Chapter 027 [Fist of Violence 2]

. Lu Xuyang is really not a kind of non -loving kind of gossip, but whenever he encounters an indignant incident, it is necessary to help each other.If you are inconvenient to get older women, it is easy for people to make a hard work once, and it may be attacked by urban management at any time.

Lu Xuyang has always respected the hard -working "individual households" who had to make some stalls and salt money, and maybe he was deeply deeply remembered by his parents' stalls.For reason, in today's society, if there is no excellent technology or a relatively low cultural level, once the job is laid off, it is really difficult to find the work for making money at home.Come to open the whole day trip, the younger brother, how can I experience the hardships of the lives of the lower people!

Lu Xuyang couldn't watch Peng Lin's unscrupulous ruin of the labor results of the people's home with hard -to -sweat. He would do his best to prevent the extremely shameless and childish approach of "Eye Dragon".

"What are you doing! Just by you, in front of me?" Peng Lin's left hand that Peng Lin was dragged by Lu Xuyang wanted to throw it away but could not be powerless.Iron's finger.

Lu Xuyang said one by one that he stared at Peng Lin's eyes full of anger and red look: "You treat the elders like this, and you are a high school student, it is really lost.Huang Pu people's face! One day if your parents are treated by a little heartless villain, maybe you will still pat your hands and laugh, right? "

Lu Xuyang said this in a righteous manner.During the words, the people surrounded by the surrounding people looked at me. I looked at you and nodded with each other. I felt that the guy who was not amazing in front of my heart understood that they knew how to respect people and helped others.The product is very different.

"What do you say! You can't let go!" Peng Lin was not a fool. He listened to Lu Xuyang's anti -lip face and his face blushed, like his person's face was thick as thick as thick as thick asThe city wall, but in the eyes of the public, is inevitable a little helpless and losing money. This situation is very good.

"Let go!" In Peng Lin's eyes, even if Lu Xuyang was not on the green onion, according to his thoughts, it was completely the object that could be done with a fist. Think about it.And Lu Xuyang is a pure little scholar image. If you just stretch out two fingers, you can help him pull height.

Zheng Xiyi, who followed Lu Xuyang, stared at him extremely anxiously at this time. She knew Peng Lin's temperament thoroughly.For revenge, she was afraid that she would cause trouble to Lu Xuyang, and the consequences would be very serious.

"You can let go of you, but you must apologize to this aunt, you damage her so many balloons, pay as she said." Lu Xuyang grabbed Peng Lin's palm a little tightened,That tone was like an adult who was training his unwilling son.

"Again? Compensation?" Peng Lin laughed, and the cold laughter was full of disdain. In his dictionary, it seemed to have not found the three words "sorry"., Lao Tzu gave her face without asking her!

"This classmate, forget it, broke a few balloons, there is no big deal, I don't need to pay, don't hurt the harmony, ah." That middle -aged woman talked, and I could see that it can be seen that it can be seen.She was kind and unwilling to make things bigger, and she explained each other.

"Go to your mother!" Peng Lin suddenly stared at his eyes and kicked his right foot on the white board of the balloon. He was fierce at this moment, and the balloon above was shocked.A few of them fell to the ground, and the woman hurriedly bent down to pick up. Zheng Xiyi stunned, and suddenly she knew why, and she couldn't help but help the stall owner pick up the ball.

"Okay! This is not over! Let go!"

Peng Lin tried his best to throw all his best, almost at the same time, his companion's long hair rushed up, waved his fist, and fell down and fell.To Lu Xuyang.

At that moment, many of the people who watched the lively collapsed drooled sounds, all sweat for Lu Xuyang, especially those students who had not been humiliated in front of Peng Lin in Peng Lin on weekdays.

Lu Xuyang's expression was cold and said without saying a word. When the long -haired man attacked over, he stepped back, flew up, and hit the opponent with "slamming" his right leg.

Lu Xuyang was worn on his right foot, but the high -attribute shoes added with a refiner.Can bear.


The insignificant long hair youth fell straight on the hard pavement as everyone thought, as everyone thought, and fell straight on the hard pavement.The next point is the groove of the smell of smoke. Fortunately, Lu Xuyang's feet have a bit of force, otherwise his head must be stuffed into the smell.

"Ah!" "Okay, great wow!" "It's surprising!"

The exclamation sound outside the field is a wave of waves, except Lu Xuyang himselfNo one can imagine that this scholar who looks like Ses Wenwen will have such amazing leg power. If it is not specially trained, it will not have that effect!

Peng Lin couldn't help but open his eyes. He looked at his companions who couldn't get up on the ground for a long time.Pass.

Lu Xuyang suddenly said: "Be beat him, not to beat him sad!"

At the beginning, he was angry at the belly, and he couldn't wait to run up to make up for one or twoFoots, such as three -cerfish who look at girls like girls, can not make a climate.

There are more and more people onlookers. Everyone erected her thumbs and talked about Lu Xuyang.It will definitely fall into a deadlock.

Peng Lin wanted to run, but was dragged back by Lu Xuyang: "You don't give me an explanation, you can't let you go!"
Peng Lin blushed, on the foreheadThe blue tendon suddenly confused, trembling: "You remember to remember! You still don't let go!"

Lu Xuyang is not scary. Today I have stood up to give my aunt a saying,Then he should do it to the end. At the moment he didn't think much, he raised his feet instantly and kicked suddenly. Before the Peng Lin people reacted, the body could not help but tend to a wall.

Lu Xuyang still did not relax his right hand, his left palm slammed, and gave Peng Lin's two boss's ear scraped.

Some people who cannot know how to be reasonable can only pay for violence!

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