Chapter 3 Code Breaker

In the gap, I silently stared at Sakura and was calculated by the bad group with electric shots. I also saw the stray dog who was always afraid of Sakura to use her life to save Sakura.You are very painful!"

" Great God!"Sakura who fell on the ground looked at the wanderer not far away, beside the stray dog, the gods were facing themselves and those bad groups.

" Who is your guy!"

" Great God!You quickly take the dog to the hospital "

I interrupted the words of Sakura, the Great God slowly loosened his hands from the stray dog's neck, and stood up with them.
" What do you do?ah!You guy kills the dog!Terrible!IntersectionIntersectionHa ha!IntersectionIntersection"

" Murder?No, it is killing dogs!Hahaha!IntersectionIntersection"A fat man laughed and laughed at the great god, looking at the stray dog," Ah ~ ah ~ I want to play more for a while!If you die, there is no reaction to kick!This is not easy to play "

Before finishing, the left hand of the great god suddenly covered the fat man's face, and the fat man's face was slightly deformed.What looks like, just look at the empty front with a bland eyes, "Boil it into gray!""

" Ah!~ "The ice -blue flames swept the fat man in his hands, and immediately drowned the fat scream of the fat.

" Burn!Burn ~ Get up!"

" What is going on!Intersection"

Other bad teenagers looked at the great god who was back at them," You did it!It's you!Intersection"

" Hey!say something!Intersection"

" What are you doing!Intersection"

" What did you do?"The Great God repeated silently, turned around and looked at a group of excited bad teenagers. From their eyes, they saw the familiar territy, and said in carelessly," It's just a part -time job of a cleaning company "


" Last saying!"Da Shen looked at these bad teenagers in front of him like a group of garbage." Are you going to accept legal sanctions by yourself?Or which one do you have to choose here?Although it doesn't matter to me "

" What!"A group of bad teenagers were all surrounded by the great gods," Don't underestimate our g -Falcon! ""

" What is that, just die here!"Great God slowly lifts his left hand," Returning his eyes with your eyes ~ to teeth with your teeth ~ with evil! ""

The ice -blue flame surrounds the left hand of the great god. The bad teenagers around me looked at the god in horror, what's the matter of the guy, the fire! Burning on the left hand !!!"

br> "What are you doing !!"

Sakura watched a lot of rushing to the great god, suddenly felt a hint of burning, and then fainted, and the moment the Sakura seemed to see a trace of fainting.Pure white long suddenly appeared from the air.[Sure enough, it is a fantasy teacher.

It is already during the day when Sakura wakes up again. It was easy to get rid of the police's inquiry. Sakura came to school again, but looked at Da Shen in the classroom in surprise, SakuraI remembered all in an instant. Last night, the great god burned all the bad teenagers, just like driving away a group of flies and mosquitoes.The face was a little surprised.

"Everyone is in class!" Suddenly the fantasy voice came, interrupted Sakura's thinking, and saw the textbook slowly walking towards the podium.Expression, but a shock flashed in the eyes.

"That! Teacher"

"What is the classmate Sakura?" Looking at Sakura, "What's wrong? It's going to class!"
"That meIt's a bit uncomfortable, can the great god classmate send me home?? "

" Is that is it? "The magic nodded, turned to look at the great god," So the great god classmate is troubled you! "

"Is this Shibuya? It is as lively as the rumor!"> "My home is not here!"


Sakura looked at the great god calmly, "I won't make students embarrassed, and it will not make you strangeWith so many eyes !! "

" Kill G -Falcon people are you! Even if you want to hide "

" Yes! "The Great God interrupted Sakura's words without care, and stated in a casual tone, "What about me killing them!"

"Do you know what you are talking about yourself?!!! "

" This is part -time ~ What is the cleaner of garbage? Isn't that kind of guy dying?! "Sakura looked at the god angrily," Because those guys killed people, they were bad guys, so they killed them? Do you think you are a heroic hero! "
" Evil! ">
"If you think so, you will go to the police!, and then you will definitely deal with the atonement!"

"Atonement" sneer, "Sakura Xiaolu is really a happy personOkay! "

" What !! "Sakura shouted angrily," Do you understand what you have done! Are you trampled on and trampled on the life of people! "

"Great God, although I don't know what method you have used those guys to kill those guys, but even if you are bad, you have no right to dominate his life and death. Go honestly to accept legal sanctions!"

"Law? Sanctions?" The Great God shrugged indifferently.It exists from humans, I am D! So the law cannot sanction me! "

Great God slowly put on Sakura's face with his right hand, watching Sakura" even in front of so many people.You, I will not be sanctioned by law, so! Witnesses are cleared! Burning out! Sakura Xiaolu! "

" I saw a good show! Classmate Sakura, Great God classmate! "The curious voice interrupted the thinking of the two. The two looked back at the sound of the sound, and they stood not far away, hugging their hands and smiled at the two. "Do you continue to scare people? Great god classmates?You can't burn Sakura classmates at all! "