Chapter 36

Meng Fan did not have the ability to intercept the bullet with a knife. He could only avoid this bullet in the simplest way.

This shot allows Meng Fan to recognize the strength of Tianjiao's first master. Even the bullets can be cut off with a knife.In terms of knives, Meng Fan is ashamed whether it is speed or accuracy.

"You arranged a sniper at the outside of the base?" Meng Fan asked.

"I never do secret things." I said coldly, "You are fine, you can avoid the bullets. If you follow me, I will give you the second challenge to you. "

" Thank you for your kindness. The person who sneaks the attack is not your person nor me. It also shows that someone wants to mix water to touch the fish, so we can't kill each other. "
" Don't want to do not want toWith our word, I and you, it's not the same thing, unless you join the Tianjiao and do my men. "

Meng Fan slightly bowed his head:" It is better to do it according to the rules of Tianjiao, we doFighting alone, the strong is respect. "

" Okay, I appreciate you very much, so I will show mercy and leave your life. "
"For the number, you'd better go all out. "

Because of the attack just now, the comparison is selected in a closed warehouse. This is the warehouse of the previous food stored.There is only a dim and slightly moldy space.

"Meng Fan, why do we ask for competence? We have many people, and we can hold up and kill him." Li Qiuyun asked puzzledly.

Meng Fan shook his head gently: "It's not so easy, he can even intercept the bullets. How can we kill him, even if he finally kills him, he will pay a lot of money, and Brother Cao Brother CaoHe said that he was righteous, and the people under his hands were loyal to him. At that time, he would definitely come to revenge for him, which would make us fall into trouble. "

" But? "What Li Qiuyun wants to say, Meng FanHas covered her mouth: "Don't worry about me, I won't lose it so easily, and even if you lose, you don't want to kill an opponent who can encounter it."

Meng Fan has no confidence to what he said. How can he be sure if his opponent will be merciless?

Now everyone has withdrawn from the warehouse, and only Meng Fanhe and the sky are left in Nuo Da's warehouse."The rules are very simple. You can use any weapon on your body. One party falls down for ten seconds or admits the test."

"Very fair."The knife, there are ten anesthesia needles, I have taken off the light armor. You can check it yourself. "
"No, I believe you." Meng Fan said: "I also have this knife.A pistol. "

" Okay, you and I do your back, do you start ten steps and start, how about it? "

Meng Fan nodded," Ten, 9, Eight ..."

When the last step is settled, Meng Fan immediately turned and fired.There were ten bullets in his gun. He played nine in one anger, but it would not be difficult to go against the sky. After he escaped the first seven of the first seven, and then he chopped the last two, and immediately jumped up.Come to Meng Fan.Meng Fan also threw away the gun, holding the knife in his hand, and cutting it against the sky.

Meng Fan quickly discovered that even in terms of his best speed, he was half a shot slower than the sky. After ten seconds of the test, he had taken a step back ten steps. Now his backOn the south wall of the warehouse, that is, he has no way to retreat.

The only thing Meng Fan can do is to keep fighting against the knife. The knife light has shrouded the whole body of the two people. If anyone looks from the outside, the two people under the light of the knife cannot be seen at all.

The feelings of against the sky are not much better than Meng Fan. This is the first time he encountered such a tenacious opponent. At the beginning, he only used 70 % of the power because he didn't want to want to want toKilling Meng Fan, but only wanted to have more powerful men. Later, when he found that 70 % of his strength could not win, he gradually accelerated. In the end, he found that he had exhausted his strength, but he still did not win.

What I do n’t know about it is that the Liao ’s evolutionary solution contained in Meng Fan made Meng Fan more than 100 million times the evolutionary ability of ordinary people, so his ability to adapt to the environment is stronger than ordinary people.Billion.During the period of the world in Guzhou, Meng Fan had never encountered a tough opponent, and his ability was in a state of stagnation. Once he encountered a strong opponent,The potential hidden in Meng Fan's body will also be stimulated. If you use all his strength at the beginning, Meng Fan is likely to be unable to fight, but in just a few minutes, Meng Fan adapts to the speed of the sky, andIn terms of speed and strength, he also improved quality.

Meng Fan also felt this change, because at the beginning he only had the power to fight, and when he became more and more familiar with the number of swords on the sky, he could return one or two knivesIt's right.

The body is getting hotter and hotter. This high -speed fighting method greatly tests his physical fitness. His head is now sweaty. He beganThe speed of competition may be a mistake.

Ten minutes later, the battle status of the two began to change. Meng Fan had completely mastered the direction of the sword of the sky.Ten steps in a row and returned to the place where the two had just started.

It is worthy of being the first master of Tianjiao. When he found that the speed advantage could not win, he immediately changed his strategy. He suddenly waved his hand without a knife.After pushing, he took a few steps in a row. Instead, he did not pursue it. Instead, he waved again. Nine silver -shaking needles immediately flew towards Meng Fan.

Meng Fan's response speed is extremely fast. He immediately dodged, almost at the same time a dangerous signal flashed in his brain. It turned out that these nine needles were actually attacking, and the most threatened was nine needles.The last shot.

But even if I felt this, Meng Fan couldn't shoot the last shot, because the first nine stitches flew up with a fan -shaped, Meng Fan could only choose to avoid, that is, if you deliberately hid the last needle,The previous attack became a real attack.

Everything happened in an instant. Meng Fan was stubborn for the last needle. The needle hit his left shoulder and wore it from his body.

"You lose, this needle is a special anesthesia needle, which is a elephant, and you can't recover without three days."

Meng Fanlian shakes it, it seems that he is about to fall, and he has turned around and is ready to leave."Wait a minute, I haven't lost yet!"

I heard that Meng Fan had stood upright, "Are you okay?" Meng Fan said in surprise.

"You overestimated your anesthesia needle and underestimated me." Meng Fan said coldly that Meng Fan had been anesthetized for several months at the united front organization base for several months.Anesthesia of strength, so the anesthesia against the sky is very limited for him.

"Impossible." The anti -Tianxing seemed to prove that Meng Fan was just a hard support. He quickly cut off the knife. After the double knife touched, he immediately returned.The anesthesia needle does not play its due role.

The two held the knife at the same time, confronted, the wind blowing in from the window seam, a piece of waste paper hovered, and met Meng Fan's knife, suddenly "" and burned.

The speed of the two people just waved the knife than the ejaculation. The friction between the knife and the air made the knife heat up, just like the burning soldering iron, so the paper touched the blade and immediately burned.

"You are really strong, but I will still win you!" A roar of the sky, all the muscles of his body bloated, ejected like a cheet with a breathless toad.

It is also a knife, but the strength is stronger than before. I do n’t know how many times. Meng Fan was hit by his hit, the knife flew out, and the body hit the wall.Cracks.

A hit against the sky and did not attack immediately. He also seemed to need time to adjust his body. Meng Fan stood up, wiped the blood of his mouth, stubbornly: "You are really strong, butIt's not strong enough. "

Against the sky, he roared again, his muscles were swollen again, and the whole person looked more terrifying than just now. At the moment he flew up, Meng Fan suddenly raised his hands, gorgeous, gorgeousThe blue light suddenly filled the entire warehouse.

"Well!" Meng Fan hit the wall again, but also flew back against the sky. He looked iron and obviously injured.

Meng Fan stood up in an instant, picked up the knife on the ground and chopped it away. When the knife stopped at an inch from the top of the head of the sky.If you pursue the victory, I will lose, so this time I let you go. We are temporarily tied for the time being. If you rest, we will compare it. "

Therefore, the subsequent test is not a test of power, speed, but the consideration of perseverance....

Li Qiun Yun and others have been waiting anxiously. In order not to disturb them, they have been staying at a place 500 meters away from the warehouse.The comparison test has passed five hours, and Li Lei finally spoke: "Two people have not shot for ten minutes. I think, probably one person can't hold it!"

Several people watched each other and watched each other.See, Zhao Tie's test -out asked: "Otherwise, let's go and see?"

Dragon Sai Fei nodded, "Go, go and see." When he spoke, Li Qiuyun had run awaypast.

Li Qiuyun was about to push the door, and the door suddenly opened from the inside. A person with blood came out."Meng Fan, how about you, are you injured?"

Meng Fan squeezed a smile: "I'm okay, the skin is injured, it's too tired."
"Who did you win? "Cao Jiutian's concern was what everyone wanted to know.

"This is also used, of course, we have won the company, or he came out first." Li Lei immediately said.

"This is a tie!" Meng Fan said with a smile, at this time, he also came out under the help of the sky: "Meng Fan, from today, just say something, just tell me to tell meWithout a word, if you say half a word, you will raise it. "


One month later, Meng Fan's biggest enemy, only the Gang of Last Gemini.

There are all kinds of different rumors about the Lord of the Lord of the Lord.It is rumored that Lu Ba is eight feet tall, copper -skinned iron bone, and is infinitely powerful. He once fought empty -handed zombies with empty hands, and his hair was not damaged. He returned greatly. Rumors 2, Lu Ba wants three different women every night.At least one of them is a girl, rumors three, Lu Ba's favorite food is the brain of living people. Rumors 4, Lu Baian's brain of zombies is also used as food.