Chapter 026 [Fist of Violence 1]

. People have to love face. Who told us to live in the world, and the reason why Teacher Li started to care about Lu Xuyang's learning situation is because he may win the successful "flash point" from Lu Xuyang.It is a person's glory problem. Imagine that now the classmate Lu Xuyang is the one with the best mathematical results in the class. In the upcoming college entrance examination, he is most likely to get high scores to add color to his face and improve his performance.

"Lu Xuyang, there is only one copy of this paper ... and give me to me after finishing the end."The face with a smile, Lu Xuyang couldn't help but have a goosebumps with a back. It seemed that it was still a few days ago.The other party's opinion came a hundred and eighty degrees!

People are really a reality!

Lu Xuyang was born with this emotion.

Wang Bing, who was sitting not far from Lu Xuyang, accidentally saw that Mr. Li was very hot in front of Lu Xuyang, and he naturally swells in his heart., Lu Xuyang, who is not in all directions, is not in his eyes, but now he does the opposite. He usually holds himself in his palm and his classmates.

Unbalanced, but what can I do except the jealousy!

Although Lu Xuyang held the "ghost pen" with high spirituality, he was not just cheating when he was doing the topic, but it was more subjective initiative, because before that, before that, he had before.His intelligence value has a certain amount of improvement of understanding problems, which has greatly enhanced, and the knowledge of them naturally prints into the brain. When application, it will be much better.It feels different, there is a little sense of accomplishment.

Actually, before the get out of class, Lu Xuyang had already completed the difficult test papers. When he handed it to Teacher Li's hands, he always loved the "four -eyed chicken" in front of Lu Xuyang's eyes to brew the hot "four -eyed chicken". This time, I was very brilliant. At the same time, I was satisfied with "Lu Heima" and encouraged it.

After the ringing sound of the get out of class, Lu Xuyang's nephew hit the lanterns as the old (舅) and slipped out of the classroom with a schoolbag first. At the door, he almost hit a big bun with a MM who came on the door.

"Zheng Xiyi, it's coincident, it's you!"

Lu Xuyang felt a little strange. When I was out of school today, how did Zheng Xiyi walk here?Essence

Zheng Xiyi said that she came to ask Lu Xuyang. The two rushed to the basketball court of the Quality Supervision Bureau. Lin Dongjun went to find a strong coach.

The girl with her own favorite is accompanied by around. Of course, Lu Xuyang's heart is unspeakable. Originally, he liked each other, and he had the "three appliances and five orders" of his father and mother.People must take out some actual actions, and the opportunity for her to automatically send the door will never be seized. It really hurts like Li Xuanjun's classmate.

There are many small stalls in front of Huangpu Middle School. I do not know why. When passing through a stall, Zheng Xiyi suddenly stood up, as if he was interested in the items on the stall.

"You also buy a pair of wrist care, so you can protect his wrists when wearing a ball, I see Dongzi." Zheng Xiyi could not help but choose a pair of light blue wrist guards, and then thenPut in Lu Xuyang's hand.

Lu Xuyang rushed to pay the money, trying to put on Zheng Xiyi's smile.


Suddenly, Lu Xuyang was hit by a ghost he came from behind, and he looked back subconsciously.

"You don't have a long eyes when you walk!"

Lu Xuyang is quite depressed, and the guy in front of him has hit people and is clearly intentional.In a school, he does not know Peng Lin. The black -circuit goods named "Eye Dragon" are not ordinary people. He is basically a ground overlord at Huangpu School.His participation was indispensable for fighting and fighting nearby, and he was mostly the perpetrators. As for bullying and even blackmailing those good students, he was even more common.

Therefore, although Lu Xuyang has never been in contact with and collided with his positive, but the name of "Eye Dragon" has been chilling and dug his anecdotes in his ears many times.But whoever saw him had to retreat, fearing that he would ignite his upper body, which caused unnecessary trouble to himself.

Lu Xuyang's hand would not be it itchy to stab Peng Lin's honeycomb, but he didn't need to be afraid of him. He looked condensed and wanted to justify something, but was pulled away by Zheng Xiyi on the side.

In junior high school, Zheng Xiyi had been a classmate with Peng Lin. She knew that Peng Lin was quite unreasonable.People have their own backline for him. If anyone hurts, he will suffer even more, and you will be lost in the end. Therefore, there are not many people who offend him in Huangpu District.

"Oh!" The ghost -like gangster laughed from the tall mouth behind Peng Lin.At a glance, Emei frowned tightly.

Lu Xuyang's breath of his stomach, the boy watched Zheng Xiyi's eyes and unjust, he really wanted to rush to kick the kick, Zheng Xiyi was the pure and sacred one in his mind.Girl, she can't bear someone to blaspheme her!

In front of Zheng Xiyi, Peng Lin seemed to be afraid. He glanced at Lu Xuyang fiercely, and then stepped away. When he passed a stall with a air gun, the high quality "violent violence"Eye Dragon" Picks two filled balloon from the white board in hand, and the slap is crushed.

"Why do you this guy like this? I don't understand civilization and politeness at all!" Standing next to the stall is a middle -aged woman with a fierce back of her back, about 40 or 50 years old.The behavior just now is full of anger.

"What? You can try another sentence." Peng Lin turned around and scared, and then reached out and pulled down three or four balloons squeezed. He threw it on the ground and stepped on his feet a few times.

"Believe it or not, I smashed all the balloons on your board?" The long -haired young man intensified and threatened the middle -aged woman.

The woman's courage is also very big, it is reasonable to be relieved, and when they speak, they talk about the reason, but the unreasonable Peng Lin will care about her, the two of them are four hands and four hands.The balloon hanging on the board was grabbed, and one of them was very deep.

The owner of the stall is a woman with thin individual strength, and she can't stop it. The pedestrians passing by suddenly came over.

"People, can't be shameless to you!"

Zheng Xiyi was slightly negligent and did not prevent it. Lu Xuyang suddenly rushed up and grabbed Peng Lin's arm.

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