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It is a firearm using a muffler, and the other party is likely to be a professional killer...Com

Liu Ziguang stepped on the brakes, Phaeton stopped the tail, and the two doors in the front bounced at the same time. While the sniper was confused, Liu Ziguang rushed out of the co -pilot's position.The moment he just disappeared in the flower bed, there was a group of smoke on the ground near the door. If Liu Ziguang's movement was slightly slower for half a second, the bullet would hit his body fiercely.

The flower bed is a one -meter -high shrub, and there are tall sycamore trees next to it. Although the winter trees are asked in winter, holding a D80 army knife in hand, randomly cut the newspaper into a piece of one.The killer knew that the knife was also searched from himself.

"I lost my hand, I recognized it, if my brother was uncomfortable, give it a happy thing, it is sooner or later, it is a matter of time.Can't say. "The killer said bachelor.

"! You are pretty professional, I think you have never been beaten!" A thick man came next to it, raised his slap and pumped it.The kinxar, a sweet and sweet mouth, he spit a sip of blood, and said with a smile, "The buddy is very strong. After practicing, you have to solve my rope and see who is amazing."

The thick man is exactly the excellence. He sneered with his arms: "The kid is quite kind, but the brain is not very good. Do you think I can let you go? Even our boss dares to move.I think you are alive. "

The killer smiled:" What the boss is not the boss is the same, kill the money, and die when you shoot. "
" Pap "Zhuo Zhuo ZhuoLi was slapped again, and he hit the killer's mouth and nose bleeding. He didn't understand his breath. He turned around and pulled out the hot fire red fire chopsticks from the stove and said, "Don't say, let you taste this."
The fire chopsticks were hot on the body, squeaking, and a flavor of the flesh was burnt. The killer did not say a word., I still have the strength to tease: "This meat is very fragrant, that is, almost cumin and pepper noodles."

Liu Ziguang and Bei Xiaoshuai looked at each other, and the eyes were full of appreciation.This kid is very planted, Liu Ziguang picked up his ID card: "Su Qingfeng, this is your pseudonym, let's ask you to follow Su Qingfeng. You follow professional ethics and never disclose the name of the customer. I respect you.Decisions, but you hit me two shots, this account can not just count it. Now I give you two options. One is to bring a gun to the Public Security Bureau, and the other is to kill you quietly., Pick it yourself. "

Su Qingfeng was originally tilted, his mouth and nose dripping blood. After hearing this passage, he sat straight and shook his hair and said," You stillKill me. I ca n’t eat the meal in the detention center, and I do n’t want to be headshot. I do n’t have the dead body. "

" OK, just follow you. "Liu Ziguang wiped out the cigarette butt and laughed.

The killer was packed in a cannabis bag, stuffed into the trunk of the car, and took the night when he opened hundreds of kilometers, and finally came to a deserted wild. Su Qingfeng was dragged out and pressed on the railroad trackLooking back at the night sky, the starry sky in the suburbs is particularly clear, the Yuelang stars are sparse, the cold wind is piercing, and the snow is beside the rails a long time ago, mixed with the yellow weeds, it is even more desolate.

Su Qingfeng was pressed on the railway. Liu Ziguang and the three of them were not in a hurry to leave. They ordered the cigarette and sat next to the train while chatting.

"Hey, smoke the root cigarette." The person lying on the railway said.

"Break into two sections soon, oh no, it's four, what cigarette?" Bei Xiaoshuai cursed.

"Give him." Liu Ziguang said.

Zhuoli lit a cigarette, stuffed it into Su Qingfeng's mouth, and said, "I regret it now."

The killer smoked two cigarettes, crooked his head and rushed to be small.The handsome said: "Obviously break into three sections, your primary school mathematics teacher dies early."

Bei Xiaoshuai calculated with his fingers, it was really broken into three sections.To hit someone, he was pulled by Liu Ziguang: "Wait, the train is here."

The train really comes, sitting on the road base can feel trembRemove it, block his mouth with a broken towel, and take out a black hood and say, "Buddy, it's time to get on the road, don't send it."

The moment he was put on the hood, Liu ZiguangI found out that there was a trace of fear and nostalgia in the killer's eyes, but he still didn't ask for mercy.

Su Qingfeng put on a hood, his neck was resting on the cold rails, and his hands and feet were tied up and could not move.Survival made him struggling desperately, hoping to be seen by the train driver, but these were futile. The train did not slow down. The roar rushed over, getting closer and closer.

Finally, the train came. At that moment, Su Qingfeng knew nothing. He could only feel burning, shuddering, and pain.He dragged it from the railway, took off his hood, took out the litter towel, and picked the tie rope with a knife.

"Look at you as a man, forgive you a life, hold your bread, roll it." Bei Xiaoshuai threw the black fishing gear bag over., Get on the car.

Kill the fishing gear bag, take out the semi -automatic rifle and bullet from the inside, quickly pull the gun, press the bullet in, and aiming at the car to aim at the car and drink: "Don't move!"

> The car was just launched. The three turned back together and looked at Su Qingfeng, holding the rifle under the moonlight, Liu Ziguang sprayed a cigarette and asked, "What is it?"

"Thank you! I owe you a life."Su Qingfeng put away the rifle and said.

Liu Ziguang threw off the cigarette roll and patted Bai Xiaoshuai: "Go."

The car drove away, and the tranquility was restored again.For a while, I found a big tree nearby and dug it with a saber. When the fish belly was white in the east, the rifle that was removed into parts was buried one after another.Wipe the sweat on the forehead and look at the empty fisheries bag of empty, they are really embarrassed, and they did not leave them for a penny.

The sound of the whistle in the distance rose again, and the trucks from the south came to the south. Su Qingfeng jumped up and jumped into a carriage filled with coal.


"Brother Guang, who do you think is hired by the killer?" Bei Xiaoshuai put a rifle in his hand and asked casually.

"Who else can there be, Yan Jinlong is a dead ghost." Zhuo Li said.

"The second brother, you are terrible, you will answer it. Yan Jinlong is dead. Where can I hire the killer?road.

"I heard that the killer in the south has very professional ethics. If you collect money, you will do things, and you will never disclose the customer's information. Of course, they all have agents.Customers, so I may not know who hired himself. "Liu Ziguang explained slowly.

"As for the problem of payment, although Yan Jinlong was dead, his wife and son were still there. The thin camel is bigger than the horse. The money of their family can still be taken out."

> "To say that, it's quite scary. I don't know who I offended one day. I was done by the killer accidentally.Zhuo Li said.

"The guy is secondary, what can really protect him is identity." Liu Ziguang said.

Bei Xiaoshuai and Zhuoli were smoking thoughtfully, and the dusty cars continued to drive towards the Jiangbei District. Behind them, a round of red sun rose.