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The soldiers of the brigade, they have been ordered to keep their posts and prohibit anyone from entering and leaving. Several guys who want to escape the palace are stopped by a bunch of bullets before they approach the wall.

Liu Ziguang adjusted the intercom to the channel used by the mercenaries. Hearing that he was making a mess, all the teams were asking each other what happened, but no one could answer because Foxida and andHis deputy was killed together.

Liu Ziguang said with a walkie -talkie: "Note, note that a terrorist attack occurred in the palace, and Colonel Foxen was killed. Repeatedly, Colonel Fokiner was killed. Whose military rank is the highest, I want to talk to him."

The quality of the mercenaries is very high. After hearing the news of the leader's death, he did not make a mess.: "I am Major Randy Jones, who are you?"

"I am Bruce Liu, Major Jones, can you come to the palace?" Liu Ziguang said.

"Okay, I will arrive immediately." Major Jones's voice was calm, and then a command was released to keep his subordinates strictly guarding the position and found that the gunman was killed.

Don't talk about the walkie -talkie, Liu Ziguang scanned the garden, and found that Alexander was turning rolled crazy in the corpse pile.Flying. "

He is talking about Listerovsky's body. This tall and burly Russian guy sitting on the stage when the explosion occurred, from Bobby's close, and now he was blown up.You can't even find the corpse fragments. Alexander's emotions are a little excited,: "Oh, no!"

Liu Ziguang patted his back lightly: "Don't be sad, call you people, prepare for the battle."

Alexander wiped the red eye circles, got up and left, most of the bodyguards who arrived on the same machine stood around Listerovsky. It is estimated that there were not a few living people left.People can be described as heavy losses.

The explosion occurred too suddenly, and it was too violent. Basically, the possibility of the shelling was ruled out. The stage was temporarily built and there was no problem with the preset bomb.Entering the terrorist attacker who tied the bomb.

The explosion is very violent. In addition to causing a lot of death, there are many wounded. The guests on the lawn were injured by the air waves and splashes of broken wood and iron tube. Some people in the palace were splashed.The glass isolation injuries are everywhere bleeding and call for help. After a brief panic, everyone began to spontaneously rescue the wounded.

Liu Ziguang can not have much power directly. Only Hu Guang and Bei Xiaoshuai, Hu Qingzheng and Zhao Hui brought by staff in finance, law, translation, etc.He was shocked, and he couldn't use it at all. He was in a hurry. Zhang Baiqiang and Chu Xiangdong hurried out of the palace's side door with the automatic rifle and saw a huge bullet pit.A sound: "Fuck!"

Lu Hai was dead. The three of them took turns to duty around Bobbi. This afternoon was the turn of Luhai. Poor Taiwanese guys can no longer see the betel nut in the dream.Xishi, no longer returned to Siemens.

The two did not say a word in both words, and immediately devoted themselves to the actions of the rescue wounded. Liu Ziguang shouted loudly: "Who is a doctor!"
"I!"He originally wanted to take a chance to escape home as soon as possible, but when he saw so many wounded at the scene, he decided to stay.

"You lead them to bandage the wounds for the wounded, try to handle it first, and then send it to the hospital for emergency treatment." Liu Ziguang said.

"Sorry, there is no hospital in San Juan City." Carlos replied in skillful English, and Liu Ziguang thought of it.It will not help here. After the church hospital opened by the Westerners was closed, the entire Sadhama really had no hospital.

"Then carry the wounded to the palace, and help them here." Liu Ziguang turned his head and shouted at Hu Guang: "Take all the first aid bags on the car."

Br> "Yes!" Hu Guang responded loudly, ran back to the parking lot, drove a jeep, and gave Carlos the military emergency bag on the car, and took another bulletproof vest to Liu Ziguang.

Liu Ziguang took over the bulletproof vest and moved in his heart, saying, "Send a gun for everyone, the situation is very dangerous, we must protect themselves."
It was armed, a steel helmet, automatic rifle grenade, with shirts and trousers, don't have a taste.

When the explosion occurred, Xu Yukai and his brothers were eating tropical fruits in the palace. A bombed here, the four of them fell to the ground subconsciously.Hurrying to grab the starting rifle and rushed outside. Liu Ziguang saw them running, and immediately ordered: "Wang Wenjun was alert to the heavenly Taiwan, and the rest helped the rescue."
"Yes!"Running upstairs and rushing to the rooftop of the palace, Xu Yukai and their first aid experience, bandaging hemostasis is more skilled than Carlos, who was born in a dentist.

The instructions from the Gang Gang in the intercom: "Major Jones is here."

"Let him come in." Liu Ziguang replied.

Two Land Rover off -road vehicles drove over, stopped the brakes, jumped out of the car from the car, and the men who led the team were 30 -year -old, thin long body, blond hair, shoulder chapter was on the shoulder chapter.A golden leaf, it seems that the major has previously served in the U.S. military.

"Major." Liu Ziguang stepped forward and stretched out his right hand, but Jones did not shook hands with him, but looked at the huge bouncing pit suspect: "Is this a suicide bomb attack?"

Br> Liu Ziguang retracted his right hand and replied: "Sorry, I have no experience, but our security check is very strict. No one can carry so many ** to enter the field."

"Even if someone brings it in, it will not be brought in.This will cause this kind of bomb pits, which looks like a shell, and it is not an ordinary mortar. It looks like a 155 mm -caliber howitzer. "Major Jones squatted down and poured some explosive soil with two fingers in the nose.Sniff.

"The smell of burning with aluminum, maybe it is a missile, I am not sure." Major Jones straightened up, looked up and down, and asked with a slightly scornful tone: "You are the intercom.Man? "

" I am Bruce Liu, the guardian of His Royal Highness. "Liu Ziguang said.

"His Royal Highness? Bobby was killed?" Major Jones said.

"Yes, His Royal Highness was blown up, but his son was still alive. According to the constitutional provisions of Sada Maruma, he was the heir of the throne. In other words, you are doing it for the little prince now.Live. "

" We don't work for anyone, just for ourselves. "Major Jones is obviously a proud guy, plus the death of Foxner caught off guard, and his temper was a little excited.Essence

"So what do you want to do now?" Liu Ziguang asked oppositely.

"The colonel is dead, we won't do it, the game is over, understand?"
"The game has not ended, and the contract is not completed. If you are now leaving Sisa, you will leave Sisa nowDama's words, I will despise you, because you fucking are a deserter, you are not worthy of being Colonel Foxa! "Liu Ziguang suddenly raised his tone and scolded.

Major Jones became angry and pulled a gun on the spot, but Liu Ziguang pulled the gun faster, Jones's pistol was still in the gun cover, and Liu Ziguang's Sjikin had reached his head.

Following the seven mercenaries that followed Major Jones immediately raised the gun when they saw this, Liu Ziguang also came up with a burst of bolt. Hu Guang and Bei Xiaoshuai also raised the automatic rifle, andOn the top of the building, Wang Wenjun locked Major Jones's head in the sight.

The swords of the two sides were tense, and no one was willing to put down the gun first. Liu Ziguang was not afraid at all. He used a gun to hold Major Jones's head. "You are not worthy of being a soldier.Unparalleled, you are not worthy of being a mercenary, because you have to run away if you do n’t even get money. You are not even worth a man, because you do n’t even have the courage to fight! "

A little unnatural, there was a young officer behind Jones who made an order, and then the seven mercenaries lowered the muzzle, and Major Jones raised his hands: "OK, I am willing to listen to youOpinions. "

" The contract continues to execute, your salary remains unchanged, and Colonel Fokiner sacrifices for the liberation cause of Sada Marum. His pension is doubled. Is there any opinion?"

" Just do it as you say. "After Said Majesty, he would leave when he jumped on the off -road vehicle, and Liu Ziguang shouted again:" Wait a while! "

What a matter, sir? "Jones asked back.

"Can you leave the first aid bag on you?" Liu Ziguang said.

The mercenaries left a first aid package, drove away, and suddenly applauded for a while, and black people with dust and sweat applauded Liu Ziguang spontaneously.The definition of heroes is consistent.

Liu Ziguang nodded to everyone and turned into the palace. Little Arthur had been arranged in the corresponding safe basement. Liu Ziguang left the bodyguard of the real shot, leaving only one of them, one big and two people indoors.

"Arthur, from now on, you have to try to be a king." Liu Ziguang said slowly in English.