7 4 5 kan cheng bai ren sheng hao mai

The Hongqi sedan, the city meeting never dropped. It was the authentic minister -level cadre, and the mayor of the mayor of the Municipal Party Committee sat on the same way.He rushed over and trained like the third grandson.

In that year, Hongqi Iron and Steel Factory, like Chenguang Machinery Factory, has huge institutions. The cafeteria school kindergarten cinema is all available. The living area is like a small city. Due to too many people, there are specially set up special specialties in the factory area.There are dozens of public security personnel directly served the Hongqi Factory at the police station in the factory. At that time, the factory was full of wealth, and the police station was equipped with the Yangtze River 750 shoulder motorcycle.The illegal elements, the factory living area basically does not pick up the remains, and does not close the households at night.

At that time, the workers in the factory were also powerful. When others paid 20 to 30 yuan, they took 300 yuan. They ate at home for three days.After the factory was responsible for the cafeteria master who bought the vegetable field, the welcome degree is almost the same as the welcoming Prince Sihanouk's visit to China. Why, because the family's wealth is rough, and the pork has never been cut, only to buy the fan.

At that time, the workers' class bosses of the steel plant were proud of the sky, only to go to the department store building, and the family must have three turns and one ring.The farmers around the factory area are looking down on the farmers around the factory area.

Today, the situation is completely reversed. The Red Flag Steel Factory is reduced to a famous mess in the province. No one wants to take over the hot potato.The city leaders are deeply disliked about this kind of frequent bankruptcy enterprise that pulls the local GDP index, and it is not clear. Even the deputy mayor in charge of the industry cannot come to the Red Flag Factory for two times in a year.

Who is the family of such a rotten stall company, who will give a good look, let alone the local police station, even the villagers dare not dare you.The feeling of abandonment of society.

Fortunately, the wave of the market economy did not completely break down the factory, but left the opportunity to re -lead them. After the excellent assets were stripped, the greedy eyes finally left the Red Flag Factory and could not catch it.The leaders of the oil and water have also been transferred. The cadres who really love the factory have embarked on the post of leadership, leading everyone to work hard, and relying on the acquisition of scrap iron to make steel. Just when I saw the dawn of dawn, someone came to make trouble.Workers can not be angry.

Zhuo Li said in a word to crooked Director Zhang's nose. His fingers almost reached Zhuo Li's head: "Which unit are you? What are you leading?"

Zhuo LiProudly said: "I am the Defense Division of Chenguang Machinery Factory. My name is Zhuoli, oh, do you want to catch me?"

"You!" Zhang's eyes stared, but the good man didn't eat it.Lost in front of them, dozens of armed militias who have been pulled out, and several of your co -police officers still want to hit stones with eggs.

"Okay, you wait." Zhang Huan left a word, turned around, but was shouted by Liu Ziguang: "Stand!"
Zhang Swa turned back: "You call me me

"Yes, I call you, how long did you come from the alarm to now? What is the relationship between you and Du Zhonghe? Why do you not come to the police in the factory?Come here? "Liu Ziguang raised a mobile phone and asked, apparently, it was Du Boss's phone.

Director Zhang's eyebrows were erected: "Who are you? Who will give you power to investigate me?"

"StepWork permit: "For the city bureau, don't go, the inspector is coming soon. Today you don't explain the problem clearly today, just wait for the hat to pick the hat."

Come here, in fact, his relationship with Du Zhonghe is just average, but it is just a pan -to -expel of the year after receiving a few good smokes and a few bottles of cigarettes, but it belongs to the general turn, but he is afraid of serious things.In order to investigate, these are troublesome.

Zhang's thoughts and thought, no, I didn't hear that the Hongqi Factory had a strong relationship in the municipal bureau. This person was afraid that it would be a fake policeman who flickered me, so he calmly asked the other party: "Let's take itTake a look at your work permit. "

Liu Ziguang disdain the work certificate and reported a number at the same time, saying," You call Song Jianfeng directly, he will tell you if I really still orFake. "

No need to call to verify, a inspector police car flashed with red and blue burst, and the people of the Municipal Bureau's inspector brigade arrived.Inspecting the badge of the chest, he meticulously checked the documents of Zhang Sheng and Liu Ziguang, accepted the complaint from the Red Flag Factory, and then took the dying Zhang Sheng to the police car away. As for the boss Du hanging at the door of the factory, he was lying on the mud pit and he was lying on the mud pit.The captives, the inspectors ignored it at all. They were police officers in charge of the police, and public security cases ignored it.

"Boss, what do these Wang Bayao do?" Zhuo Li asked the captives in the mud.

"Do you still want to keep them for dinner, and don't fight, just get out of the time." Liu Ziguang said indifferently.

Zhuoli nodded, climbed up the truck and shouted: "Tm tm raised his head and saw it clearly. Lao Tzu is the excellent power of Gao Tupo. If I see you in the red flag again,The factory entrance was gone, and I saw it once, and I got up for me, rolled! "

This roll, shouting magnificent, the small diet was originally shouted by my friend's friends to fight soy sauce.Many people still put the game from the Internet cafes. How can they carry this group of wolf -like militia. When they heard the sound, they immediately got up and disappeared.

As for the backbone of the boss Du and the first batch of caught, it was not so lucky. After Liu Ziguang sought Wei Shumin's opinion, Liu Ziguang accepted the soldiers into the factory and found a abandoned workshop to repair these guys.

The groceries who were swollen and swollen into the workshop one by one, they saw a bunch of people in front of them.Their faction must be the same in the city.

Zhuo Li sat on the table full of dust holding cigarettes, looking at the bangs, and said coldly: "I just say a word, who dares to give the Red Flag Factory to trouble, it is to go with meI ca n’t say it, I wo n’t say more, each person fade the skin, throw it out. ”

Then I threw the cigarette butt out, and there was a ghost crying behind me.


If according to the general opinion of Wei, as long as he sends the scrap iron honestly in the future, can you not give them a meal, but when you meet Zhuo Li, a ruthless guy,How can it give people a living way? Du Zhonghe was just a gangster that was not in the flow. After experiencing this blow, he could get up.

After experiencing this struggle, the cadres and employees of the Hongqi Factory admired the President Wei. At the same time, they were also grateful to the Chenguang Factory of the Brother Unit.Taking advantage of the big houses of the two parties, the chairman of the trade union of Hongqi Factory proposed to have a joint wine party in the auditorium. General Wei immediately made a big wave and approved.

The dish is a large pot of the cafeteria. The wine is a cheap beer wholesale outside. The workers of the two factories are like the 1980s.

Although everyone is not prepared, the Heat of the Lianxian meeting is still held. President Wei sang the old song "On the field of hopeThe "Head Head Come againFollow up.

All the honors yesterday have become distant memories.

The hard work has spent half of his life, and he has entered the storm again tonight.

I can't sink with the waves, for my loved ones.

No matter how difficult it is, it must be strong, just for those looking forward.

If the heart is in the dream, there is still true love between heaven and earth.

Seeing whether to become a defeat, life is bold, just come again from scratch.

The rain outside the window came down again, and the leak -full bold singing came out of the auditorium that had been disappointed for a long time, and it sounded through the sky.