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Unloading a ten -meter -long trailer and a huge metal box began to make no one busy.

Six hours later, a predator unmanned armed reconnaissance aircraft took off from Wedwick Air Force Base and flew eastward, where it was the vast African continent.

Under the guidance of the GPS navigation system, the drone flew over the vast Atlantic Ocean, arrived over San Huan, and began a few hours of investigation operations.Strict surveillance, all the actions in the city of Saint Hutan were passed on to the control vehicle on Asen Songdao through the data chain transmission system, and then forwarded it to Colonel Miller Miller, the control vehicle.

Colonel Miller, who is sitting in front of the computer screen, only needs to say a word to determine the fate of anyone under the wing of the predator.

The sniper and air defense team in the city of San Juan did not notice that the death of death had been hovering on their head for several hours.The fighter also did not realize that his opponent had flown San Hu'an, and the pilot was lying under the parasol and drinking beer under the parasol.

All the actions in the Garden Garden are under the monitoring of Colonel Miller. After seriously comparing, he has locked the Royal Highness of Crown Sadona. What he needs is a suitable opportunity.Fight for the use of a missile to achieve the greatest killing effect. Of course, the final decision right is still in the hands of Mr. Sop, after all, he is the one who pays.

Just when Bobby gave Colonel Fokiner's honor, Mr. Sope completed the negotiation with General Kuba. He was quite satisfied with the results of the negotiation. In fact, there was no negotiation at all.On the side, a lot of harsh conditions are issued, and Kuba, who is an exile, is very self -knowledge. This rude African warlord is actually not stupid at all.Hu An is in charge of the power, let alone sell any resource minerals or national sovereignty, that is, Sopp asked him to cut his ears, and he would cut off his own hands without hesitation.

After getting a heavy contract, Sop felt that he was extremely relaxed. He was not in a hurry to make Colonel Miller execute the final plan.Ann in the palace in the palace for a while.

Supu drove back to the long beach home. What made him happy is that her daughter Demi recently liked to be with herself. It seems that she has gradually accepted this father.

Open the computer and look at the picture from Colonel Miller, Sop took a sip of coffee, picked up the phone and said, "Colonel, let everything end. This country needs a new new country.At the beginning. "Then he put down the phone. What he didn't notice was that when he picked up the phone, there was a slight pop tower in the handset. It was Demmy picked up another machine at the same time next door.

Demmy is a smart girl. Richard's every move in her eyes will produce many associations about Bruce. When Richard is gloomy, she will think that Bruce must have occupied itWhen Richard was proud of the spring breeze, she would think that Bruce was suffering, especially in the past two days, she stared at Richard and even monitored his phone.

Richard has a habit that he always uses a fixed phone when he is at home. This gives Demmy a chance to eavesdrop. When she heard that sentence deeply, she immediately thought of being in the West in the West.Bruce Liu, Sadona, quickly sent an email to Oriental with BlackBerry, letting him remind Bruce that Richard had action!

When Dongfangke received the email, I didn't know what happened, but after seeing that there were five exclamation marks at the end of the email, Liu Ziguang immediately told Liu Ziguang.When he took the intensive crowd to Dongfang Ke, he moved to Dongfang Ka, and Colonel Miller also acted.

"Launch" was passed to Asen Songdao through radio waves from the Ranli Building. The drone operator looked at the hustle and bustle garden on the computer screen and the stage full of people.The black men in the suit are talking enthusiastically, and seeing his movements seem to be very excited. Unfortunately, the drone has only image surveillance functions, and they cannot hear what they are talking about.Knock the keyboard bond.

Under the abdomen of the predators unmanned for armed reconnaissance aircraft, a Haierfa AGM114N air -to -ground missile sprayed a hot tail flame, at a speed of 390 meters per second towards 4,000 meters.The royal garden in the palace is scopeless. This is a missile specially designated by Colonel Miller. It was originally intended to attack buildings or vehicles.All power, but it is more than enough.

The fierce explosion turned the temporary wooden table into ruins on the spot. All the people on the stage were not spared.The fragments even flew to a tree hundreds of meters away, and the entire royal garden became a terrible hell, which is also dealing with the original "hell fire" of Haierfa missiles.

The drone operator continues to evaluate the damage effect through a high -power camera. Although it is not satisfactory, the task has been completed, and the important goals have been eliminated.Yawn, go back and make up for him. For him, killing a group of live lives is like killing a bunch of NPCs in computer games.

A photo with a accuracy of 0.3 meters transmitted to the Langli Building. After Colonel Miller appreciated it, it was passed on to Mr. Sop. Sop was closed and closed the page. He was a businessman.I don't like to see this bloody scene.

I picked up the phone again and hit General Kuba's hotel room. There was a burst of panting from the other side of the phone.To endure disgust, Leng Bing said: "General, I think you can return to China now."

"Really, great, thank you very much ..." Before Kuba finished, Sop would hangAfter the phone call, I called Breman Mining Company to send the representatives of San Juan. In fact, this representative was just Sop's eyeliner. It was ordered to stay in San Huan to observe the situation. Sometimes, high -tech stuff is not as good as human eyes.Reliable.

"Yes, sir, there was a big explosion, I think no one can survive, the crown prince, the entire cabinet, and Colonel Foxner, they are all dead!"The shouting, it seemed that the explosion scared the representative.

"Okay, keep paying attention, call me abnormal situations." Sop put down the phone with satisfaction, picked up the little hunting dog sleeping at his feet, and stroked its long hair and said, "BoBy the end of your time. "

Demi standing at the door of the study, leaving with shoes with a shoe.


Sada Moia, Royal Garden, the air waves caused by the Big Bang overturned Liu Ziguang to the ground, and he climbed up after a few seconds.It was dusty, buzzed in the ears, and the nose was full of smoke. Looking around, the dead injury was full, and the corpse across the wild. Little Arthur was lying beside him. The white military dress was covered with blood.

"Arthur!" Liu Ziguang pulled the little black man with a sigh of relief. Little Arthur was just stunned, there were no scars on his body, and blood was also someone else’s.Essence

Looking at the stage in the middle of the garden, it has no longer existed, and it has become a scorching big pit.I don't know all the travelers. Obviously, they were bombed to death without all corpses!

Someone got up one after another, watching all this in horror, the soldiers who were alertly rushed over and was at a loss. No one knew what happened. They only knew that the explosion had happened, maybe it was, maybe it wasThe bomb buried under the stage in advance may be that someone mixed in and detonated the bomb. At this moment, everyone's brains were confused.During the revenge, the gun was shot at the sky.

Liu Ziguang pumped his gun in his hand, guarded Xiao Arthur behind him, and greeted Dongfang Ke: "Gather our people."

Dongfang Ke's gray face, a layer of blood stains on the glasses, he stains.I picked up the intercom and shouted a few times. Bei Xiaoshuai and Hu Guang ran over from a distance. They looked panicked. Liu Ziguang noticed that Bei Xiaoshuai's hand was trembling, patting his shoulder and said, "Don't be afraid, this, thisIt's just a small scene. "

Bei Xiaoshuai grinned:" Brother, this scene is still small. "

Zhao Hui and Hu Qingzheng also climbed out of the dead, they woreNot very regular, so every time you go forward, you have to keep your life. At this moment, it is also shocked, and there is no idea.

"You take the little Arthur into the palace to hide, you must ensure his safety." Liu Ziguang said, and took the intercom from Dongfang Kai's hand and said, "Li Jianguo, Zhang Baiqiang, are you still alive?"

A rustic rusty, without echo, when he was worried, suddenly Li Jianguo's voice spread:" I'm still there, what is your situation? "
" Lao Li,Bobby is dead, you can't mess up now. Can you master the troops to maintain the scene? "

" Yes, the troops are in my control. "
" Okay, forbid everyone from leaving the scene to leave the scene, Pulling the line of defense on the periphery of the palace, do not talk about it. In addition, I need a wireless radio wave band of the mercenaries. "

" What do you want to do? "

" Fokiner is dead,I want to take care of them. "


Do a modification, the global eagle in the previous chapter is changed to a predator, because the global eagle is not armed and cannot launch a missile."