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The large army has been transferred to the mountain. Now the entire Public Security Bureau will not have more than five people with guns, and the bureau is not a barracks.Training, even for them, is just an injustice under Liu Ziguang's gun.

So Director Shangguan chose to cooperate rationally. She asked calmly, "How did you come in?"

"I came in from the door." Liu Ziguang pointed at the elevator mouth in front of the elevator mouth: "Let's go downstairs."

Director Shangguan looked back at, a man wearing a stand -up police uniform, two bars on his shoulders, and hung up the chest cards of the municipal bureau, the shadow of the brim of the brimIn the following, a popular face made people feel familiar after seeing it, but also felt that there was no special feature.

"The makeup technology is very high, where did you learn?" The director of Shangguan said.

"Seating, this is not called makeup, called Yi Rong, you don't understand."

Director Shang Guan looked at the command center hall, hoping that someone could see the situation here.But everyone is busy and busy, and no one has noticed what happened in the dim gorge.

"Let's go, don't see, it's useless." Liu Ziguang poked gently at the head of the official office.

Director of the Shangguan had no choice but to move towards the elevator mouth. Liu Ziguang pressed the down key. The two quietly waited for the elevator.With them passing by, Director Shangguan sighed softly and walked into the elevator helplessly.

"You are very wise just now, nothing impulsive, otherwise the lives of those little guys will be killed by you, because I can not have the right time every time." Liu Ziguang said.

"I think we should sit down and talk, there are some misunderstandings." The director of the Shang Guan's head raised his head and faced the camera above the elevator.

"Do a small movement again, not good." Liu Ziguang said, taking a cigarette from the cigarette case and stuck it on his mouth but did not ignite.

Suddenly the elevator door opened, and the provincial departments showed at the door. Suspiciously watched the officer of Shangguan and the strange police officer next to her.More, plus I heard that the goal has been placed on the empty city plan. Wan Dao's hand pressed the waist and asked, "Which unit are you from?"

A thin wooden thorn on the neck of the Director Wan Dao, struggling twice, and collapsed. Liu Ziguang stepped forward to support him and said to Director Shangguan, "Help me."

"Well, I lift my legs." Shangguan raised the legs of Wan Dao very well, opened the door of the storage room next to him, and stuffed people in.

Return to the elevator and go down to the underground garage. Liu Ziguang walked to a police car and opened the door to make a gesture.Liu Ziguang pressed her in the car, cut her hands against her, pulled off her jacket, and explored on her body. Although in the winter, the director of the Shangguan was very thin. There was only one T -shirt in the jacket. Liu Ziguang's hand was in her.The rudely scratched, but he was unable to resist.

A button -shaped electronic component device was pulled down from the T -shirt. Liu Ziguang took out a volume of powerful tape, three times, five, two, two generals, and the director of the official tied up, and the tape was posted on his mouth.Open the trunk and throw people in, and make a snoring gesture and say, "Don't say a word."

"Woo ~~"Essence

Liu Ziguang covered up the tail box, got on the car, drove out of the underground parking lot, and came to the door of the municipal bureau at a constant speed. At the same time, the special police team with a police lamp was driving from the outside.

Liu Ziguang's calm parking card, the security guards in the gatekeeper greeted: "Is this gone?"
"See you."The throttle left, and the police car taken by Captain Xie Zhi was only a short distance from him, and the two cars passed by.


Police car fish came in and stopped in the courtyard of the command center.Even if I chase the sky, I have to catch him! "

The rest of the police officers are furious. So many criminal investigation front -line personnel have been played by others.The captain of the branch was about to report to the Director of the Shangguan.

After waiting for a few minutes, I still didn't see anyone.Police said, "Someone just called her out."


"It seems like a person in the provincial hall, very familiar, can't remember the name for a while."

Xie Division nodded, sat down, and suddenly stood up and yelled again: "No!" He rushed out of the hall, blank, and there was a figure in the corridor.

The policemen were stunned by the behavior of the Xie Division. Some people reacted and rushed out. Under the command of the Xie Division, they searched around.The gate was also closely closed. A team of special policemen held all the entrances and exits. All the staff on duty were ordered to go to the lobby to gather. The special police put on a bulletproof coat and searched in the corridors and corridors everywhere.

The soldiers of the Provincial Department of Anti -Terrorism Squadron were responsible for searching for the fourth -floor corridor. The four of them were in a group, holding guns in their hands, and advanced with standard CQB formation.Following the shotgun and assault rifle, when I found near the elevator mouth, a bunch of music sounds came from the storage room next to the storage.

The soldiers immediately aimed at the door of the storage room, and the people inside surrendered. They did not move for a long time, so under the cover, a soldier opened the door carefully.

The obese body of the thousands of Directors rolled out with a bunch of mop and broom.

Xie's detachment was reported to the scene quickly. Director Han went back to rest., The heavy responsibility is on the shoulders, the Xie Division feels a lot of pressure and a lot of responsibilities. He made a decision and called to report the situation to Director Han himself. At the same time, he ordered the city's card points to strengthen the alert.Video.

According to the monitoring, shortly after the special police team was dispatched, a police car drove into the courtyard of the municipal bureau.He called out, and then took the person directly.

The video is very clear. Although the person in the screen is Zhang strange faces, Xie's detachment can determine that Liu Ziguang, because this person used to go in and out of the municipal bureau, he is very familiar with the terrain of the command center, and the head is familiar with the head.For example, the gatekeeper, he can definitely call it.

"This person is really bold!" Xie's detachment hit the table with a punch, and at the same time had to admire the psychological quality of the goal. When encountering such a difficult opponent, I really don’t know if they are lucky or sadEssence

Director Han in his sleep was awakened and immediately rushed to the Municipal Bureau to preside over his work. The matter was too big. He could not bear the responsibility at all, so he had to shock Mayor Hu.At the scene, I asked in detail the situation.

The Director of Wan Qiang is still in a coma. Forensic doctors take a wooden thorns from his neck. It is painted with some kind of alcoholic alkali that can cause people's coma.Long coat and mobile phone.

Fortunately, the staff who accompanied the director of Shangguan and the staff who came to Jiangbei said that the leader had a radio tracking system, which could be found and caught the criminals.

So the police immediately acted and quickly located. The special police team attacked again. After the target was surrounded by a deserted tail building site, after being cautiously killed in, searched all the corners and still found nothing.

After feeding the situation to the command center, the center said that the signal was still in the rotten tail, and informed the exact orientation again.At a scary wild cat, a radio tracker hangs on the cat's neck.

Half an hour later, the wild cat packed on the iron cage was placed on Mayor Hu's table. The thin bone wild cat meowed me when he was awkwardly stood aside, a few special police officers who were busy overnight,Mayor Hu waved his hand and said, "Let's put it, the problem is very serious. We can't afford this responsibility in Jiangbei City, and the relevant departments will come to take over." After that, he turned and left.

When Hu Yuejin returned home, it was already 5:30 in the morning. He opened the door carefully and saw the baby daughter sitting on the sofa.

"Rong Rong, why did you get up so early?" Hu Yuejin asked a relaxed question while changing his slippers.

"Catch him?" Hu Rong asked back.

"No, it can be said that there is no clue."

Hu Rong's face was expressionless, got up and went back to the house.

The door of the bedroom closed gently, and Mayor Hu sighed silently.


On a certain street in the urban -rural junction department of Jiangbei City, there are iron workshops and family planning products, as well as small Internet cafes, hair salons and other business places.After the street facade, the chaotic villagers built their own rental houses and were adsm everywhere with small advertisements for therapeutic diseases and rental houses.

When the sky was not bright, a motorcycle roared into the street, and no one cared, because there were often some rogues driving a large -displacement motorcycle in the country in the middle of the night or in the early morning.Everyone is used to it.

Motorcycles are parked next to a rental house. The driver picks off his helmet, took a rope from the back seat to tie a strong snake skin bag, walk into the yard to open the door, open the bed and expose the tunnel entrance,He walked step by step with his pocket, came to a basement, throwing his pocket on the ground, and his pocket moved a bit.

Liu Ziguang lit a cigarette, contemplated for a while, stood up and turned off the lid, pulled the electric light, pulled out the dagger and cut the snake skin bag, and the head of the official office of the dumplings exposed.The tape, the eyes covered with black cloth, there was no heating in the house, no air conditioning, and the chief director of the jacket was frozen with goosebumps.

Liu Ziguang took off the black cloth.