Chapter 113 The task of upgrading

Chapter 113 The Mission of Upgrade

At Peking University, he chose economics. The books in that aspect have been almost the same.

Because he liked to play games before, he also fell in love with a computer, so when he arrived in Tsinghua University, he had to choose a computer.

There are also sub -subjects, and because of the yang and yang mirror, he is also interested in medicine.Thinking of this, Lu Xuyang made a cricket with both hands, and then drew a cross gesture. Finally, his palms closed, and he said in a silent mouth: "Amitabha, thank you for yin and yang mirror!"

I don't know which god he believes.However, in the end, I would like to thank God for letting him have the yin and yang mirror, thank the yin and yang mirror for his help, so that he had a better body, and a smarter brain to learn more knowledge that he did not dare to think about.


Time has passed day by day in Lu Xuyang, and Lu Xuyang is crazy in the dormitoryThe study status was recorded by Feng Beibei, who had been promoted by one day, and sent it to the school forum.The school's classmates found that it was no wonder that people's exams were so good. Look at the appearance of that study, how serious!

Since then, Lu Xuyang has a few more words in front of the sin-"crazy evil evil".

Through a period of study, Lu Xuyang carried almost all the things that he could carry his main class, although some may not be able to understand, but remembered it anyway.You can ask the teacher at any time in the subsequent days.

Including the computer that he wants to repair in Tsinghua's computer in the future, he also carries a lot.


It is another round of test questions, Lu Xuyang stretched out his lazy waistEssenceSit too long, even if the body transformed by psychiatric mirror is a bit unbearable.Until now, it feels a little swollen in the head.It seems that you should go out.Relax.

Thinking of this, Lu Xuyang walked out with the mysterious bag, and Shi Shiran walked out.Unconsciously, he walked on the playground of previous military training.

In fact, Lu Xuyang still prefers military training. He thought that if he could go to the army to really feel it one day.

"Oh. Do you have no eyes walking?" Lu Xuyang was thinking about it.Just hear a crispy roar.After returning to God, I found out that I hit someone.

Looking at the books scattered around the ground.Lu Xuyang quickly squatted down and helped pick it up.

"I'm sorry, I don't pay attention. I am so energetic." Lu Xuyang apologized.

"It's okay, just pay attention next time." The girl took the book that Lu Xuyang handed in the past and looked at him.

"Yeah, aren't you that evil?" The girl surprised.

Lu Xuyang touched his nose and smiled bitterly: "I am not a demon, my name is Lu Xuyang!"

"Sorry!" The girl obviously said in the face of her face.EssenceAfter speaking, he secretly spit his tongue.

"My name is Li Shanshan, hello!" Then the girl rushed out of Lu Xuyang with her right hand.

"Hello!" Lu Xuyang also stretched out his right hand.

With the opportunity of handshake, Lu Xuyang saw the girl in front of him.I saw her wearing a beige dress.A pair of white high heels on your feet.Long legs and white skin.A pair of smart eyes on the pink face seemed to be talking, and now he was bent with his eyes and smiled naughty at the corner of his eyes.

"Have a friend. It's best to leave me for me?" Li Shanshan said with a smile and said.

Lu Xuyang flashed in Li Shanshan's smile. When he returned to God, he quickly took the paper and pen from Li Shanshan and wrote his contact information.

"Thank you! Time to contact!" Li Shanshan smiled at Xu Xuyang, and then left him.

Li Shanshan, who rushed away from Lu Xuyang, made a gesture of goodbye. After returning to God, he remembered that Li Shanshan asked his deduction just now.My deduction number was applied when I was in the Internet cafe. Now I have no computer. I did n’t notice because I did n’t notice it before. Now I ’m going to buy a computer.Thinking of this, Lu Xuyang walked towards the school gate.

As soon as he turned around, suddenly.There was a trace of blue in the corner of the eyes.Lu Xuyang looked down, and it was a folder.Lu Xuyang bent over and picked up and turned over, very beautiful handwriting. I don't know if Li Shanshan fell just now.

"Yin and Yang mirror." Lu Xuyang thought silently and looked at the folder.

"A folder lost in Li Shanshan ... Congratulations, the trial task is refreshed successfully, and you receive the task related to items: return the folder lost in Li Shanshan, the time limit is 30 minutes. Reward 5.He is a Tai Chi Kim Dan, and randomly gets an item ...

Thirty minutes, Lu Xuyang read the task time limit and hurried to the direction of Li Shanshan's departure. Half the road, I met a few classmates who had only been class after class., Lu Xuyang grabbed one of them: "May I ask, have you seen a girl wearing a yellow dress walk over?"The boy shook his head.

Lu Xuyang, who hurried all the way, asked four or five in a row until he asked the sixth place that he finally got the information he wanted.
"Is it the school flower Li Shanshan?"The boy asked Lu Xuyang.

Lu Xuyang nodded quickly:" Yes, it's her! ""He actually didn't know what the school flowers didn't flow, but the girl was really beautiful, and it was likely that the school flower he said, so he couldn't wait to nod.

The boy fingered in front of him aheadThe classroom, Chong Lu Xuyang said, "I saw her go to that classroom."

" Oh, okay, thank you!"Lu Xuyang ran to the classroom pointed by the boy.

As soon as he arrived at the door, he saw Li Shanshan who was coming out. Lu Xuyang handed over the blue folder on his hand:" Li Shanshan,This is the file you just missed on the playground."

Li Shanshan did not answer the document. She looked at a stack of materials held in her hand and said to Lu Xuyang:" This document is really I dropped, I want to give it to Teacher Wang.Can you ask you to give me the file to Teacher Wang?He is the head teacher of the sophomore (V) class."

" Congratulations ... the trial task will cancel her the folder lost Li Shanshan and convert it to the folder that Li Shanshan lost, and help her to give her a sophomore (5) class teacher Wang, the time limit,twenty minutes.Reward 5 Tai Chi Kim Dan, and reward special items pet incubation exposure ...

Tip: The task fails to randomly deduct any item X1 on the character."

" .... "

The task is automatically upgraded and cannot be rejected, and it must maintain a success rate, otherwise there will be a failure to be punished?It is also compulsory.

The only thing he can do now is to hand over the blue folder on his hand at the fastest speed to the so -called class teacher Wang. OtherwiseNot cost -effective.