Chapter 112 Crazy Fans

Chapter 112 Crazy Fans

"Huh ~~~" Lu Xuyang, who was breathing, slowly recovered his mood, and opened his mouth to the sea: "Hai, thank you!So crazy, but what's going on? "

Wu Hai is also panting. You must know that his body has no transformation of yin and yang mirror, and it must be much worse than Lu Xuyang.He patted his chest, and simply rushed Lu Xuyang to explain: "In order to save you, I asked the media for help!"

After knowing that Lu Xuyang was closed, he was worried.The power of the power was made, but he was afraid that he was the identity of Wu Jiada and let them alienate him.

Through these days, he found that they are all good people, very good friends, he doesn't want to lose these friends.Even if it was exposed, it was the one who would be willing to tell them afterwards.

But he doesn't know how to save him without using a family.So he thought of a way to use the family's power to save him, but at the same time, he thought of creating public opinion with the innocent theme of evil spirits to cover up the family power.

I do n’t know, but this method pushed Lu Xuyang on the wind.It is estimated that you can't go to the cafeteria in a short time.

When he heard Wu Hai's explanation, Lu Xuyang was understood.It turned out that the brothers of their dormitory actually worked so much for themselves.No wonder he encountered so many reporters when he came out of it.

He thought it was just the Li family.With the ability of the Li family, it is not a piece of cake to propose a person who had no guilt, so he didn't want to go to Wu Hai for a while, and he was strange why Li Wenbing came to bring so many reporters to come over.Woolen cloth!I didn't think it was the dormitory to save him.

"Open the door!" At this time, Li Huaishan's voice came from outside the door, and Lu Xuyang, who heard the call, walked over and opened the door.

Li Huaishan pushed open the door and walked in, while raising the lunch box in his hand, rushing to Lu Xuyang Wu Hai and said, "I know you are not full. I have brought me the meals, how can I thank my brother and me?"

"That is, the best 'Yiqing Garden' eats again." At this time.Feng Beibei stretched out from behind Li Huaishan and said.

Li Huaishan turned and slapped Feng Beibei: "Dead shell, do you want to go to Yiqing Garden? Do you think the matter is not big enough?"

"Uh ...I'm not deliberately. It's just a way, don't go to Yiqing Garden, it's okay to change other places! "Feng Beibei rubbed his head and grieved.

"Okay, yam, don't bully the shell!" At this time, Wu Lu Xuyang in the busy schedule finally raised his head from the meal to help Beibei.

"That's it! Dead yam, bad yam ... I decided. I will take yam next time!" Feng Beibei said in grievances.


When he heard Feng Beibei, several people were speechless for a while.

"By the way, evil, tomorrow's military training. Don't go anymore, today the class teacher named you, but I still helped you explain it. The examiner is not as good as the class teacher!" At this time, WuHai suddenly said to Lu Xuyang.Suddenly he threw a pack of things like Lu Xuyang as if thinking of something: "Yes! I have received your military training clothing for you."
"Okay, I know!" Lu Xuyang took over military training clothingNodded.


University military training.Lu Xuyang has long been prepared.I heard that every military training in the school is the same as the army in the army, which is very strict.

Tiangang is bright, and the ringtone of the school gathered sounds.Fortunately, Lu Xuyang had a better sleep two days ago, so the school bell early in the morning, he got up and went back to breakfast.When they came back, all three of the dormitory were still sleeping.Now that it is right, the breakfast is in handy.

Wu Hai moves faster.Sitting for breakfast, Li Huaishan is also organizing clothes. After all, he has practiced merit. The habit is still better and the movements are fast.Only Feng Beibei slowly climbed up after all the three were done.

"Shell, hurry up, it's late!" Li Huaishan urged the way in front.


Feng Beibei picked up his coat in one hand, and pinched a bun in his mouth with one hand.This came out while stopping the coat.

Several people came to the playground in an excited and nervous emotions.There are instructors next to the second grade.Lu Xuyang found his place where he was. Most of the students in the classroom had come to Qi, and stood neatly under the command of the instructor.


The military training of the university is hard.The instructor was punished because of the unconventional standing posture.Lu Xuyang had to lament the strength of psychiatric mirror again, and made him make the standard actions that it was difficult for others to do, and it was easy to take out.

Although everyone was ready for military training before, it was really unavoidable for a while.There are so many individuals who are slightly poor in fainting under the sun, and Feng Beibei is also one of them.Seeing such a poor physical fitness, the instructor couldn't help frowning.

As soldiers, of course, they hope that the soldiers he brings out can have the same physical fitness as soldiers.But these are not formed.The instructor had to teach carefully.

A little, stand up, walk away ... and so on, and so on, for those students who are Jiaozi, Jiaojiao, and students who are in school.Pain.Many classmates wanted to give up, but the severe instructor made them really unable to do the courage to do it with them.

Soon, the military training passed in the back of the daily sweat.During the school inspection, Lu Xuyang got the third place in this class. The grades were not very good, but it was not bad. The instructor was quite satisfied.And because of the relaxed appearance of Lu Xuyang during the military training, he even implemented the word 'evil evil "evaluation of him.

Military training has no effect on Lu Xuyang, and the skin is still so fair and shiny.Many female classmates came to ask what brand of cosmetics he used.Lu Xuyang had to say that he was born.

God knows that he had been full of acne before, isn't the effect of the yin and yang mirror? Even the big mole in the previous forehead has a tendency to slowly degenerate.Of course, yin and yang mirrors cannot be said, and girls who can't ask why they have to give up, how can she not give birth to such good skin.

After the military training, Lu Xuyang exposed his face in his class, greeted him with the classmates around him, and returned to the dormitory.

The current time is too precious for him. He doesn't have much time to follow the course told by the teacher step by step. He needs to master the course of Peking University in the shortest time, so the subsequent course Lu XuyangHe didn't go, he kept himself in the dormitory, holding the books issued by the school, and studied hard.

Half of this semester is almost almost passing. At that time, he must report to Tsinghua.Otherwise, even if he is smart, he will be very difficult to learn.If you do n’t do it, you will lose your chances of learning the double -school learning.