Chapter 028 [Fist of Violence 3]

. Until the patrol police in Huangpu rushed, Lu Xuyang stopped his hand and pushed Peng Lin away. The police came, and this matter should be better resolved.

Peng Lin fell heavily on the corner of the wall, and finally stood up and stood up.Staring at Lu Xuyang, Baba could not swallow the other party.

The older who asked the two policemen asked the situation. The stall owner hurriedly stood up to explain the reason. After a few sentences, she simply explained a few words.Essence of appreciation.

"You are here to make trouble here and destroy cure! Why can't the dog change to eat

"You are here to make trouble here and destroy cure! Why can't the dog change to eat shit!" The young policeman was tall and handsome, looking quite majestic, exuding a streamIn righteousness, as soon as he saw him, Lu Xuyang secretly had a little good impression. The people's police needed this demeanor to the evil forces!

Penglin was beaten by Lu Xuyang, and now he was reprimanded by the police. In addition, the audience's guidance of the audience is extremely shameful, but he dumbly ate Huang Lian.Under the push of the police, he fled the crowd smoothly and hid in the police car.

After the police took Peng Lin away, Zheng Xiyi sighed gently, and then smiled at his eyebrows, staring at Lu Xuyang, who was calm.

"Lady, thank you. You are really a little hero who sees righteousness. Thanks to you, you will help me. Otherwise, I will definitely be smashed by them.It seems that it is their batch ... "The middle -aged woman was grateful to Lu Xuyang. She couldn't help bowing to her, and she didn't know how to repay this salvation grace.

"You're welcome, this is what I should do. Aunt, pay attention in the future." Lu Xuyang said with a smile, he had to pay attention to the other party, which means to prevent the revenge of Peng Lin and others.

The crowd gradually spread out. Lu Xuyang comforted the owner a few words, and then slowly walked away with Zheng Xiyi, and rushed straight to the Quality Supervision Bureau.

For a while, Zheng Xiyi followed behind Lu Xuyang, and she didn't say a word, but she could hear her low breathing sound.

"Hey, classmate Lu Xuyang, do you know, in fact, you also breathed for me just now, and gathered in my chest for many years! Oh, the sense of depression is finally eliminated by you to eliminate it.It was dropped. "

Zheng Xiyi suddenly spoke, Lu Xuyang turned around and saw a bunch of comfortable smiles on the corner of her mouth. He did not understand the meaning of this little Nizi.

Zheng Xiyi caught up in two steps. After telling her clearly in 151, Lu Xuyang knew that it turned out that Zheng Xiyi had been a neighbor with Peng Lin when he was a child.Specializing in bullying other children, and often doing some bad things that affect bad things, so everyone was scared when he saw him, and avoided it far away.

"... Fortunately, his family moved away later. My brother is particularly afraid of him now." Zheng Xiyi suddenly paused and continued after a while.In addition to the talent of sleepwalking, I also hidden deeply. I learned two -handed martial arts ... "

" Martial arts? "Lu Xuyang smiled., I did n’t intentionally show my hand. In the eyes of the other party, it was a different point in myself. A girl really likes a boy, isn't it just starting from life in life?Intersection"Nothing to be afraid. You are afraid of him because he didn't treat him as a person. In this world, people in the world are equal. Don't care too much about your brother."

"Well. I will." Zheng Xiyi nodded solemnly, and somehow, he suddenly seemed to feel that the little boy who loved in the classroom in front of him suddenly "sublimated" to another height,He suddenly seemed to have a man's manner, and his tone seemed to have matured a bit.

When he arrived at the door of the Quality Supervision Bureau, Zheng Xiyi suddenly said that after the game, she asked everyone to go to a certain restaurant to eat.

Of course, Lu Xuyang agreed very happily.

When the two came to the court in the door, Lin Dongjun had been waiting there for a long time. They had an anxious look on their faces, but when they saw Lu Xuyang, they became active.

Cen Chao pointed to the middle -aged man who stood upright in the field and introduced to Lu Xuyang, saying that he was a strong coach, Huangpu Middle School's famous basketball coach, and the basketball association in the city was also famous.

"Teacher is good." Lu Xuyang was very happy to meet such a sports teacher. In fact, he was no stranger to Qiang Wensheng. Whoever had the highest eaten "Shandong old man" in the school had never heard of it, every dayAt noon, as long as you stop at the door of the cafeteria, you can see that the coach squatting is squatting beside the door and holding only a special rice bowl. You have to sigh that scene.

"Very good! Yes! Are you Lu Xuyang classmate? Cen Chao, they mentioned you deliberately, saying that your basketball played well, so I also want to see it."There was a "good and good" admiration in the mouth. Everyone who was familiar with him knew that he was talking well with a mantra. Every time he said one sentence, he always mixed with one or two sighs, full of personality.

"Let the coach Qiang laugh, I am like it." Lu Xuyang scratched the back of his head. This person is still low -key. When he can pitching high -profile, you can be convincing.

Because of the pure friendship match next, everyone invests in a peaceful mentality, so that it can play its own level.


This is the eighth goal played by Lu Xuyang, and it is quite beautiful to fill basketball.After a while.

"Very great! There is potential!" Since Lu Xuyang's buckle into the first windmill slam, the eyes of the strong coach have always been set on him, and I can't help sighing.Ability and hit probability.

After several fierce and wonderful games, Lu Xuyang's basketball technology has become more and more prominent in Cen Chao's minds, all admiring him.

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