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The school leader stands at the gate and keeps watching the watch. It is already three o'clock, and it is half an hour later than the agreed time, but he dare not let the students not help the classroom, 10,000What to do if Mr. Nie Lao came suddenly.

For the overall effect, the school leaders requested that students who participated in the welcome ceremony were wearing autumn school uniforms. Boys wearing shirts and ties. Girls should wear skirts.The cold trembling, some of the poor lips were dark.

"Classmates, persist again, everyone sings the first song." A very eye -catching young teacher directed everyone to sing the school song, and the principal rushed him to praise.

Snowflakes gradually floated in the sky. Mr. Nie hasn't come yet. The director of the teachings came to the principal and said, "Do you want to make a phone call?"

The principal said, "That's it.Hey polite, wait for it. "

" Come here. "A sharp -eyed teacher shouted at the distance, a black lengthened car opened, stopped at the entrance of the middle school school, stopped at the entrance of the middle school school, stopped at the entrance of the middle school school., The principal and the teaching director hurriedly come over, the window dropped, revealing the kindness of the old man's kindness: "I'm sorry, President Wang, there is a meeting of investment promotion in the city delaying time."

Mr. Nie, don't get out of the car, cold outside. "The principal said very considerate.

The director of the teachings rushed back, and the frozen school drum team began to perform. Male and female students also shouted neatly: "Welcome to welcome, warm welcome ..."

The principal and the teaching director got on the car, and the car traveled straight to the school hall. Here the lights were linked. It was already ready. The heating was full. The car stopped at the door.Mr. Nie came out, the old man was full of silver hair, his spirit, wearing a black cashmere coat, and was extraordinary.

Leaders and guests sit on the podium. The fruit plate beverages and tea are in place. The New Year's Day Literature and Art Show began.Although the self -directed and self -directed school, although the school is not a school that is known for art, it is also beautiful and unique to the literary programs.

The principal and secretary sat on both sides of Mr. Nie, respectively, and introduced the situation to him very detailed. Seeing the wonderful place, the old gentleman took his hand and took a slowly patted. From time to time, he told the principal and secretary.In the last two sentences, the three nodded with each other, and the atmosphere was quite harmonious.

"Who is that old man?" A new teacher asked his colleagues.

"You don't know, do you always know that big development?" The colleague asked disdain.

Of course, the big development knows that Jiangbei's most bulls and forks. "

" The big development was opened by his son. He used to be the first to our middle, the old guy was rich, but he was rich.The Wensu Building of our school is named after his name. He donate a lot of money to the school every year, a lot! "The colleague said respectfully.

"Ah! It's so amazing!" The new teacher was stunned.Looking at Mr. Nie Lao's eyes is completely different.

But young teachers do not know the glorious history of this Lao Lao. As early as the 1960s, Nie Wenfu, who was the most turbulent period, was the one -middle night.He became a rebel commander, led the Red Guards Fighting President, Teacher Fighting. I don't know how many teachers have been suffered by his poison.

Later, I was chaotic anyway. Nie Wenfu couldn't stay in the middle of the middle of the middle. He transferred to the city Jian'an Company as a worker and climbed from ordinary workers to the position of Jian'an company.In the 1990s, state -owned enterprises were restructured. With a series of operations, he turned the state -owned asset Jian'an Company into his own private enterprise without spending a text, and handed it over to his son Nie Wanlong for care.

This is a long time ago, the past is like the wind, who remembers the thing of the year, but Mr. Nie remembers that he has been deeply affectionate to this school that he used to be brilliant., Gearfare, donating teaching equipment, and named one of the teaching buildings in their own name. Of course, Nie Wenfu has now changed to Nie Wenfu, who is relatively elegant.

Mr. Nie is not a real good person. All of this is a purpose, that is, the long -standing middle school of Jiangbei City has also become his own private property.

"The next show, collective dance, the sea sailing depends on the helmsman, performed by the senior high school girl group, please enjoy." With the voice of the reporter Huang Ying, the curtain opened, nine wearing grass green 65 65 65The girls of the style military uniform stand on the stage with three columns, wearing a liberated cap on their heads, a red star on both sides of the red star, a red sleeves on their arms, and a brown artificial leather armed belt tied on the slender waist that is not gripped.On it, it looks more slim and cute.

Seeing this scene, the teachers and classmates in the audience laughed, but Mr. Nie's breathing rushed, staring at the stage intently, the principal and secretary looked at each other, and they smiled at each other.

At the beginning of the dance, in the exciting singing, nine girls began to dance. Obviously, they were just assault training. The action was not very smooth, and it was not performed., But this scene still brought Mr. Nie Lao to the years of wind and thunder.


The one -school hall, there are no seats, all of which are young people wearing green military or blue Zhongshan clothing, noisy and noisy everywhere, all the red flags on the stage. The singing is exciting.The warrior's chest has a rising sun. "Nie Wanfu, the five types of rebellion commanders of the Red and Red, raised his legs on the table, holding a large front door cigarette in his mouth, and a blood -stained artificial leather armed belt beside him.

On the stage, a teacher wearing a high hat with a high hat was hanging on the neck of a heavy iron brand.Revolutionary teenager.

"Set them down!" In the order of Commander Nie, these cattle ghosts and snake gods, reactionary academic leaders were all taken down by teenagers, and then nine female students in military uniforms walked to the stage.The music sounded, and the nine girls' dancing posture was cool, and the applause continued.

Commander Nie's eyes stared at the girl who danced in them, but blinked without blinking. The girls were beautiful, beautiful, and beautiful ...
"NieLao, Lao Nie ... "Nie Wanfu suddenly realized that he was walking, the dance was over, and the principal and secretary of the first middle school greeted himself with a smile.

"Oh, very good, this dance is very good." Mr. Nie Lao applauded, it was the real applause, not reserved.Shooting and patting, he also touched the real handkerchief and wiped the corner of his eyes gently.

The principal and secretary looked at it again, and the heart was full of pride. This time, I finally touched Mr. Nie Lao's temper.

"Lao Nie, the school prepared the New Year's dinner at night, you must enjoy your face." The principal said charmingly, and an old face could not wait to drip honey.

"This ..." Nie Wanfu couldn't, and the secretary quickly added: "Lao Nie, and the students are happy with the students."

Nie Wanfu naturally understands the meaning, so he holds it. He nodded and said, "Respect is worse than life, I have not gained with the children for a long time."

The literary show is successfully concluded. In the background of the auditorium, the girls who had changed their clothes were about to go out. Suddenly, the director appeared seriously, saying, "Classmates, they all call home at home, and they have a meal at night."

Xiaoxue bit her lips very embarrassed, and finally gathered courage and said, "Director, I have to go back to send meals, can I not participate?"
"How can this be!" The surprise of the face was inexplicable: "Wen Xue, your classmate has a good grade, that is, you don't like to participate in collective activities. This is not good."

Wen Xue did not dare to refute anymore.

The girls boarded the school's China -Pakistan car and drove towards the abalone wings building near Binjiang Avenue. It was a very high -end restaurant in Jiangbei City. Every holiday was overcrowded.At this table, the principal can use a lot of relationships.

Shortly after the China -Pakistan car drove away, Mr. Chen came, and when he was surprised to find that the students were gone, they asked the school worker: "What about the student?"

"Let Director Zhu take it away,Said to go to the abalone wings to eat. "

As soon as Teacher Chen heard it, he hurried into the car shed and launched his own bicycle.


Abalone wings building, Miss Yingbin wearing red cheongsam and white mink welcoming greeted the guests from the door of the first middle floor, and took the third floor room room.The private room is as warm as spring, with luxurious decoration, and polite waiters to shuttle back and forth in the corridor. The crystal clear tall glass, white napkin, and silver flashing tableware are dazzled by girls and dare not talk nonsense.

The principal, secretary, and teaching director all took off the coat and exposed the suit tie inside. Ask Mr. Nie Lao to take a seat, Nie Lao was not allowed, sitting on the top, and the teaching director stared at the tweeting girl severely.The students said, "Wen Xue, come over to sit next to Grandpa Nie."

Nie Lao praised the director of the teachings very much, the sister -in -law can teach.

Wen Xue stirred both hands together, with a reluctance, but did not dare to reverse the meaning of the director. Other female students didn't matter. They were all girls involved in the world.There will never be something together, just like a group of cheerful deer, talk and smile.

Youth is invincible, Nie Lao was feeling, and glanced at the girl named Wen Xue again. It was just her dance. After all, the stage was far away.The hair can be visible, and President Nie is surging.

"Come, sit next to Grandpa." Nie Lao Cixiang said.

The "bang" door opened, Teacher Chen came in, his hair was somewhat scattered, his jacket was covered with snow, and everyone in the room looked at him in surprise.

"Lao Chen, why are you here?" Yiguan Chuchu's hair was shocked.

Teacher Chen ignored him at all, and walked over to hold Xiaoxue's hand and walked out: "Xiaoxue, go home."
"Lao Chen, what are you doing?"In front of him, Mr. Chen was forced with his eyes with his eyes. He looked around the bag, but he didn't look at the Lord of the Daizhong.

"Several girls of you also go home, your parents are waiting at the entrance of the school."

Girls exclaimed, picked up clothes and schoolbags, and smoked.Sliding, although the principal's official official, in the minds of the students, the most respectful, the favorite is Mr. Chen.

"Let's go." Teacher Chen pulled Xiaoxue and walked out of the private room.

The atmosphere in the private room was suddenly embarrassed. The principal secretary was extremely embarrassed. Fortunately, Nie Lao didn't care, and said with a smile, "This teacher looks a little familiar."

"Nie Laohao's eyesight, this is our senior senior team, Chen, his father, Professor Chen, has been the principal of our first middle school since the 1950s.I am ashamed to accompany it.

"It doesn't matter, let's eat us." Nie Lao said with a great smile.

The price of abalone wings is extremely expensive. Various dishes are full of dishes, mellow wines are fragrant, and the atmosphere in the private room slowly eases.


Outside, the snow is already very large. The lanterns are on the light, the snow is full, and the car is slowly driving. A middle -aged man with white hair, and a beautiful girl,Facing the wind, the snow rushed, pushing the bicycle hard walking.

Snow, it is even bigger.