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The area of urban and rural areas of the western suburbs of Jiangbei City.

"Welcome to my safe house." Liu Ziguang tear up the tape on Shangguan's mouth, because of too hard, she screamed.

"It doesn't matter, the sound insulation effect here is quite good, you can call it casually."

The director of the Shangguan shook his head and expressed his cooperation.

Liu Ziguang took out the handbag of the director of Shangguan, and shook it twice, pouring all the things in the bag, and Shanel's fiber was filled with various gold cards, diamond cards, VIP cards and a small amount of present.Banknote, a work permit of the Ministry of National Security, named Shangguan, Police No. 2 Police Inspection, Deputy Director of Digo, a heavy GLOCK26 pistol, and several cosmetics, small mirrors, paper towels, keys for cartoon dolls, etc.Best.

"Shangguan Jin, do I remember that you are not called Wang Qian?" Liu Ziguang asked the certificate in his hand, and this black Guoan police officer certificate was obviously genuine.

Shangguan smiled bitterly: "Just call everything."
"That good, everyone is a industry person, I think I can save some unnecessary links, tell meWho is instructed behind the scenes? "

" Actually you don't need to do this, I will tell you, but before telling you, I want to ask you a question first. "

Liu Ziguang laughed at"It is indeed an expert in heart war. Let's not go around the corner, just say anything."

Shangguan Jin also laughed: "I am willing to answer your question, to see you as a friend, thenDo you also treat me as a friend? "

Liu Ziguang said:" Of course, we are not only friends, but also the friendship between teachers and students. "

Can you let me go first? Let's sit down and chat well, I tell you everything you want to know. "

Seeing Liu Ziguang without moving, Shangguan raised his hand again, shaking the tape on his wristSaid: "I'm just a weak woman, don't you have to make such a teacher?"

"Okay." Liu Ziguang cut off the tape on his hands and feet with a dagger.

Shangguan rubbed his numb wrist and looked around: "Your safe house is very chic. I think the scenery outside should be similar to the original high soil slope?"

Liu Ziguang said: "It is more tattered than the high soil slope, because the flowing population lives here, belongs to the areas with chaotic public security, so don't want to play with any tricks, even if you hear your call, they will be ignored."

Shangguan smiled gentlely:" I won't run away. I finally have a chance to sit down with you. How can I give up? Besides, I believe you will never hurt me. "

"Oh? Why do you say that."
"" You did not kill those special policemen when you were running away, but also treated the wounded.The person with justice will not kill innocence. "Shangguan said with an eye on Liu Ziguang's eyes.

"How do you think you are also innocent, Director of the Shangguan, I took a shot yesterday, but worshiped you." Liu Ziguang said.

Shangguan shook his head and continued to keep staring at Liu Ziguang's eyes: "You know, I am involuntary, but in fact, I am like you, and I have grown in a place similar to high soil slopes. IThe parents are ordinary workers, with a meager salary, and my mother is not in good health. My father likes to drink and beaten. When I was admitted to college, they just got off the job fees by lending money to me. Remember that I was in my sophomore year.Because low blood sugar fainted in the dormitory, it was a nutritional product that my mother secretly sold blood and changed money for me ... "

Speaking of which, Shangguan's eyes have some bright things in the eyes, Liu Ziguang was silent,Yes, take out the paper towel and hand it to her.

"Thank you." Shangguan picked up the paper towel to wipe the tears and continue to say: "The mother of the world is great."

The paper towel fell to the ground, and Shangguan leaned down to pick up to pick upThe movement is a bit difficult, it seems to be like lumbar muscle strain. It looks like Liu Ziguang's mother's movement when sweeping the street. She picked up a paper towel and looked at Liu Ziguang.The slender fingers opened like a peacock on the screen.

Liu Ziguang's eyes were blurred, and his movements became slow.

"Xiaoguang, what have you done in the past eight years, let your mother worry about death." The distant voice seemed to come from the sky, full of care and concerns of the mother.

"Mom, I'm going far and far away, I miss you at all times." Liu Ziguang's voice was a little low.

"Just come back, everything is safe at home, the mother is laid off. Now the Sanitation Office sweeps the street. Your dad is a security guard in Chengcheng Community. He will help you arrange a job, do a good job, and buy a house to marry a daughter -in -law in the future."

"Mom, I must do it well." Liu Ziguang said.

"Well, just now the police station called, saying that you killed people. Mom believes that you will never do this kind of harmful things. Children, and the government clearly explain things clearly.A black pot, Xiao Hu's father is not the mayor, how can he talk about it, and my dad is not too young. There must always be a person who is a pension. "

If onlyIf you listen to the sound, you will never believe that these words are said from a young girl's mouth. Whether it is tone or feelings, it looks like a middle -aged and elderly woman who is full of wind and frost and loves his son.

"Mom, they are married to me, because I know the reason. Some people have seen my iron ore shares in West Africa and want to take it for the sake."

"ChildrenAlthough our family is poor, people are poor, and money is all outside the body. They do not bring death and do not take away. They want shares, we do n’t give him, we will dedicate it to the country.

Liu Ziguang nodded and said, "Mom, I think about it."

"Okay, you first consider, and then the mother takes you to the police station to surrender."

Liu Ziguang trembled and touched it outOn the cigarettes, I took a deep sip and vomited slowly. There were smoke in the basement, and some Arabic cigarettes smelled.

The quiet basement is full of secrets.

"Child, dad is not capable, even your college tuition fees are not uniform. Other people’ s children buy computers and mobile phones. Dad can not let you eat a full meal.Hit you, your mother secretly carried me to donate blood. I know that there are all the hearts who want to die in the future. Children, wait for you to have a good way in the future, you must filially your mother. "The voice of an elderly man seems to be from the cloud.Drifting.

For a long time, Shangguan's choking voice came: "Dad, I don't blame you, you blame this society, those relatives who don't want to borrow money, those classmates who look down on me, I want them to know, Born poor, can also be ahead. Now the leaders appreciate me very much and improve me as the director. I will go back next month and buy you a big house, a car, and a nanny to make them envy them to envy them.Go. "

" Children, you have to save some flowers if you have money. You have to eat public meals. If you do things, you must be careful.自己,有时间考虑一下个人问题,找个稳重可靠的就结了吧,我和你妈年龄大了,也该抱外孙子了。”

“爸,这您就别操心了,I ’m too busy with work, I do n’t have time to consider this problem.” Shangguan ’s voice was slightly anxious.

The indoor smoke rises again.

"Little king, how did you do it, so many people can let him run away, and write a report to me back." The harsh voice seemed to come from the bottom of the deep pond.

"Director Tan, local police, from equipment to experience, can not fight with the goal. I suggest to take other plans." Shangguan browted tightly, from filial piety to his daughter to a capable agent.

"What good suggestions do you have?"

"The right opportunity, I will hypnotize the goal, plant the next concept in his subconscious, so that he thinks he is a prince agent agentMany colleagues sacrificed on the concealed front, so as to stimulate the patriotic sentiment deep in his heart and dedicate iron ore shares to the country. "

" Well, I approve this plan, don't go through the local area, don’t go through the local areaPublic security, take people directly to me, I have something to ask him. "

" Yes, Director Tan. "

" Chen Raning's murder case also withdrew, now it is notNeed it. "

Shangguan hesitated:" But, that thing is that you must handle it in person, it has nothing to do with the iron ore. "
" I don't care, you remember, you remember, you remember, you remember, you rememberLiving, before signing, never hurt him, and protect him with your life. This is related to national strategic security and decision -making of central leaders. You must understand that this is an order from the highest level! "


Liu Ziguang pumped his cigarette, sprayed on Shangguan Jin's face, and pulled out the electric light.


One hour later, Shangguan woke up from his sleep, Liu Ziguang sat not far away, lit a small candle on the small table, and his small bag was on the side.Take it over to open the inspection, pistols and documents are there, only mobile phones are lost.

I exited the pistol magazine and checked it. The bullet was full.

After half an hour, Liu Ziguang woke up, and looked at Shang Guan Jin suspiciously: "Why didn't you run?"

"Isn't it good?If you want to be honest, you wo n’t hurt me. Why do I run? Besides, I still have to wash your grievances. "Shangguan said with a smile.

Liu Ziguang said, "Okay, I have no other choice now." Take off his jacket and throw it away: "It's cold, don't be cold."

Shangguan put on his jacket, Got up: "It's not too early, let's go back. If such a big thing happens, the city is afraid that it will be overwhelming."

The two climbed out of the basement. At this time, it was just 7 o'clock in the morning.Half, the stall on the street was bustling early. Liu Ziguang bought two cups of soy milk and two fritters in the past, two -drawn small flushing bag, found a seat to sit down, and helped Shangguan Jin take a pair of chopsticks, and said, "Hungry, hurry up, hurry up, hurry up, hurry up, hurry up, hurry up, hurry up, hurry up, hurry up, hurry up, hurry up, hurry up, hurry up, hurry up, hurry up, hurry up, hurry up.Click to eat. "

Shangguan picked up chopsticks, humble tables and chairs, cheap plastic dishes, soy sauce pots, dirty tablecloths, bustling streets on the hustle and bustle, electric vehicles, tricycles, agricultural vehicles, suburbs, city suburbsThe long -distance bus came and went, and couldn't help but touch something deep in her heart.

"What? Who think of." Liu Ziguang asked.

"Here is very similar to my hometown. At that time, I went to high school. In order to not add a burden on my family, I saved money early to buy review materials.In memories.

"So he didn't develop well." Liu Ziguang inserted it, and immediately destroyed the atmosphere of bitter drama.


The director of Shangguan obviously did not adapt to the almost vulgar jokes that can only come between this close friend.