Chapter 111 God Beast Fox Cat

But since it is a beast, even if it hasn't grown up, it should be very powerful?Thinking of this Lu Xuyang, a fruit knife on the table was picked up, and his fingers were long.The fox cat, who hadn't moved, suddenly shone, and the entire red group surrounded Lu Xuyang's bleeding fingers.I saw the red light in front of me became more and more physical. Until the end, it became a small beast with fiery red fur.

It was necessary to recognize the Lord to be active?Lu Xuyang suddenly realized.Feeling a faint connection with the little beast in front of him, Lu Xuyang knew that he had succeeded in recognizing the Lord.

Lu Xuyang hugged the fox cat and started mild and silky. Lu Xuyang couldn't help but touch it.The little fox cat showed a comfortable expression.Taking it in front of him, he looked at it carefully, and secretly thought of the yin and yang mirror in his heart. There was a text in Lu Xuyang's mind:

God Beast Fox Cat (Childhood)

belonging: Lu Xuyang (human)

Stadium: Yin and Yang Qi, also known as life and death qi

Skills: Starting death, swallowing the sky

Explanation: The strength of the skill is determined by the growth state.In the ultimate state, cat fox can swallow everything or everything.Its Lord has 1%machine to understand the skills of this beast.

Looking at the harmless little beast in front of him, if he did not look at the information, Lu Xuyang would not believe that such a strange cat is actually a beast, and it is still an incredible one.I wo n’t say it after the death, swallow the sky, can it be swallowed everything?Unfortunately, this cat fox is just a child.If it is an adult, or the ultimate state, it will be cool ...

Today is the most cost -effective day Lu Xuyang. Although it is frightened, the pussy and yang mirror is upgraded and merged.Afraid of being discovered without saying.The main thing can also get such a powerful pet.Excited.Can't help holding the hand of the fox cat tightly.

Until the call of the fox cat '‘', Lu Xuyang suddenly felt empty, and the fox cat on his hand disappeared.Lu Xuyang stunned for a moment.After taking a closer look, he knew that he hurt the fox cat.It was angry and went into the psychiatric mirror to take refuge.Looking at the fox cat's grievance and cuteness, Lu Xuyang laughed.

"Demon, what are you alone?" "Before the sound of people arrived.Before entering the door, Lu Xuyang knew that it was Li Huaishan's kid.

"Nothing, it's so soon?" Lu Xuyang was surprised.

"This is still fast? You don't see what time, I came here to tell you to eat together. He two waited for us downstairs." Li Huaishan walked to Lu Xuyang and took a pictureHe slapped.

"Okay, wait, right immediately." Lu Xuyang quickly went to the bathroom to fix it.Okay for a while.Shi Shiran walked downstairs.

"I said you are too slow?" Wu Hai was okay, Feng Beibei had already waited impatient.

In Feng Beibei's complaint, a group of people came to the school cafeteria, which could be fried.There are also fast food, but only one word is recognized-money.

When they first arrived, several people were more excited. They did not have such a free time in high school.I can't wait to soak in learning every minute and every second.Even the rest time was shrinking and then shrinking.But university is different, even if you are late.Occasionally a few lessons, as long as it is not too much, as long as you can pass the exam, it is not a big deal.

Several people picked a table, Li Huaishan and Feng Beibei went to order.Lu Xuyang and Wu Hai occupied seats.They came early.A little more than a little more than a person is probably not sitting.

Several people ate, and the topic turned to Lu Xuyang's detention before!

"Demon, I said that you can come out, thank you how many of our brothers! If it wasn't for Wu Hai's good way, you wouldn't be so easy to come out." Feng Beibei said.

Hearing Feng Beibei's words, Lu Xuyang stunned and said, "What do you say?"

"Are you not watching the news? Now you are a celebrity. Great.Celebrities, not only the campus forum, Weibo, and major websites are all your news! "Feng Beibei said.

"That is, your kid watched, maybe there will be beautiful women looking for you in a while ..." Li Huaishan said in a wretched way.Feng Beibei on the side also nodded in harmony.

"Excuse me ... are you ... are you ... Loin Lv Xuyang?" As soon as Li Huaishan's voice fell, a nice female voice rang beside them.

Lu Xuyang, who heard the question.On the side, Li Huaishan rushed to Lu Xuyang to make a gesture of ‘look, I said right’.

Lu Xuyang swallowed the food in his mouth and replied: "I'm not a demon ..."
"Why are you not? I look like it? I follow you for a long time.You must be! "Before Lu Xuyang finished speaking, the girl refuted excitedly.Obviously he was determined that he was Lu Xuyang.

"I'm really not ..." Lu Xuyang was a little grievance. Is he really so evil?

"You're, you're!" The excited Chong Yichi beckoned: "Sisters, come over, he is the evil!"

Without a sound, it was not tightly that she was just a few of her good sisters, and with the quietness of the entire canteen of the canteen.Just like a panda found in a dog's nest.

"Ah ... Really, is it really? Is he really the evil?" One of the girls who ran over excitedly.

The girl who was beckoned nodded hard, and flushed their faces and confirmed: "Sasa, do you believe me, when did I lie to you? He is really the evil!" He also pointed at Lu XuyangEssence

"Ah ... it's great!" The girl ran to Lu Xuyang in three steps: "Can you sign me a name? I admire you so much."

Lu Xuyang nodded slowly.After receiving the girl who didn't know where to get the paper and pen, Lu Xuyang brushed his name and signed his name.Due to the transformation of yin and yang mirror, Lu Xuyang's control of the body is getting better and better, and the words are full of beauty.

The girl took the paper and pen that Lu Xuyang signed a good name and returned. He kissed hard and screamed excitedly.

Soon, the other girls of the rice room saw that his conveyance was successful, and he began to move and slowly moved to Lu Xuyang's side.Seeing the bad Wu Haili picked up Lu Xuyang and ran to the dormitory.

He didn't move. With his movements, the dining room was mighty followed by a large group of girls, chasing in the direction of Lu Xuyang's escape.

At the beginning, Lu Xuyang still felt that Wu Hai was inexplicable. What would he run with him without eating?But when he turned back to find the group of girls who had been chased, he was stunned under his feet, and quickly understood Wu Hai's intentions.Immediately, he pulled Wu Hai and ran away.

The two of them who dumped the troops secretly walked back into the dormitory and closed the door of the dormitory tightly.