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Late the word on the road, all squatting on the side of the road with red upper body, stabbing the dragon and painting tiger, and shaving their bald heads everywhere. Many of them are teenagers in their ten -year -old.There was also a wooden stick...COM

The main factory area of the Red Flag Steel Factory is located in the suburbs. It is the most chaotic urban -rural combination nearby. It is mixed with fish and dragons. Due to historical reasons, the dogs of the three police stations are staggered.There is no entertainment place with plenty of oil and water here, so no one is willing to manage it.

The person who came to make troubles is the land that lives nearby. As the saying goes, they eat mountains and water to eat water. They rely on the steel factory to eat this piece naturally. Don't look at the red flag steel factory.The poor wages can't pay, but the thin camel is larger than the horse, and you can change the wine to drink a little bit more.In sale, they raised a batch of handles and monopolized this business. No matter who sent the scrap iron, they would be stuck by them. The Hongqi Factory and the local police station hit several times and cure the standard. This tumor has been dragged to Wei Shumin to take office.

Lu Tianming and Liu Ziguang came very well this time. They are encountering Wei Shumin and this gang of ground showdown. Don't look at Mr. Wei Yisuyin's female stream, but the prestige in the factory is very high.The young man served him. This time, in order to completely clean up the Tieba, Wei Shumin organized 50 young workers to repatriate the repatriation of the Health Section.

The road after the rain is muddy, water pits and quagmires are everywhere. Hundreds of small land stunned the factory door tightly.Putting people, the north gate of the Hongqi Factory has been closed, and dozens of workers are waiting for them. The two sides are confronted like this, and they can't hold back.

Wei Shumin stood in the transmission room, pointing to the few black cars parked on the opposite road and said, "They are leading. This guy is called Du Zhonghe.The theft was fired, and later he began to send the scrap iron to the factory. It was getting bigger and bigger. It is said that there are millions of people now. Many people envy him, admire him, and treat him as an idol. "

Du ZhongThe river did not show up, but just asked his men to take a Jin Nanjing out, and the cigarettes were dismantled in public.>
Liu Ziguang secretly stabbed Lu Tianming, Lu Tianming meant, and said with a dry cough: "Xiao Liu, take out our cigarettes."

Liu Ziguang promisedAfter taking three soft China, it was also dismantled and developed to the workers in public. As a result, the cheers here were even better, and they immediately pressed the opposite side.

After a while, everyone saw a man wearing a white silk Tang costume out of the car, walked over by the bodyguard, looked at the road across the road, and sipped it on the ground first.Then I took off my sunglasses and said, "I fucking no matter who the Red Flag Factory is, the one who deducts me will immediately let me put it!, See one by one, right with my surname Du! Fuck! "

Throwing out a cigarette on his mouth, immediately reached over the lighter to help Du boss ignite, and suddenly half of the factory flew out of the factory.The brick is in the mud pit at the foot of Du Boss, and a snoring sound splashed countless black mud, and the white chip Tangtang costumes suddenly became a camouflage suit. Du Boss also stained some mud on his face. The image of the boss immediately collapsed.The puppets were noisy, waved their sticks and screamed, and they were surprised that the workers in the factory were nervous.

Du Boss's face was white for a while, but he did not get out of public, but just lost his smoke and returned to the car with cold face.

"There is still a little city in the dog day, but he is at this level." Liu Ziguang said disregarding that the half brick was smashed by him, just to see the other person's portion.

Du Zhonghe did not appear again in the car, and there were still people who continued to arrive in one after another.Those with scrap iron have coal, which have been stretched for one kilometer, and the air -load trucks in the factory cannot be drove out. If this phenomenon continues, it must be unfavorable to the Red Flag Factory.

"Lao Lu, when will the reinforcements arrive?" Wei Shumin looked at the watch, it seemed a little anxious. On her wrist, there was an old Zhongshan brand 17 diamond -kun watch, and the dial was a bit yellow.Some years.

Lu Tianming also looked at the watch on the wrist and replied: "If you don't have a traffic jam, there is still five minutes." Wei Shumin heard him chin and looked at him. He happened to see the same.The brand of Zhongshan brand with the same style of the brand couldn't help sighing.

Suddenly, I saw more than ten cars driving in the distance. The head was a few luxurious off -road vehicles, the license plate was covered, and four large characters were attached to the defense exercise.Camouflage tunnels, the team stopped at the north gate, the harsh brake sounds came one after another, and then saw the tarpaulin opening, Hulai jumped down, all wearing the blue strong wearing camouflage helmets, big leather boots without scruples without scruples.Stepping on the mud water, the militians queue up at the factory gate, and the equipment kept sending it off the car.The words of the militia thought it was the displacement of the Riot Armed Police.

The voices of the militians a little righteous and reported. Comrade Zhuo Lili, the chief of the defending section of the Chenguang Factory, also jumped off the car. A tall man beside him was Meng Zhiqiu, holding a roll in his hand, and he held a roll in his hand.The banner that got up, climbed up to the truck cabin three or two, and spread the banner to fluttering. The five large characters on the bright red flag were extremely eye -catching: Chenuang Militarian Camp!

"Well, look at the many formal, full sets of equipment in the Machanguang Factory."

"That is, people have money."

In the age, the militia camp of our Hongqi Factory was not worse than them. Our factory defended the Kokang class with machine guns. Even the US emperor was not afraid, and he was afraid of these little bitch."Well, what is the old yellow calendar, we can not be bullied now."

The workers of the Red Flag Factory talked about it, and the eyebrows were full of excitement. The Chenguang Plant and the Hongqi Factory for many years have been brothers.But it is still a brother who is thicker than the water, especially now, there are few old state -owned enterprises, and the preciousness of this kind of friendship.

Father and son soldiers, fight tiger brothers!

Wei Shumin immediately ordered: "Open the factory door, attack!"

The heavy iron door was pushed away, and the workers of the Red Flag Factory poured out, and they together with the militia of Chenuang Factory, and the momentum increased greatly, especially the red flag hunting.Sight the gangsters who have never seen the world.

Mom, is this going to fight or?The banner of the camp, I will understand at that time, it must be the eyes who can't open the eyes, or the Eryge of Zhuo Erye is not good at flattering people. When you encounter this kind of thing, the best way is to get the oil on the soles of your feet and quickly slip away., Wait for the two brothers to talk to people again in the past, and apologize to apologize to make this matter, otherwise the life is too bold and unhappy.

But the news of the rogue in the urban -rural binding department is relatively blocked,These soil strips live in their own small circles all day, thinking that they will be bullish to the sky when they think that they know the deputy director of several policemen.> So, these gangsters who are not open -minded actually rely on their own people and did not go.

"Both are sent to me, don't let go of one."Liu Ziguang followed the Hongqi Factory's brigade to go out of the factory door and drank at Zhuoli.

" I still want to leave, how can it be so easy."Zhuo Li's eyes swept around and saw Du Zhonghe's car. A finger in his right hand, a few militias went up, surrounded the car group, knocked on the window, signaled that Boss Du got out of the car.. At this time, the boss Du's men had been surrounded by division, and he could not help reinforce the boss. He had to shook the window and glanced at it coldly. He asked, "Where do you mix?Do you know who this is?"

Zhuo Li opened the door and grabbed Du Boss's collar and dragged him out., Lao Tzu was from the Defense Division of the Chenuang Factory. He also his mother's site is the place of the common-production-party site. You tell me this!"

Boss Du has come out for so many years, and hasn't seen such a ruthless role, and he will fight when you come up. He will not give you the opportunity to talk about it. He is beaten.There are also a few teeth that have been loose, and the two cheeks are swollen, and the words are not good.

The clearance work continues, and the militians are already very subtle.It has a large lethal weapon, but professional equipment such as riot shields, rubber sticks, emergency sticks, etc. In fact, there are only half of the real workers in these militians, and half of them are the rivers and lakes who follow Zhuo Libei.That is, the experts at home, just practicing the enemy's fist and combination stick method at the playground of the Chenuang Factory to deal with a lot of hands to deal with a hundred and ten little bites.I ca n’t do so sharply. Within ten minutes, the hooligans who blocked the doors were arrested.B b.

Boss Du was hung on the door of the factory, with blood and tears nose, and there was a little bit of the boss.

The crisis was basically over, the police car came, and the police car came.Late, a few police officers from the local police station got out of the car. They looked at the scene in surprise and came over to the head of the fat police officer, "How to make trouble."

The older police officer walked over while hitting his mobile phone, walked to the door to put away the phone, and frowned:" Put it! ""

Wei Shumin said:" Director Zhang, the rogue blocked the door has happened more than once, and I also reflected it more than once. This criminal act has caused great economic losses to our factory.I hope you can take care of it."

Director Zhang was angered, and said in an inexplicable tone:" Put me me! ""

" Who are you tm?How to speak for the leaders, and let you go, what level of the factory director of the Hongqi Factory and what level are you?Do you understand the rules!"Zhuo Li squeezed it with a murderous manner, and scolded the sound of evil.