Chapter 6 E estrus Female Cat

"Ouch, why is it so careless and grabbing the knife, you think you are a superman, and your hands are harder than the knife." Meng Fan laughed, stabbed on his leg, and twisted hard.

All the people in the car, including children's dream rumors, thought that Meng Fan was just scared him, but what I didn't expect was that Meng Fan really had to move.

The people in the car heard that Meng Fan and Tong Meng rumors asked and answered one answer.Talking, but with a scream, the car became very quiet.

当孟凡再次举起刀的时候,猥琐男杀猪式的叫起来:“大哥,不,是大叔,不,是大爷,爷爷,我知错了,您大人有大量,I have forgiven me this time! "

Meng Fan was unmoved, and it stabbed in the past.Leave a chance to counterattack.

Now that you live in the last days, you must start, you must not leave your hinds.

"Sister!" Seeing Meng Fan is useless, the insignificant man began to plead with the child dream rumors: "Sister, no, I told you grandma, please, let me this time, meNo longer dare. "

After all, a woman is a woman. After hearing the wretched man screams miserable, the children's dream rumors are unbearable, so they persuaded:" Meng Fan, it is not easy to live in the last days, so it is not easy to live.Hey! "

Meng March also returned to God:" Comrade Meng, forget it! I can't explain to the leaders! "
" It's okay, Brother Meng BrotherEverything pushes me to me, this kind of scum, early death and morning life. "Meng Fan said coldly:" Boy, listen, I wanted to live you, now my wife and police brother are all for you.When I beg, I will let you go, but the death of death can be free, and the crime is hard to escape. "

The two legs of the insignificant man were abolished by Meng Fan, but Meng Fan also saidHow to count on the crime, it is difficult to escape, and the wretched man's heart is cold and cold.

Meng Fan waved gently, and he blinded the eyes of the wretched man. Originally, Meng Fan wanted to cut off his tongue and cut off a person's tongue to his combat power.The influence is very limited, and the blind eyes are different. If a person has no eyes, there is basically no combat effectiveness.

There is no medicine to stop hemostatic and anti -inflammatory in the car, so although Meng Fan did not kill the insignificant man, it was almost the same as killing him. Even if he had a strong resistance to survive, he did not retaliate against Meng Fan.

The wretched man screamed and passed out. Meng Fan sneered and said to the other two, "Do you still have opinions?"

Although the two were previously good Han, good HanI also know that they ca n’t eat in front of them. They are not afraid of death. They are afraid that life is better than death. The two lowered their heads and said softly, "Good guys are forgiven, we have no opinion."

Meng Changqiu also thinks Meng Fan also feels heavy., But this is the end, complaining is meaningless. Besides, it was the guy's trouble, and it was Meng Fan's hand. He was not responsible for his responsibility, so he quickly torn off some cloth strips from the seat of the car seat.In the wretched man, Meng March did not want to save him, but just hoped that he would not die too fast, at least before the public trial, don't die.

According to the current speed, it is a few hours to reach Beishan County. When you deal with it at that time, someone will naturally come to hand over, so you do n’t need to worry about them.

Meng Fan returned to the seat, and Tong Meng rumors said softly, "Meng Fan, is it a bit ruthless?"After all, there is her share.

"Ruthless! Ruthless fart! It's not bad to slaughter him directly. He has long eyes on his eyes, and he dares to offend anyone. Besides, people like them have died a hundred times and don't lose a hundred times.These little police officers are also really. Since you want to bring it back, you have to interrupt your legs first. Otherwise, who knows what will happen along the way? "

" But you are also absoluteI am afraid that his eyes and blindness are more uncomfortable than killing him? Now he can't run anymore. "

" Hehe! Who told him to offend you?Isn't it to die? I just want them to know, you are my woman, who dares to touch you, Lao Tzu makes him not to die. "Meng Fan thought so, anyway, it was because of children's dream rumors.So he had to tell Tongmeng rumors clearly that he did so for her.hey-hey!Meng Fan is not a person who can eat a little loss.

The eyes of children's dream rhymes really flashed with a little touching tears. Although Meng Fan saved her several times within a day, she seemed to be so moved for the first time.

Children's dream rumors fluttered in Meng Fan's arms, and said softly in his ear, "Bad guy, do you know, you really love you in this way, and you are in love with your heart.You. I don't care, you have to be responsible for me to the end. "

Meng Fan stunned, although across the thick light armor, he could not feel the softness on the chest of Tong Meng, but one of themThe long -lost warmth suddenly began to flood in Meng Fan’s heart. This feeling was only when you were with the pearls. When you were with Li Qiuyun, it seemed to have occasionally, but it was more like treating the other party as a pearl as a pearl.The illusion of only occur.

Meng Fan thought that the disaster had made his heart cold as iron. In this life, he would only have desire to a woman, and there would be no more love. At this moment, his heart seemed to be some of them.Touch.

But he immediately told himself that this was dangerous. Now it is not when he is in love. Once he is emotional to a woman, he will be scared when he encounters danger.Escape, Meng Fan was unwilling to send her life for a woman. Besides, he was not familiar with this woman, and the closest relationship was just hugging and touched her R room across the clothes.

If you really want to be desperate for whom, it should also be women like Li Qiuyun and Youzi. After all, they have made good friends with themselves and helped themselves.It is worth it.

But on the other hand, Meng Fan also felt that except for the pearl, she really didn't really like which woman was as good as child dream rhymes. Although Yuko also loved Meng Fan’s protection, she alsoHe took care of him when Meng Fan was in danger, so he was flattened. Li Qiuyun had been abused by Meng Fan. The so -called protection is just a handling of hand, not to mention she helped Meng Fan at a critical time, let alone Cao Yan, let alone say it.They are not ordinary people. They do n’t need Meng Fan's protection at all. Instead, they have helped Meng Fan ’s busy busy.

Only this child dream rhyme, Meng Fan helped her three times within a day, (this time it is not counted), and it is not a trivial matter.It is not general, and she relies herself to be affectionate. After all, it is easier to have a master in the last days to capture a woman.

Just like the world, it is easy for people with rich and right to chase girls, because some are prove that their love is useless, and now the money is useless, and men with strong survivability are easy to get women, becauseThey have the ability to protect women, but many men seem to have omitted the tedious pursuit process, and prefer to push down directly. Who told them to have this ability?It seems that Meng Fan has done that time ago.

Meng Fan laughed and said with a smile on the back of the children's dream rhyme: "You look like this, remind me of the female cat I have seen when I was a kid."

TongDream Ballad immediately stunned Meng Fan's shoulder twice: "Bad guy, say two good words to coax me to die?"

Meng Fan hurriedly opened the topic, he used his hand as a fan -shaped fanTwo said: "It's hot, the weather is getting hotter!" He said the truth, and now the solar terms have reached the late spring, but Meng Fan is still wearing a heavy light armor. How can it not be hot?However, he would rather be hot, and he was unwilling to take off this important protection.

"Oh! What solar terms, you are still wearing so much, can you not get hot?" Tong Meng rolling said with a smile.

The chain of leather clothes worn by children's dream rumors has been pulled open, and a thin T -shirt inside sets her full chest, giving Meng Fan a urge to take off her clothes and suck.

But Meng Fan finally sat honestly and talked with Tong Meng's rumors. In this environment, it is indeed impossible to do something extraordinary.

"It was Ping An Town. After passing the bridge on the Ping'an River in Ping'an Town, it was the border of Beishan County, but it was only after Lintu Town before you could reach Beishan County County."The guide, but Meng Fan obviously felt that his words were said to Zhang Bingbing in front.

Meng Fan is not a star chasing family. After adulthood of children's dream rumors, he first served as a soldier, and then went to the place to become a special police officer. Then he was transferred to the local police instructor after being injured.Interested, so the two of them are not like some people. When they see the stars, they shouted, "Are you so better? Oh my god! I don’t expect to see you."Signature, for them, in the last days, a piece of moldy bread is valuable than the star's face.

Ping An Town is really safe. Although there are many buildings on both sides, no zombies appear, nor people or other animals.Essence

The car did not stop to find supplies, because it was very close to Beishan County, and there was no need to get off the car to take risks.

The car drove out of Ping An Town safely. Meng Fan suddenly breathed a long breath. The child dream rumors asked strangely: "What's wrong with you, suddenly a big breath."

"You don't know, I don't know how tension just now, I feel that there is something too quiet outside, quiet and weird."
"Yo! It turns out that my great hero was nervous, it was strange that it was really strange, it was really strange that it was really strange.Yeah! I did n’t see you nervous when I saw the zombies. How dangerous is you nervous without you? "

" In such an environment, it is normal to see zombies.Seeing this time, it was not bragging with you. There were thousands of zombies who died under Lao Tzu, so there was nothing so nervous, but you thought about it.If the zombies were destroyed, what about that person? Someone should always appear! But the question is, there is no one here, and there are no zombies. Isn't this a strange thing? "