Chapter 2 Enter the College

Unconsciously, a week quickly passed, and the illusion got the ID card smoothly. One day after the fire was born in the park, I saw the cold blue flame at home again.It is confirmed that this is a large organization. Such a frequent appearance has not been reported to be reported to the latest chapter reading at this moment. At this moment, the magic is standing in front of a middle school.Strange things are running towards the teaching building desperately.

"I heard!"

"Of course! It seems like Sakura Road is going to confess!"

"No! Which is the lucky on the other party!? "

" Hey! Which school's Maria would turn into a student's thing!? "

" Damn! "
The sound that the students said aside into the fantasy ears, fantasizing up to the teaching building where the students ran towards the students, were given the eyes of Racher's inherent skills. There were two people standing on the rooftop.The girl that day, the other was a boy wearing a uniform. The corner of the fantasy mouth gently smiled, [Is he the flame owner?It's really not easy to find that girl.

"What are you doing at Xingmei Park last night! What did you do? I did see you there, and a white girl also saw it!"

" Hey!? "The boy who was asked looked at the girl who called himself strangely," Last night ... I was working last night! "

" YouSpeaking of work? "Sakura said firmly," So, is that gloves hid because the gloves were burned in the park! "

The boy raised his hand in Sakura's surprise eyes helplesslyTake off the gloves, showing a right hand with a trace of scars. "This is just a amulet, because this hand hurts others when I was a kid, so in order to not give birth to this kind of thing, I was used to it.. "

Night ..."

"I did move at home last night!"The boy said with a smile to the Sakura in front of him," Now I also want to deal with the relationship with the people in the class!Sakura Xiaolu, please advise!"

The campus that had already calmed down was boiled again. A message was instantly circulated in all grades. There was a big beauty teacher in the second class a year.Sakura is also a beautiful teacher.

"Sakura!Did you hear it!I heard that a class of beauties came to our class as a teacher!"

" Oh!Intersection"Sakura retracted the sight of Da Shen's body and looked at his friends in doubt.

" The whole school is passing!I heard that when you and the great god classmate came to the rooftop. Many people saw it at that time, and I heard that I would teach us class!"

At this moment, the head teacher Kantian pushed the door and walked in," Everyone do it ... "Seeing that the students nodded with satisfaction in the position," I think everyone must be everyone.I also heard it. Since the Chinese text teacher asked for maternity leave last week, the newly -New Teacher Bayun will teach you the Chinese language!Floating Astronomy Network!"

A nice voice came from outside, and a figure appeared in the eyes of everyone. It was the illusion of the world's plane soon.

Looking at the people below, except a trace of curiosity and a little bitOutside of doubtful gaze, Magic Lang said, "Hello everyone, I am the teacher of your Chinese language, Ba Yun Mi, please give me more advice for the first time you meet. Oh, there is one more thing, I am a boy."

" Hey!IntersectionIntersectionIntersectionIntersectionIntersection"Not only the classmates, but even the teacher of Katnanarian.

I smiled embarrassingly," Although everyone doesn't believe it, the teacher is indeed a male! ""

" My goddess!IntersectionIntersection"Countless boys who were still looking forward to crying suddenly, the girls looked at the fantasy full of stars.

After class, the illusion inevitably surrounded by everyone, and the fantasies were still answered one by one.When everyone's problem, Sakura's voice sounded, "You are around the teacher, the teacher will be embarrassed!"

Everyone nodded and gradually spread out, and fantasy also took the opportunity to come outside the door." Thank you! "Sakura Xiaolu classmate!"

" Teacher, I don't think you will be our new teacher!Sakura looked at the fantasy curiously, "I can't think of the world so small!"

" It is indeed!"The corner of the magic mouth smiled, [Coincidentally? I came here for you and the boy in the class." The teacher just came here and was unfamiliar with it. I also hope that Sakura Xiaolu students will advice more!"

" This is of course, the teacher ... then I just leave!"After talking about Sakura, I turned away, [I never thought that the people in the evening were all together, so good, I will definitely find the truth that night that night!

Three days later, I still can't avoid receiving many love letters. I looked at the love letter in my hand and had to put the love letter into the drawer.
"Teacher Ba Yun is really popular!"Kanada's hearty laughter came slowly with the footsteps.

" You have won the prize! ""Smile and answered Teacher Kantian. [This school is really a crocodile tiger, hidden dragon, a teacher has a good skill.]

[Chen Xi now wrote a comic, no animation, no animation, no animation, no animation, no animation, no animation, no animation, no animation, no animation, no animationIt ’s a comic that I have watched before. The comic settings are very good. As for Qin Shimingyue, the morning Xi should be repaired. After all, I was inspired by watching the animation.