4 3 0 you pian ji hua

It is a clean hair chair, a large mirror, a massage bed with a clean sheet, and a picture of acupuncture and massage on the wall.

More importantly, a little girl wearing a green school uniform is lying on the table with homework. When she saw that the leopard girl came in, she looked up and shouted her mother. This made Xiaoxue's conflict.Well, people do serious business.

So Xiaoxue stopped the bicycle at the door and walked in. The leopard woman greeted her enthusiastically while helping her pour her tea: "Sit, sit." He said to his daughter, "Xiao YaDon't you have any questions, you can't do it, ask your sister. "

The girl at the age of thirteen and four years old is still a junior high school student. When I see the middle school emblem worn by Xiaoxue's chestI asked her to ask her with a algebra. Xiaoxue saw that it was the equation of the second day. A piece of cake, then patiently explained to the younger sister.

Leopard girl lit a cigarette with a smile, and asked casually: "Girl, listen to your accent, isn't it a locals? It seems to have a northeast flavor."

Xiaoxue said, "When I was a kid, I grew up in the Korqin Grassland and was very close to Jilin Province. "

" Oh, where is it? "

" At that time, my father was in the Baicheng Weapon Test Center, Later, I came to Jiangbei. "

" Oh, it's a coincidence, I'm a white city, we are a fellow villagers. "At home, she was familiar with it. After three words, the atmosphere became hot.

"Auntie, why are you coming to Jiangbei?" Xiaoxue asked with a tea cup.

"Well, don't mention it, I ca n’t eat meals when I laid off, and make money south, but I have made a lot of money in these years. I bought a house and bought a car, and took my daughter over."

Looking at Xiaoxue's face, I don't believe it. The leopard girl smiled and explained:" The elder sister is doing it, but I am a business student, the massage of Chinese medicine, the blood circulation and stagnation, and there are a lot of retorters.It ’s not five years before and after 100,000.

300,000, and 300,000, this word is like a heavy hammer to knock on Xiaoxue.100,000, bought a house and bought a car. I saw that I was eighteen years old, but I could only watch my father dying.

The leopard girl noticed that Xiaoxue's expression was a little sad, and asked, "Girl, which unit did he divide in Jiangbei?"
"Chenguang Machinery Factory."

"Oh, that factory is not good. I heard that it is about to go down. Didn't Dad seek his own career?"

"No, he has chronic diseases and can't do it." Xiaoxue's eyes are a little moist.

The leopard girl sighed and said, "Well, this was the case that year. I was only in the third year of the year. My dad was swollen with uremia.Originally, I was quite good. I was not a problem to take a vocational high school school. Because of my dad’s illness, I dropped out of school and went to work., Children's dad is not able to do business all day long, and I will go south in a moment, and it is not easy to mix it at this point. "

Leopard girl pushed her heart to make Xiaoxue very moved., But the indomitable and fate is a bit of achievement to today, but what about yourself?Thinking of her seriously sick father, she couldn't help crying.

"Girl, my name is Wang Mei, you just call me Mei Mei. I see that there is something in your heart and tell me that there is no way to go, you say yes."Press the destroy on the stove and pull Xiaoxue's hand.

"My dad is also uremia, and I can't hold it without changing my kidneys, but I don't have money ..." Xiaoxue whispered.

"Oh ... children who are suffering, all kinds of things have made us people spread them. The director secretary of the factory is so good. Girl, what are your names come from?"My name is Wen Xue." "Xiaoxue, Sister Mei is not easy to see you. So, my girlfriend is not very good. If you are free, help her to counsel.What do you think of money? "

" Too much, I'm still a student. "Xiaoxue subconsciously resigned, although she looks like making this money, but now the college students of Jiangbei Normal University come out to be tutoring.The salary standard is only 30 yuan per hour. I am just a high school student. How can it be worth such a high price.

"It is a student to teach students, the effect is good. Xiaoya, my sister taught well, will the question do it just now?" Sister Mei asked.

Xiaoya nodded his head: "My sister taught better than the teacher, our teacher knows scolding me, I want my sister to teach me."

Sister Mei said proudly:"You see, Xiaoya likes you, Xiaoxue sister, you are right to help sister, Sister Mei has not graduated from junior high school, and does not want the child to take my old way."

Xiaoxue bit her lips and wants to think about itAfter a long time, I finally nodded.

Sister Mei became excited and looked at the watch and said, "It's still early, or start now."Nothing.

There is a stove in the massage room, which is suitable for the temperature. The junior high school algebra of junior high school algebra is used in the eyes of Xiaoxue.The elements of elements are eased and the attitude is kind. This one -to -one counseling is very useful. Xiaoya has no chance to get rid of her. I glanced at a pair of big eyes and listened to the school sister and nodded from time to time.

Unconsciously, one hour passed, the sky was all dark, Xiaoxue stood up and said, "It's not too early, I have to go home to cook, and I have to go back quickly."

Sister Mei came over and held 50 yuan in her hand and said, "You hold this money, let's settle it again, never owe it."

After that green banknotes, the trend was surging, but this was the first time I made money.

"And this, what you just made by Sister Mei, take it back to give my dad to taste fresh, low protein food, will not affect the kidneys." Sister Mei generally takes a hot lunch box to come upEssence

Xiaoxue's heart was warmer, and the tears almost came out again. After taking the lunch box, thank you sincerely: "Thank you for Sister Mei."

"Fellow, should be, bring the lunch box tomorrow withJust come. "

" Well, I know, I left Sister Mei. "Xiaoxue walked out of the massage room with the lunch box. When she disappeared in the darkness, Mei Sister's rippling face suddenly suddenlyIt becomes a bit complicated.

Turning back, walking out of a fat man from behind, taking out 200 yuan and stuffing in front of Sister Mei, spraying a cigarette and saying, "Do it well, make persistent."

Sister MeiThe charming laughed: "How did the Tiger Grand give me two hundred? I lost the whole evening in the evening. Just for your plan, you can compensate me a little more."

The tiger laughed, and found two banknotes and stuffed it over, saying, "Don't worry, wait for the little girl to come to the way, and after the great achievements, the tiger is rewarded."
Talking is count. "Sister Mei hipped away four hundred dollars, twisted her waist, and sold a pair of treasures in front of her chest.

Tiger Lord smiled, reached out and touched, and said, "Meizi, we have nothing to do for a few years?"

Sister Mei said: "Xiao Ya, go home home, go home! "

Xiaoya cleaned away from the back door very well, and a hungry tiger rushed to eat and poured Mei Mei on the massage bed.


Liu Ziguang paid 3,000 yuan to the man who hurt Li Zhiteng in accordance with the agreement. This is the second time they have cooperated. Relatively the first time, it is less.Strangely, and more tacit understanding, the man took the money, and quickly counted it. After confirming it, he said, "Thank you, find me again with a business."

Liu Ziguang nodded and said, "The New Year will celebrate the Chinese New YearIs it enough to spend three thousand yuan? "

The man stunned and said," What do you mean? "

Liu Ziguang said," Do you pick it up? "

> The man hesitated, and said, "I don't do the killing things."

Liu Ziguang laughed: "Since the first one has been killed, what is the relationship between killing a few more?"

br> The pupil of the man shrinks sharply, and stepped back and held down the stick in his pocket and asked, "What do you mean?"
"Oh, he was pressed by you in the oil pan that day, and he died.

The man changed his color slightly, but he was not as shocked as Liu Ziguang's imagination, which also proved another judgment that there was more than one case on this guy.

The first time I spent money to hire him to hit Yan Dong, it is purely sending personal feelings, establishing a cooperative relationship, and seeing that this person can use it or not. It turns out that he is suitable for being a thug. Yan Dong’s injury effect is effective.It was what Liu Ziguang pursued.

The second cooperation is more deeper. Li Zhiteng's strength is much stronger than Yan Dong. It is not easy to deal with him. This man can make it easy.It is an available talent.

This man is carrying murder cases, and only Liu Ziguang knows that this has enhanced the loyalty of cooperation unless he immediately leaves Jiangbei and went to the next city to seek life.

"Don't be afraid, they don't report the case. Even if the case is reported, the police have no time to handle such a headless case.

The man nodded and said, "Who do you want to kill?"

"I haven't figured it out yet."

"Think about notifying me, don't forgetAfter bringing money, at least 100,000 lives. "