Chapter 110 Upgrade of Yin and Yang Mirror (below)

Chapter 110 Upgrade (below)

I felt my body carefully, and there was no discomfort. Lu Xuyang touched a cold sweat and slowly opened his eyes.

He is most concerned about the yang and yang mirror. It is very natural. At the first glance of opening his eyes, Lu Xuyang's gaze took the place where the yang and yang mirror had taken off.However, it was empty in the eyes.The place where the yin and yang mirror had been put in the yin and yang mirror was gone.Lu Xuyang rubbed his eyes carefully and opened it again, or there was no ...

There are no others in this dormitory. Where did this thing go?Lu Xuyang, who was suspicious, quickly got up from the ground.First, I looked at the place where I got off carefully before, and then went to bed under the bed. The quilt inside, the equipment bag, mysterious bag, all the places could be found all over.But I couldn't find a signs of yin and yang mirror.

Until the end, a messy Lu Xuyang was completely stunned on the ground.The loss of yin and yang mirror is undoubtedly a sunny thunderbolt for him.

Is it too greedy and changed too much, and the yin and yang mirror have been retracted by the system again?Lu Xuyang couldn't help thinking so.

Even if you are not happy, it is a fact that the yin and yang mirror disappear is the fact that life still has to continue.Fortunately, the yin and yang mirror had given Lu Xuyang too many benefits before, so that his life was not as bad as before.

Forget it, I am fortunate to have lost my life.Some lost Lu Xuyang shook his head and thought.He got up from the ground weak, and found a few pieces to change clothes and walked into the bathroom.Because I was looking for yin and yang mirror too dirty, I had to clean it.

Just after Lu Xuyang, when he organized his hair in the mirror, he found another horrified scene.That scene directly fell on the cold floor.I did n’t know when I had a cold sweat on my body.

I didn't know when, his eyes disappeared.One of the eyes turned into extremely dark, and it was like a black hole at first glance. It seemed like a long time to sucked you; the other eyes became extremely white.Like a highest wattage incandescent lamp.The dazzling, if it wasn't for Lu Xuyang himself, it is estimated that as long as the people who saw it would be burned by the eyes.

"How can this? How can the characteristics of the monster appear on himself?" Lu Xuyang thought in panic.The heart jumped like a drum.It seems that one hand appears invisible.He couldn't breathe.

For a long time, Lu Xuyang raised his stiff arm.Patted his chest and slowly leveraged his mood.But as long as he thought of what he saw from the mirror, he mixed his sweat and straight, and a coolness instantly acted all over his body, so cold that made him stunned.

He shivered and quickly got up from the ground.He almost hit the wall of the bathroom several times.Finally, he successfully rushed out of the bathroom.Put yourself a handful to the bed.Pull his hand and pulled the quilt, covering his head deadly.

He didn't dare to look at it anymore, or even dared to open his eyes. He always felt that there was one eye in the virtue and staring at him.As if he opened his eyes, he would see something terrible.

That's it, Lu Xuyang fell asleep on the bed in this weird posture.Even asleep, his brows frowned tightly, and his face flashed from time to time.Everyone can see anyone.He sleeps uncomfortably.

The time passed one minute and one second, and Lu Xuyang on the bed was still asleep.The head was tightly covered in the quilt.

Suddenly, just listening to "Ah ~~

He saw a monster who eats people in his dream, blood red body.One black and white -without pupil eyes are strange.I saw his mouth rushing to him ...

Touching a cold sweat on his face.Lu Xuyang looked at the quilt on his body.Suddenly, a piece of information in his mind was shocked.

"The precious heavenly silk is quilt '. The comfort is 10%, which can be superimposed. The speed of 10%per second restores the physical strength of the characters. With skills' Ruyi transformed into the winter warm summer and cool'.Binding, unable to trade, disappear after discarding ... "

" The precious ice silk quilt. The comfort is 10%, which can be superimposed. 10%per second restore the character's energy., 'Hundred Poison does not invade'. The items are bound to the characters, cannot be traded, and disappeared after discarding ... "

Isn't this the quilt he used before he was lost before the yin and yang mirror?Why can he see the information without yin and yang mirror?

Lu Xuyang, who was sitting on the bed, carefully thought about everything that happened before.He felt that he was too panic before, too calm, and just thought about it.Even if there are 'ghosts' during the day, it is impossible to come out!Immediately, he quickly thought about something: "Is the yin and yang mirror fusion with me?" But what is the red beast?

I don't know if the yin and yang mirror can still come out. If I can come out, let me see everything I can understand everything before.

I just thought of Yin and Yang mirror, and a piece of text information appeared in Lu Xuyang's mind.If you look closely, the content is: "Yin and Yang mirror, also known as life and death mirror, ancient artifact. Yin Eye, also known as dead door, can devour everything;。因不明原因重创隐匿人间界。认主后隐藏于其主体内。物品与人物绑定,无法交易,无法丢弃,无法销毁……

看到这,吕旭阳算是明白了,阴阳The mirror has not been lost, but has been upgraded again, and has the ability to fusion. In this way, he is no longer afraid of the loss of psychiatric mirror or being discovered. But what is the red beast?

BR> At this time, there was another text in Lu Xuyang's mind: "Yinyang Fox Cat, and an ancient god.Born in yin and yang, the power of life and death.Occasionally, he accidentally broke into the yin and yang mirror.It turned into a mirror to protect the yin and yang mirror.Because of its childhood, it was discharged from the mirror when the pussy and yang mirror evolved.You can drop blood to recognize the Lord!"

Can you recognize the Lord? Does it mean that it hasn't recognized the Lord yet? Then how can it run in my body? Is it the relationship between the psychiatric mirror? Lu Xuyang thought.That's it. Otherwise, it's too wasteful.

"Yin and Yang Fox Cat!"

Lu Xuyang only felt a red in front of his eyes. The red transparent beast he saw before appeared in front of his eyes again.It quickly calmed down.

I know the weird young beast in front of me. It is a god beast, fox cat, and Lu Xuyang no longer has the previous fear.

God beast, this is the beast, only the beast, only the only beast, that is only the beast, only the beast, only the only beast, only the only beast, only the only beast, that is only a god beast.I wanted to change the rabbit, but I did not expect that there was a god beast, but unfortunately it was not yet adult.