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After the formalities were completed, Mao's child was put into the warehouse under the escort of the two cadres. Because he committed the crime of homicide, he was locked into the infamous violent criminal warehouse.

The cadre's leather shoes step on the cement floor of the corridor, and the iron palm of the feet makes a crisp sound. When the prisoners hear this familiar voice, they sit on the spread, look at the nose, watch the heart, look at the heart, and look at it., Honestly living like a group of elementary school students.

The cadre opened the door of the prison, unbuttoned the handcuffs of the child, and shouted in it: "New, say hello."

The hairy child rubbed the wrist swollen by handcuffs, Mu Ran held the prisoners sitting on the paved of the cement Chase, and heard that the footsteps of the cadre went away, the offender stood up with a smile and lined up into it.Two rows of applause are welcome.

A black -fat man opened his arms and laughed: "Mao, here is his own home, sit next to Uncle Meng, who, quickly arrange towels, toothbrushes, tea tanks."

A thin monkey next to the class quickly took out the treasure towel toothbrush from underneath, but was kicked by the boss of Meng: "Grass Mud, new towels, new toothbrushes! You know who this is thisIs this a nephew of Liu Brother and my nephew. A person made a single shot to do the father of the big development boss. Now it is small, and in a few years, it is the big brother on the Tao! TM is ruthless than me. "
Everyone is afraid to speak, and the prisoners of the detention center have taken one after another. The news on the rivers and lakes can be received overnight. Previously, Liu Ziguang was mentioned.After the splendor of Jin Bi, Liu Brother became a proper term, only representing Liu Ziguang. The other brother named Liu on the other way could only be renamed other names.

I rely on how big a little hairy child, you can kill the knife, the father who kills the big development boss, the grievances are not clear, and there is no need to know. They only need to know that the big development isWhat a great developer, dare to move such a person, that is the real hero.

"What, 呱." Boss Meng took the lead and slapped, and other prisoners also applauded, sparse applause like a barefoot on the cement floor, but in this cold detention centerIn the warehouse, it looks so warm.


Xiaoxue was brought to a hospital in the suburbs by Hu Rong. After sending her into the ward, Hu Rong took another high school reference book and handed it to her.Study well here, don't think about other things, my sister will pick you up in a few days. "

Police Officer Hu's care and care made Xiaoxue moved to cry.The ward is not large, iron shelf beds, small desks and wooden chairs, and the windows are equipped with strong iron tunnels. The nurse is also a man with a large waist and a waist. The atmosphere is different from the general hospital.

Hu Rong said a few more words of dedication, and then closed the door quietly and found the hospital leader and said, "This is the target of Secretary Hu's request for protection. You must take care of it.You don't need to give her medicine. "

The leader knows clearly, shaking hands with Hu Rong," Okay, help me bring me a good. "

Hu Rong noddedWhen I got on the car, Grand Cherokee drove out of the hospital's main entrance. The wooden sign on the door read a few black characters: Jiangbei Psychiatric Rehabilitation Hospital.

There is no way to transfer Xiaoxue here. Hu Rong is also a person who has participated in the college entrance examination and knows the hardships of senior high school students.In mental health, it ruined the future of the little girl.

The place where the detention center was not stayed. Hu Rong lost four pounds without living in it.Many people were emotionally disastinable when they first entered the detention center, with huge pressure, extremely fear, malnutrition, rude management, and violent phenomena. This is why the negative news of the negative news of the detention center across the country.

Therefore, no matter how to send the innocent Xiaoxue to the detention center, Han Guang gave Hu Rong a trick and asked her to help Xiaoxue get a mental disorders.

This proof can take a lot of effort, and Uncle Uncle does not know how many times he shouted and how many yards did you run to do it. Of course, these uncle uncle also looked at Secretary Hu's face.Only in line.

Hu Rong usually lives in a single dormitory in the Public Security Bureau. After being served as the criminal police, he has rarely returned home.Tai Chi, this nominal political and legal brother has actually been squeezed out of the circle of power, just waiting for retirement.

Seeing that her daughter came back, Secretary Hu was very happy, and quickly took the recruitment to greet the daughter: "Rongrong, you are back, don't leave at night, Dad will stew you soup."

Look at itWhen her daughter fell on the sofa like a noodle pocket, her eyelids were fighting straight. Hu Yue entered a distress and said, "Rong Rong, you can't always stay up late. He is not good for your body. Don't learn dad."

Hu Rong did not take the words, and asked directly:" Dad, they are too outrageous in this case, it is almost upside down black and white, do you not plan to control it? "

Hu YuejinSit on the sofa, ordered a cigarette, and smoked deeply, "Some things are unable to understand, and sometimes it is also a blessing to retreat throughout the body."

"Dad, you still have you, you still have you stillOld public security, old party member, how can you say this? Is it possible to watch them having the lives of people. That Nie Wenfu is definitely not a good thing. His death is deserved! "But do you see, who sent the wreath in front of his spiritual hall? The backstage of the Nie family is very hard, not the average person can shake it. "

" Then watch them so rampant, I will just watch them so rampant, I will just watch them so rampant, I willI don't believe that there is no justice in this world. If you don't care, I will go to the Provincial Department or the Provincial Department, and I will go to the Ministry of Public Security! "

Hu Yue is entering her daughter's furious face, thinking of my younger younger face, thinking that I am youngAt the time, he closed his eyes slightly, and an exciting song echoed in his mind: a few times, rain, rain, spring and autumn, wind, frost, snow, and streaming.

I am old, but my daughter still maintains an upright and strong heart. Hu Yuejin was a little worried when she was reluctant. If she was indifferent to the hidden rules, it was herself who was injured in the end.

In order to prevent her daughter from causing a bigger leak, Hu Yuejin sighed and said, "Rong Rong, in fact, there is no turning point now. I will wake you up.Well, there is also a sister named Mei, which is the key, and there is one point. From the side, the facts of the iron prove what kind of scum Nie Wenfu is. According to my investigation, the Nie family has a private club in the western suburbs.I think there must be a lot of things in it. "

" That's good, I will apply for a search order. "As soon as I exit Hu Rong, I knew that I had said it was wrong. I didn't apply for the search order. I am afraidI was suspended first.

Female police officers are in contemplation.


Late at night, on the barren beach by the river, two black shadows were moving against the flashlight.Fulled, took ten steps west, took another ten steps, found a big tree, then pulled out the engineering shovel, dug it under the tree.

Liu Ziguang took the hand -applied electricity to help him illuminate. The two said nothing and dug a meter deep. The engineering shovel touched a solid object.After opening, the tight waterproof oil is wrapped inside.

Li Jianguo nodded and signaled Liu Ziguang to fill the pit. The two returned to the car, took out the iron boxes that started elsewhere, and poured out the inside.Oil cloth, open the oil cloth, inside is the disassembly parts, and protect it with thick butter.

Li Jianguo cleverly wiped off the butter, assembled these parts, and generally installed a rough large pistol.

Liu Ziguang knew this gun. It was the Sprit gold submachine pistol equipped with the former Soviet Union. It was automatically fired. The amount of bomb was 20 rounds.Essence

"This gun used to be my sub -weapon." Li Jianguo introduced, rubbing the sleeve with a tiger mouth, trying the power of the spring, and felt satisfied.Inside, there are rows of Huang Chengcheng's 9mm pistol bullets and two empty magazines.

Fill in a magazine, push into the gun's handle magazine, pull the sleeve, push the bullet, and handle the gun handle to Liu Ziguang: "Try."

Liu Ziguang took it overThe gun, looked out of the dark window, and said, "I hit the tallest tree in fifty meters away."

A trigger, three rounds of bullets whistling, orange -red bore flames in the nightLiege is particularly eye -catching, but this is the wild countryside. The nearest villages are ten miles away, and no one will find it.

"Go, look at it in the past." The two got out of the car and walked to 50 meters, checking the big tree with a two -person hug, and saw that there were three holes on the trunk, a burnt onThe taste comes.

"Good accuracy." Li Jianguo exaggerated, and did not know whether it was boasting or boasting.Go up the mud, and then turned to leave.

Back to the car, Liu Ziguang was about to launch a car. Suddenly, he saw that Li Jianguo installed some earthy square paper bags in the army, and asked, "What is that?"

> "C4." Li Jianguo said expressionlessly.