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There will be more and more troubles, and some irreconcilable contradictions must be killed in pain. At that time, they could not use their own people...COM

So Liu Ziguang will look like a new person outside, and this incident does not tell anyone. This mysterious foreign man is a secret weapon held by Liu Ziguang's hands.

Since the fell into the golden brilliant, the fame of the four heavenly kings of Gao soil is really launched in Jiangbei City. Although it was also good to play before, it can only be limited to the southern district. Now the reputation is prominent.The underworld knows the names of the four people, and there are more younger brothers under their hands. There are more mouths of eating. A Huaqingchi cannot provide so much jobs, so Zhuoli puts his eyes on the brilliant site of Jin Bi.

The golden brilliant water culture club is located on the north bank of the Huaijiang River, next to Binjiang Avenue, and occupies a wide area. It consists of three underground buildings, five -story buildings, parking lots, and deputy buildings.Although it was destroyed, it could be put into use with a little repairs. After Jin Bi brilliant bankruptcy, I don't know how many people have cast their eyes and want to win this site.

The property rights of this building are in the Housing Management Bureau. It is not easy to get it. Excellent has been in contact with the relevant personnel.Silver is absolutely indispensable, without 10 million, the lease right of this building cannot be taken down.

Zhuo Lizhi is sure, Liu Ziguang fully supports the five million in handing in handling from the brilliant glory.He was unwilling to start his mouth, so he decisively ordered to suspend the follow -up of the matter.

Do not follow up does not mean that it does not mean that it has abandoned this land. Without two days, a sensational news spread all over Jiangbei City, and the old site is haunted!More than one person saw that the female ghost wearing red clothes floated in the hall, there were strange sounds in the middle of the night, and then they were linked to Yan Jinlong's death some time ago.Clean.

Even Tiger Lord found Yang Feng to discuss, saying that he didn't want to mix it. In case of huge sums of money, he would not return to a murderous house.

Yang Fengzheng is irritable, my mother has given 300,000. These days, I have raised funds everywhere, and only borrowed more than 100,000. This money is far from enough.With a retreat, the matter had to give up.


The demolition of high soil slope finally came to an end.The big development funds are not in place, and the unable to demolish it. There are many opinions, so sincerely.

Anju Company made a night attack on the stall and provoked the deputy commander of the Military Region.It is also impossible to hinder the development of local economic construction.

President Nie, who was developed, is a hot -wrist businessman who will not lose it easily. With the interference of strong external forces, letting him abandon high profits is simply a night.Development is temporarily deepened by troops.

This year's Spring Festival comes early, and the New Year will be in late January. This winter is extremely cold, but the breath of the New Year is still hot.here we go.

As the director of the neighborhood committee of the high soil, the owner of the Red Flag Kindergarten, the general manager of the Hongxing Preservation Company, the off -campus counselors of the Chenuang Children's Middle School, Liu Ziguang already has a certain social status, and there are many friends in all aspects.After getting up, this is the first Spring Festival after he returned home.

First of all, the residents of the high soil slope. Liu Ziguang's next election area representatives can all expect them. He arranged to go down to the supermarket to wholesale a car color, hundreds of boxes of ham bacon, essence of sperm, essence, essenceFlour, prepare to visit the five -guarantee households of the lonely old man, and buy a shopping card worth 500,000. The noodles are available from fifty to one thousand.Can be taken care of.

There are not many relationships that Liu Ziguang moves in person. Several leaders of the Education Bureau, Song Jianfeng, Deputy Director of the Judiciary Bureau, etc., there are old classmates Zhou Wen. The first business of Hongxing Company depends on Zhou Wen Gang.Love, say everything, as for the street office, police station, industrial and commercial tax, let the younger brothers come forward.

In the evening, when I came to Zhou Wen's house, the door opened the nanny. When I saw Liu Ziguang empty hands, the nanny looked at him suspiciously and asked, "Who are you looking for?"

"I look forZhou Wen, oh, if he is not at home, Liu Xiaojing can do it. "Liu Ziguang said with great grin.

The nanny looked up and down, and hesitated. At this time, a hearty laughter came from the house. Someone in the living room was talking and laughing. The hostess's voice sounded: "Aunt Chen, who knocked on the door?"

Liu Ziguang shouted: "Xiao Jing, I am, Liu Ziguang."

Liu Xiaojing hurriedly pulled his slippers and ran over, blame the nanny: "Why don't you invite the guests to come in, this is meOld classmates. "

The nanny smiled, opened the door to ask Liu Ziguang to enter, and when he entered the door, he found that the shoe cabinet was full, and the door was full of all kinds of leather shoes.There are also many gift boxes in the corner. The guests and friends on the sofa are full of people. They are all people who come to visit Secretary Zhou.

Liu Xiaojing also simply said to the guests: "Zhou Wen and Mayor Zhou went to the province to meet. When he came backI laughed and said, "Sister Liu and guests, we will not bother, we will pay the New Year to Secretary Zhou on behalf of us."

Liu Xiao quietly smiled and sent them out, and then mentioned the gift of the corner and said, "ThisCan't accept it, you take it back. "

The guests immediately pushed away. Both the guests said a lot of polite words, and Liu Xiaojing barely left the gift and sent the guests. The living room finally calmed down, Liu Xiaojing lay down.He said on the sofa: "Oh, I'm tired, this secretary's wife is not good at it. Who can see who can see, and what gifts can be collected and not acceptable."

Liu Ziguang said with a smile, "Look at you, it seems to be among them."

"Aevant, the son is sent to his grandmother's house, staying at home and delaying learning. These people are all all people.Let ’s take the eyes, do n’t accept things, offend people, accept it, and I’ m afraid of adding trouble to Zhou Wen. I ’m burning. By the way, what are you doing?”

Liu Ziguang took out a envelopeSay: "The unit issued a few shopping cards of Emgrand Commercial Building. I ca n’t use it, so I will take it. You and your children add some clothes."

Liu Xiaojing said how embarrassing this is on, but your hands, but your hands, but your hands, but your hands, but your hands, but your hands, but your hands, but your hands, but your hands, but your hands, but your hands, but your hands, but your hands, but your hands, but your hands, but your hands, but your hands, but your hands, but your hands, but your hands, but your hands areAfter stretching the enlightenment in the past, Liu Ziguang was an old classmate. The thing he sent was obviously the part that could be collected.

I glanced at Xinfeng at will. It was a platinum shopping card. There were ten small streams of money. Liu Xiaojing knew that the money in it was at least tens of thousands, and he felt happy.Talking about some family constraints, gradually talking about the demolition of Gaotongpo.

"It is too much to give a little money every square. Alas, the background in the background is tough, even Mayor Zhou can't take them." Liu Xiaojing talked with the apple while cutting the apple,Family talking about official news news, it is quite a bit of the secretary of the secretary's wife.

"Really, who is the background of the big development?" Liu Ziguang asked intentionally.

"Who else can it be, our leader in Jiangbei City, I tell you, when the diploma was hot in the 1980s, Secretary Li and the Da Development Nie were the classmates of the Dada University. At that time, Secretary Li alsoIn the county as the section chief, Nie Wanlong is only the chief of Jian'an Company. The two of them have the friendship of my classmates. The development can develop to this point, which is not related to the support of Secretary Li. "

"No wonder there is no fear of development. By the way, Xiao Jing, your home has a house on the high soil slope, what should Zhou Wen plan to do?"

"What else can I do, Zhou Wen is the mayor of the mayor, I don’t know how much how much I don’t know how muchBoth eyes stared at him, anyway, our family didn't care about those small money, so I should do it. "

I talked about some family constraints, Liu Ziguang got up and went to the three brigades of the traffic patrol.Elder Song's family, Lao Song was a bold man, and he calmly accepted Liu Ziguang's gift. He invited him to leave a drink. Liu Ziguang said that there were still people who would visit, so he would not disturb, and by the way, he asked Lao Song to ask Song Jianfeng's family address.

Director Song's home is in the dormitory of the Public Security Bureau. Liu Ziguang drove there, registered at the door and left the driving license to enter the door.There was a long series of cars downstairs. People came and lively, but Song Jianfeng's door was deserted.

Liu Ziguang knocked on the door. Song Jianfeng happened to be at home. Since he became the deputy judicial director, his work pressure was greatly reduced, but people seemed to be much older than before.The vice deputy director is indeed the same.

Director Song was very happy to see Liu Ziguang's visit, but insisted on unwilling to buy a goods card. Liu Ziguang was not reluctant. After a while, he resigned and returned home.

When the car entered the gate of the Chengcheng Garden, the night was already very strong. The street lights on both sides of the road emitted a dim light. The stars upstairs from the residents, the lights of the thousands of lights, Liu Ziguang helped the steering wheel absently, and suddenly a subtle was slightThe sound of the sound was passed into the ears, very light, very soft and soft, but it can be heard that a bullet entered the bullet with the push of the bolt.

Liu Ziguang's subconscious steering wheel, a crisp sound of "pop