di wu bai wu shi liu zhang ni gan xin me

Although the Demon King is at ease.But in the face of this holy -level body collision, he didn't dare to care too much.With a wave of his right hand, he had already patted the tail of the Dan Yan Holy Fire Dragon.At this time, Ji Shi has risen from the dragon's faucet of Dan Yan. It is just a moment after Dasan's hammer.

Cooperation, the cooperation between people and the dragon is a lot of it.Just like the fire demon king to suppress him with the magic power far exceeded Ji.Ji Shi also knows where his advantages are.The power of the soul is not without the fusion of Chen Sixuan, and it must not pose a threat to the other party.Well, the most closest to the Demon King is naturally the holy body.Although it is the physical strength of the holy level, it is also a holy level!It is much smaller than the gap between the magic power of the eight crowns and the high -level magic power of others.Therefore, in the past, he can be said to use the best means, and he must be closer to the fire demon king.He has to repeat what Akin has done, but don't forget that Ji Shi is not Ajin.On the skills of close -up attacks, Akin must be the strongest among the saints of the Tiangan, but if you want to discuss the power of close attack, who can compare with Ji Kimong, who has the sixth realm?

Boom--.The Demon King is really powerful. A tail hammer that Dan Yan Shenghuo Dragon went all out and collided with his right palm.Back, the body rotates in the air for a week before stabilizing.It did not take advantage at all.However, its goal has been achieved.Because there is Ji Shi after it.

Moutai, Wuliangye, and Ji Qi are connected, or even the connection between the soul. With the same connection with the heart, it can make it perfect to implement Ji's plan.

The moment the dragon tail collided with the right palm of the Dragon Tail, Ji Shi's fist had arrived.What he wants is such a time difference.The Demon King had just retired from the Dayan Shenghuo Dragon, and was in the state of his own power output. After that, he was unprepared. At this time, Ji Dong's fist arrived, and the grasp of the fighter was perfect.

The Fire Demon King's cooperation with Ji Shi and Dan Yan Fire Dragon couldn't help but praise, but he didn't think it was useful.Even if I just fight hard with the dragon with the two heads, I am a high -level high -level strong. Except for the power of the soul, the body and magic are all at this level.Even if it consumes part, it is not what Ji Shi can compare.

Facts have proved that the underestimated opponent's opponent paid the price.The palm of the fiery king of Ji was double punch.The dark left fist and the brilliant right fist.

When the fist collided with the right palm of the fire demon king, the Demon King had already felt bad. He was indeed the first strongest in the world's current world. In this case, he could still make it.reaction.The huge palm fluctuated suddenly, and limited the magic injection injected by Ji Xun as much as possible on the edge of the palm.This is already the limit it can do now.But.After all, his movement was still one step later. The magic in Ji Yong's fists was still injected into the right palm of the fire demon king.

In such a short period of time, and before, Ji Shi paid so much to rush to the Fire Demon King.It has achieved extremes.Among the double punch of his palm of the Demon King, he naturally launched an attack with the way of destroying the gods.However, this is also the first time that Ji Dong used the nirvana to kill God.In the left and right double punch, the compression of the seal is the most good at the dark demon king's nirvana and the flame king king's killing skills.

You don't have to know the mystery of the fusion of yin and yang. Well, let me let you taste it first.

Don't forget that Ji Shi is also a holy physique, and his fists are up, and his power has been improved to the extreme.He did what the Dayan Shenghuolong did before, and he did it.It was just raised the right palm of the fire demon king who had not arrived.The next moment, on the right palm of the fire demon king, the light has changed dramatically.

The severe roar, so it sounded on the right palm of the fire demon king, in the loud noise.The horrible magic fluctuations rose to the sky. Above the right palm of the fire demon king, the light and black double -colored light burned and exploded at the same time.In the air, it becomes a Tai Chi pattern, which looks magnificent and weird.

A roar rang from the mouth of the fire demon king. His left palm was shot fiercely, and there was no reservation.out.

However, Ji Shi and his Dan Yan Shenghuo Dragon are obviously ready.When the fire demon king swept over with a huge magic but aimlessly, Ji Shi had recovered the space of Danan Holy Fire Dragon as soon as possible to reduce the area of stress, and he himself curled up into a ball.Both wings behind the back were wrapped in the body, so with the strong magic impact, they flew out from a distance.

The Demon King is also the ultimate double fire. The attributes cannot hurt Ji Shi. Although his magic power is huge, he is also very scattered.It was impossible.

Those who originally watched the battle below, the attention was put on three battles respectively.With the power of the soul of the King of Huoling, after the redness of the soul, after Hongya made them not see the situation, the attention was cast on both sides.But at this moment, almost all the eyes of the strong strong strong are solidified.Cooring the right palm raised height, and the fiery demon king shining on it was shining on it.

The core elder of a flame Holy religion whispered to another elder around him: "The Demon King seems to be injured. This ..."
"**, that really isHumans? And the magic is still so weak, how did he do it? It seems that those guys were not wronged just now. Oh my god! In the face of Lord Fire Devil, it was not him who was the first to be injured.Do you dare to believe it? "

The conversation between the two core elders can be said to say the voices of the vast majority of the strong people, yeah!Ji Shi can take the lead in creating wounded Demon King, who can think of this?Who dares to believe it?However, the facts are in front of them, and they can't tolerate them.

Of course, they don't know, and now Ji Shi is not uncomfortable.In the previous blow, he can be said to be exhausted. Whether it is his own play, or the brief cooperation with the Dan Yan Sheng Fire Dragon, it is already a super -level play.What's more, he has been under tremendous pressure brought by the Demon King from beginning to end!

In fact, Ji Shi's plan is not fulfilled. In his plan, this round of attacks are not here.Ji Shi's way of fighting is to instantly erupt to defeat the opponent.He had endless recruitment.However, the Demon King is too powerful. During the entire process of the previous process, Ji Tomong consumed too much effort, so that after he captured the sun and the ice of the sun and the icing in the body of the fire demon king, he formed the outbreak of the sun and the moon in the body.He himself was weak, and he couldn't continue to compete.Only temporarily retreat.and.All of this was still based on the contempt of the fire demon king.

Therefore, although the fire demon king was injured, Ji Shi, who had retreated from a distance, did not show any excitement. On the contrary, he now has a dignified face.Such an opportunity will definitely not give him a second time, and his hitting damage to the Demon King is also extremely limited.Ji Shi was very clear that under the limit reaction of the Demon King, the destroyer just sent the two nirvana into his palm, and it had been detonated without deepening.The injured was just the right palm of the Demon King.

Compared with the strict array of Ji Shi.The Demon King was extremely shocked and angry. He couldn't think of it, and he would be injured in the hands of such a weak human.If it wasn't for the magic of the gods, with Ji's magic, even if he stood there to let Ji Dong attack himself, it would not necessarily hurt.The overbearing destroyed god strike, the sun and the moon and the moon and the moon, which instantly, brought the extreme shock of the fire demon king.No matter how unwilling he is to admit, he also understands that he still underestimates the youth.He does have the strength that can hurt his own!

In addition to their side, the battle on both sides is still continuing. No one knows the battle between the King of Fire Ling and the Red House, but the King of Fire Lotus is already an overwhelming advantage to the Holy Fire Demon.The holy -grade fire demon is being supported by hardships. It can only be passive defense, and it is becoming more and more difficult. After all, the strength gap between the two sides is there, although he has released all his holy level strength, but the Lotus Lotus hasWang's attacking method of attacking, extremely powerful magic and soul power, suppressed that he had no chance to breathe.He didn't even know how he could support it.

The Holy Fire Demon can't care about the form of the observation field. I don't know the situation of the battle of Ji Tong and the Demon King, but King Huo Lian has always been concerned about this.Monitor the battle of Ji Tong and the Demon King.Ji Shi is the lover of the flames. In any case, she can't let the Demon King kill Ji Shi.When she saw that the Demon King was injured by Ji Shi, she couldn't help but stunned, and even the offensive on her hand slowly slowed for half, causing the holy -grade Fire Demon to breathe slightly.

He even hurt the Demon King?This shock does not have to have less fire demon king himself for the Lotus King. She is opposed to the fire demon king, and it is natural to understand the strength of the Demon Demon King.Not to mention that Ji Mao's magic power is less than nine crowns, even if it is changed, it is not easy to hurt the Demon King.Sister, how do you train a monster!

"You even hurt me." The Demon King roared angrily, although he was also a fire attribute.But with such a heavy blow, at this moment, his right hand was completely numb.Temporarily loses the combat effectiveness.Ji Shi didn't know that the most powerful ability of the Demon King was mainly concentrated in these two hands.He accidentally injured the right hand of the Demon King, and suddenly had a certain restriction on the strength of the Demon King.

Ji Shi's blow just now is definitely thoughtful. After coming to the world of the heart, he knows that he must face the strong strong strong strong in the future.Especially after learning about the existence of these three holy strong men, he thought, how can he traumatally traumatic and even defeat these sacred strong men?

Every day, I finally found the final destination when the two elements were exhibited in the previous two elements.At that moment, Ji Shi was close to the fire demon king. His most powerful attack should be the sword of Vulcan. With his current cultivation, he also has the ability to condense the power of the sword of Vulcan in his fist.Above, bombarded through the god of destroy.If on the surface world, such attacks will undoubtedly have greater power, much larger than entering the opponent's body.

However, this is the world of heart. Every strong man in the heart world has the ability of fire attributes. The fire and magic in their bodies are deeper than themselves.Such a special characteristics have changed the choice of Jiqian's attack.

That's right, the super killing skill of the sun and the moon, and the yin and yang are integrated, and then the sun cone and You Yingbing collide with the collision.However, it must be noted that the collision between the sun cone and You Yingbing just guide this super killing technique to explode power.With the current cultivation of Ji Shi, this day and moon are a high -end super -murderous technique.Therefore, if Ji Shi showed it outside the outside world, during the process of exhibition, this super killing skill would devour the great magic of Ji Kim.Perfectly exhibited to reach the level of high -level superbill skills.This is still a series of increased growth rates such as Tai Chi magic domain and aggregation.After all, his magic is far from high -level superb skills.Although the full power of the sun and the moon, although it does not say that the magic power of Ji Kimong is not said, it will not be too much to give him the remaining.This is why Ji Shi did not use super kill skills in the battle as much as possible, and it was too much consumption.

But his current opponent is the fire demon king. When Ji Dong bombarded these two nirvana in the way of destroying the magic king, he cut off himself with these twoThe connection between skills.After the Yangyang cone collides with You Yanbing, naturally, it will not affect the guidance of the sun, moon, and moon.If it is done in the outside world, it will definitely make this super killing skill unable to complete because of no subsequent magic support.However, where they broke out at this time, it was the fire demon king.Without the element of the fire element provided by Ji Shi, is it not yet absorbed by the fire element provided by the Demon King?

So, this is equivalent to the sun, moon and the moon, which is equivalent to the high -level superbill skills, and it is formed by absorbing the magic of the Demon King.

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