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, Two steps to reach out: "Hello, President Wei .."

Wei Shumin smiled generously and stretched out his hand to hold Lu Tianming.Years have passed, and you still haven't changed. "

Wei Shumin pointed at the fine crow's feet at the corner of his eyes and said," Why haven't you changed?Yes, I want to know the business status of the Hongqi Factory and discuss the matter of our two factories. "

" Okay, let's talk while, this is your car? "Wei Shumin pointed at Liu ZiguangThe rough off -road vehicle asked.

"Even if it is, get on the car." Lu Tianming pulled the door with a gentleman, Wei Shumin was not polite, got on the car directly, and first gave the "driver" sitting on the driver's seat.After saying hello, Liu Ziguang also politely said hello to the same time.

"Go, go to the factory building, do the guy recognize the way?" Wei Shumin asked.

"Knowing, I came from the factory just now. Besides, I am also the children of our Red Flag Factory." Liu Ziguang said.

Wei Shumin asked the name of Liu Ziguang's parents in interest, but unfortunately she did not know Liu Ziguang's mother.

"When we were the most prosperous in the red flag factory, there were tens of thousands of people. The workers in a factory did not know it. There was no way. The factory was too large.I can't recognize it. "Wei Shu was sensitive and seemed to be immersed in the memories of the glory of the past, but in just a few seconds, she returned to the look of a strong woman.You can save a minute of time. "

Back to the factory department, Wei Shumin and Lu Tianming jumped out of the car, and the Hongqi factory workers who came over seeing Wei Shumin shouted respectfully, General Weishi.It can be seen from their eyes that this respect is from the heart, not perfunctory.

Wei Shumin also greeted the workers with easy -going workers, and walked into the factory building all the way. Liu Ziguang stopped and locks and followed up. Looking at the young people who were healthy behind, Wei Shumin suddenly said: "This young man is a driver. "

Lu Tianming froze, and then woke up, but just laughed:" He is not a full -time driver, and he also serves as the position of militia in our factory. "

"So ..." Wei Shumin stopped mentioning the matter. When he was passing by the office, he said to the elder sister who hit the sweater inside: "Sister Ma, the door of the conference room is opened."

"Okay." Sister Ma took out the key to open the door of the conference room, went to a bottle of boiling water, took three tea cups, and stared at the tea cup in the tea cup.In the posture, Lu Tianming knew that the life of the Hongqi Factory was not good.

The conference room facilities are old, but the cleaning is very clean.mark.

Wei Shumin opened a chair and sat down, pulled out the small book and pen from his clothes pocket to signal Lu Tianming also sat down.Next, take out the laptop from the bag and open it.

"Well, talk about your views on the cooperation between our two factories." Wei Shumin didn't mention the half -sentence private affairs, and opening the door to see the mountain is work.

"That's it. We have recently revitalized the capital of the Chenguang Factory, but we turned to profit. You also know that most of the raw materials of the mechanical factory are various metal materials, which are especially steel.I want to establish a long -term cooperation mechanism with the Red Flag Steel Factory, just like in the 1980s, you supply raw materials, we process and produce, export foreign exchange to achieve a win -win situation ... "Lu Tianming talked aboutMake records.

"We can supply ordinary steel, but special steel is not available, and it is not technically achieved. If the amount you need is relatively large, the Red Flag Factory cannot be supplied. The Hongqi Factory is no longer the year of the year.The large manufacturer of millions of tons of steel is now tight. As small and medium -sized steel companies, it is difficult for us to buy iron ore. Only by acquiring scrap iron to make steel, the supply of coke is becoming increasingly tense.The difficulty of avoiding. "Wei Shumin put down his pen and said, there was a trace of sadness between the eyebrows, but it was well covered.

"As far as I know, why does the Hongqi factory have their own iron ore, coal mines, and coking factory, why is it limited in raw materials?" Lu Tianming asked.

"That's all the old yellow calendar. The mine and the coking factory have long been stripped from the Red Flag Factory. Now it is controlled by Xuanwu Group and belongs to a private enterprise. This is the result of the reorganization a few years ago.We were happy to be happy, and they were taken away valuable, and they were kicked away without worthy. Now the Red Flag Factory can only maintain their livelihoods. There are too many workers in the factory.It is the difficulties we face, and it is difficult to overcome the difficulties. "

Wei Shumin said the difficulty of the Red Flag Factory without reservation.Fund? "

Wei Shumin smiled bitterly:" Astronomical figures, it cannot be estimated, how many years of the slogan of investment reorganization, the worse the group, the worse, the workers are afraid of the two words. Now we can do it. Now we can do it.It is a small step, and you work hard. First fill your stomach full and then mention other things. "

Lu Tianming nodded:" Understand, now injection and reorganization are not the most important thing for Hongqi Factory.What you need is not fish, but fishing rods. "

" Yes, workers have a resistance to any capital injection and reorganization of changing state -owned enterprises. This is also the evil result caused by the last reorganization. WeThe mine and the coking factory disappear like the magic. The factory did not get a penny in the factory."Speaking of which, Wei Shumin sighed deeply.

"But the blind resistance is wrong. If you want to activate the old business, you must reorganize!" Liu Ziguang, who had never been talking, suddenly chased.

Now Wei Shumin guesses Liu Ziguang's true identity. He must be Lu Tianming's assistant, and he is a high student of graduation, because his entrepreneur's aura is not worse than Lu Tian Ming.

"I want to talk to the factory director of your factory. Of course, I represent the Chenguang Machinery Factory." Lu Tianming said.

Just when Sister Ma pushed in the door, she laughed dumbly: "We are always the head of the Red Flag Factory."

Lu Tianming was shocked, Wei Shumin smiled subtlely: "Go onThe executive deputy general manager of Hongqi Iron and Steel Group was appointed on the week, and I didn't have time to inform you, I'm sorry. "

" That General Manager? "
" Lao Fu, the original chief accountant,He can't do it. I will care for the disease in the provincial capital. The family is staying at home. "Wei Shumin said easily, but Lu Tianming could imagine the burden on her shoulders.It is also even more troublesome. If you do n’t see your own eyes, it ’s really hard to imagine that the gentle and shy young female technicians used to become a fierce and popular corporate boss.

"Shumin ... How did you have lived in these years?" Lu Tianding still revealed his true feelings, his eyes were full of pity and sadness.

"The days are like this, and you will come over as soon as you cook it." Bi Shumin stood in front of the window holding his arms, the sky was densely clouded, and a pair of mountain rain came.

"My daughter is growing up, I don't need to worry, eat and live in the factory every day, watch the steel water of the furnace and one furnace, and watch the workers' joy after opening the capital, I feel that I live in my life.Don't lose. How about you, Lao Lu? "

" I, after a lifetime soldier, I finally returned to the place.Br> "I heard that Chenguang Factory was led by a new factory director, glowing his life, and I thought who it was. I didn't expect it to be you. If your father is in the heavens, it will be very happy."

The two began to narrate the old, and Liu Ziguang was a little embarrassed. As soon as it was pushed out, Sister Ma came in again.Can't you come out, what do you do? "

Wei Shumin sneered:" I know they will come to this trick, this group of worms, buy Tongmen Guard and Passor, mix bricks into the scrap ironThe stone tile block has caused a great economic loss for our factory for several years. Now it has broken their wealth and jumped the wall in a hurry. Hum, how can I call the police station. "

When you talk about it, take out your phone and start contacting the police. A few phone calls are made. The situation does not seem to be wonderful. At this time, Wuyun has shrouded the head, the wind and the rain are pouring down, and the rainy of the bean is hitting the white flowers outside the outside.The car's alarm also rang, and the two windows in front of Wei Shumin were whispering by the wind, but she still stood still and let the storms.

"What, let me let people go! They don't care about the fighting and troubles, we have the right control in the factory area, what is the reason!" Wei Shumin hung up the phone angrily, obviously communicated with the police.It is not very smooth.

"Sister Ma, called to let the defending department let people go." Wei Shumin whispered, the strong woman had to bow her head in front of the wind and rain.

"This group of hooligans, let go of it next time." Sister Ma grunted dissatisfied, turned to call, but was stopped by Liu Ziguang: "Wait a minute, Mr. Wei, I compare it against the underworld. I compare it.With experience, let me try it. "

" Oh, what do you need to assist? "Wei Shumin's eyes ignited the light of hope.

Liu Ziguang waved his hand and signaled that he didn't need anything. He pulled out Zhuoli from his pocket: "Director Zhuo Ke, the brothers are difficult, and our Chen Guang Militarian camp should also pull out."