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What do you think of me? As for it? "

The two police officers watched Yang Feng's final performance with compassion. Hu Rong sneered and said," You are also a person who knows the Fa,Presumably, you must know that the amount of bribes reaches more than 100,000 yuan, and you can be sentenced to more than ten years in prison. While you are serving as the police of the Public Security Brigade, you have repeatedly received bribes in entertainment venues in the jurisdiction.Cleaning, they can get the news in advance. In this charges, you can nail you to death. []

Yang Feng smiled with a sedative: "Is there any evidence?"

"Evidence." Han Guang raised the material in his hand and said, "Your criminal evidence is enough, and I take part of it. If you are interested, you can take a closer look. Your fox friends and dog friends have sold you.When, how much money I gave you, there are detailed records. "

Yang Feng is silent, but he has not given up his heart.Just, everything is waiting for the old man to go out.

"This is just your lightest guilt. We also obtained evidence to prove that you and the police officer Chen Yong, the police officer of the detention center who have already been dead, and the old policeman who had been detained by the Procuratorate.As a lady to sell-Miss Komo, we will draw huge profits from it. Don't think that Yan Jinlong died in this case and tell you that the police have not stopped the trace of this clue! "The words were shocked by Yang Feng's cold sweat, and it is no wonder that this kind of thing was not very secretive, involving more than one person, and could not hide it.

At that time, I considered my backstage hard enough. Although these things were illegal, they were not major cases. They also involved some disadvantaged groups.At one point, when the father couldn't hold himself, these humble little sins, any of them can be pressed to death.


韩光冷笑:“不好意思,我没有软中华,You can bear it. "

" Okay, let's do the next, Yang Feng, where is the three million yuan in your account come from? "Hu Rong knocked on the table with a rhythmic pen pen, sinkingAsked.

"Yes ... I borrowed it."

"Who borrowed it?"

"Nie Wenfu, when I borrowed this money, I wanted to help my friends to open a company."

" Three million huge sums, just borrow it, I do n’t know if it ’s Nie Wefu's generosity, or are you Yang Feng’ s face?So enthusiastically washing the ground for the Nie family, and even forced a confession to a innocent female middle school student, slandering others was selling-kinky-female, Yang Feng, you can be mixed into the public security team, I am ashamed! "
When it comes to the anger, Hu Rongqi took a round bead pen on the table, and it was angry.

Han Guang clicked a cigarette, and Youyou said, "Don't be afraid of Yang Feng, we don't care about it. We don't care.If you quickly explain, quickly plead guilty, judge for ten or eight years, and then fight for a criminal guarantee. In a blink of an eye, you have passed, so be good to everyone, are you right? "

Yang Feng shook his head and said nothing.

"I know you still have unrealistic hope, okay, let's go today, come, and escape the suspect to the detention center."
Yang Feng never thought about it. One day, he would also get into a prison car. The back seat of the police Changhe van was welded by the iron fence.He was also wearing a pair of glittering steel handcuffs, and he was escorted by two young criminal policemen. It seemed that he was hateful to him and was too lazy to talk to him.

The snow in the field has not melted, and the yellowed weeds extended from the snow pile, which seemed particularly small. The high walls of the Taolin Detention Center gradually appeared in the distance.After a major change, Yang Feng's friends fired, and the sentence was detained, and he could not take care of him.

But at this moment Yang Feng is not as desperate. He still has relying on, and hope that his father will never let it go, and he will never let his son be trapped.

In fact, Minister Yang is indeed running for his son. As the Minister of Organization of the Municipal Party Committee, his face always gives some of them, but this time, Secretary Li is not hot or hot in this case, and he doesn't care about the indifference., Even asked Secretary Zhao to give him back, saying that everything should be focused on the overall situation.

Minister Yang was puzzled and deliberately reminded Secretary Zhao: "Song Jianfeng has done too much this time, there must be another plot, Secretary Zhao, you want to help Secretary Li pay attention."

Secretary Zhao did not make a stubble, and asked the topic: "Minister Yang, do you have an impression of the name Chu Xiangdong?"

"Chu Xiangdong ..." Minister Yang was a little embarrassed and searched for this strange name in his mind.The phone over there was already hung up.

After thinking about it for a long time, I still couldn't think of Chu Xiangdong, so Minister Yang called his secretary over and asked, and the secretary thought about it, "It was a candidate when the civil servants of our city recruited five years ago, and they also applied for the exam.The public security majors are not bad ... "

Minister Yang remembered it completely. Five years ago, his son had graduated from a certain physical education college and was swaying at home for a year.He arranged for him to apply for the public security. At that time, the Public Security Bureau did not intend to recruit people at that time. Under his operation, he fought for a place, and it was a directional education major. HoweverAnd all aspects of the conditions are excellent. At that time, Minister Yang was only Director Yang. He didn't want to do it too ugly, so he operated it through acquaintances.

The process is very simple. On the eve of the interview, find a social idle person to find Chu Xiangdong's stubble.After the fight, the police car in the law and security brigade over there. Chu Xiangdong was arrested without suspense, not only canceled the civil servant test results, but also was convicted of intentional injury. He squatted in prison for three years.

At that time, this incident was operated by the old Gu. Minister Yang did not know, and the past passed. Anyway, it was a normal procedure for walking.It was actually an incident in the east window.

It seems that Song Jianfeng wants to stink himself through this matter, and then overturn to achieve the purpose of his sin. You must know that this kind of thing is large or small.On the Internet, if you come to personal meat to search or something, things will not be recovered.

Minister Yang is in deep contemplation. Now not only the son is in trouble, he is also caught in the vortex. Song Jianfeng's appetite is not small.

The Public Security Bureau is a relatively special unit. If it is a general ministries and commissions, the Organization Minister can definitely take him to death, but they are the director of the public security and have law enforcement power in their hands.When you get hair, you can find some trouble for you casually. It is enough for you to drink a pot.

Moreover, Song Jianfeng is the public security director of the province. The background is tough. It is not a matter of making people who patted their ass as an official.

The opponent is aggressive. Even Secretary Li and himself cleared the boundaries. They did not want to participate in it. Minister Yang also broke the idea of the battle.If you are not good at your official position, you ca n’t hold it. At that time, it ’s not only the Yang family who lost it. Even the forces with Nantai Gang will suffer major losses. It is the most unwilling thing for Secretary Li.

Hey, take the overall situation.Minister Yang sat in a rattan chair with his body, as if he was ten years old for a while.


Yang Feng still received some care, and was assigned to general warehouses, dark cells, and fierce prisoners who stared at this new little white face with great intentions.In the present, the cadres were temporarily suppressed.

As soon as the cadres left, Yang Feng was unlucky. Several prisoners came up to pick up his clothes and those expensive Newbaron sneakers.In, he was tall and mighty, and the three or two were still unable to be close to him. After a fist, the prisoners were beaten to flowers.

Yang Feng slammed the door of the gate and asked to change the cell. If he changed his person, he was already reprimanded by the cadres. However, in view of Yang Feng's special identity, he changed him to a cell.I still didn't let him go, and it was a hit. In the detention center, Yang Feng also knew some. Knowing that he knew that the kung fu was not a panacea, you would drink a pot at night.

So he asked for changing the cell again, and the cadre was anxious, and he simply changed him to a violent crime.

Surprisingly, Yang Feng received enthusiastic hospitality here. Prison Bully Meng Zhiqiu not only did not hit him, but also gave him out of the pavement and clean bedding. This time Yang Feng was settled in the detention center.

The family will come to visit soon. Minister Yang is the person who wants to face, and naturally he will not come in person. Yang Feng's mother brings the clothes and duck down to see his son.Stubble, incomparable face, tears can not help but make a mother.

"Children, hold on, your dad is already supporting the relationship, and you can go out for a few days." Mother Yang persuaded.

"No, I can't stay in this ghost place for a day, I will go out now." Yang Feng lost his temper

"Children, to bear it again, the matter is very complicated, the surname is SongThe affairs of your civil servants who took the civil servant that year was also shivered, and now your dad is very passive. "

Yang Feng was stayed. I did not expect that the vast father of the magical power also had a helpless day, and a thorough chill flowed throughout the body.He suddenly realized that this time it was probably really planted. The possibility of innocent release and its small, the best ending is to seek medical treatment and probation.

He took a deep breath and stared at the blood -covered eyes and said, "Mom, bring me a blade next time."
"Don't think about it. Mom must get you out. Don't mess around. "

The son is the heart of the mother. Although it is only closed for two days, Yang Feng's mental appearance has changed greatly.The hair was messy, her cheeks were thin, and her face was covered with her face. This has made Yang's mother sorrowful, and her son proposed that she asked for a blade. She was even more panicked.

"Forget it, I find a way myself." Yang Fengzheng waved his hand and asked, "Did you bring a cigarette?"

"Pull out two soft Chinese and hand to his son.


Violent criminals, prison friends pumping Yang Feng's soft Zhonghua, one by one with eyebrows, the new one is very on the road, and it is a fat sheep.He also looked at each other, with care.

"Buddy, can't hold it anymore, I'll give you a trick, use this." Meng Zhiqiu's secret secretly found a flying eagle blade from under the bed, and it was also entangled on it.With transparent tape.

"You can go to the hospital when you swallow it. X -rays come out as soon as you take it. It is absolutely complete." Meng Zhiqiu said with a squeeze.

Yang Feng picked up this small blade, his throat creep, or resolutely put it in his mouth.