligans that were beaten into pork heads were helping each other into the ward.The guy is standing downstairs, what is it? "

Brother Biao said:" Call your sister -in -law and let her bring money. "


br> Liu Ziguang took his brother to the elevator mouth, and happened to open the elevator door. There was a familiar figure in it.His nursing worker has a temper.

Isn't this a fat man who has not lost money so far?