Chapter 25 Mysterious Woman

Imagine that on one day in the future, when you wake up, you find that the world has changed completely. There will be no more war and killing.There is no controversy of faith, no quality of race, unified language, unified text, unified currency, unified politics, economy, belief, and absolute freedom. What we lose is only one nationality and identity.Permanent peace and happiness.

This passage seems to have been haunting in Meng Fan's ear until he woke up and saw the white light and the words on the wall.

The words on the wall are exactly the same as the lingering sounds. Meng Fan can't laugh: "It's really interesting, it sounds infinitely beautiful, just like the distribution of Marx on demand, but the reality cannot be realized, at least now, nowIt must not be. "[BSP; Meng Fan continues to look at the words on the wall," Killing is not to destroy life, but to welcome the new life of human beings ... Revolution is to wash sin with blood ... The survival of the fittest is an inevitable law of all life., Humanity also needs to follow ... "

The more you look down at Meng Fanyue, you feel shocked. These words are saying that to build a new world, you must use the killing world before the killing.In order to change the world in a crazy extreme way.

"Squeak ..." The door suddenly opened, Meng Fan quickly lay down, pretending not to wake up yet.It was a woman, because she hadn't came to bed yet, and Meng Fan smelled a fragrance, which was the taste of cosmetics that only women used.

It is very reasonable for women to use cosmetics, because its fragrance can attract men more than women's own taste. Of course, the premise is that the user must be a real woman, otherwise it will only make most of the fragrance only make most of them make most of them.Men feel disgusting.

The woman came to the bed and gently stroked Meng Fan's face with her hands.Next, make up facing a small mirror.

I ca n’t remember who said, saying that women most appreciate the actions of men's wallets, and men appreciate women's makeup.

Women are beautiful, there are some charming in the beauty, there are many kinds of women's beauty, pure, beautiful, youthful, sexy, cute, this woman is a very embarrassing one, can easily provoke menWith the need, Meng Fan now feels that his throat is dry, and there seems to be a kind of need to rise slowly.

"Do you like to look at me so secretly, isn't it? Meng Fan." The woman seemed to make makeup very carefully, so Meng Fan didn't expect that she would find that she was observing her.

"Oh! This, no, lady, I really woke up." Meng Fan was a little bit stubborn. He was not good at lying, especially like this.

The woman suddenly stood up and looked at Meng Fan in surprise. Meng Fan felt a little nervous, and he sat up: "I'm sorry, okay! I'm honest, I wake up, but I have some someStrange, where is this, how can I be here, who are you? I didn't deliberately peele it, but you are really beautiful! "

Women seem to be accustomed to others' compliments, soI didn't care, she suddenly asked with a strange expression: "What are you called me just now?"
"Miss, oh, I don't have any disrespect.For example, you tell me what your last name is, I can call your sister or lady. "

" Who are you? "The woman suddenly asked.

"I'm Meng Fan! Didn't you call my name just now? By the way, how did you know me?"


"I am a worker of the Red Star Machinery Factory."

"Which year is the day and the day?"

"Yes?"With my head, I can't remember what time is it now: "I think it should be 2011, but I think 2011 is far away. It seems that it has become a history., Or have been unconscious for a long time. "

" Do you know your mission? "The woman asked.

"Mission?" Meng Fan stunned, and then some voices appeared in their minds: "Rescue the whole mankind and realize the unity and civilization of the entire human beings are our common and great mission." These sounds seem to be printed.In his mind, but Meng Fan didn't think it was his own mission, but it seemed to see the lines in a movie you saw.

"I seem to hear someone saying a lot to me in my sleep, which is about the mission, but I am not a fool, I will not take the things in my dreams as reality."

Br> "Meng Fan, it seems that you are very sober and have not been hypnotized, but you seem to have some memories. I will help you find it!" The woman's smile was a bit cold, she turned around from the table drawer next to the table.Take out a piece of item, it turned out to be a long whip.

"You, what are you doing?" Meng Fan was a little frightened.

This problem is superfluous, because the effect of boots is not much, women have waved their whip, Meng Fan's instinctual resistance, but the limbs are weak and weak, and this woman is very powerful. The whip is like a rain point.Falling on Meng Fan, Meng Fan was quickly beaten and fleshy.

The charming woman not only hit him with a whip, but also splashed a pot of cold water on Meng Fan."Ah!

"Do you really have to kill me? I promise you will regret it." The woman said coldly, but said coldly.

I don't know what's wrong, or Meng Fan didn't want to kill at all. In short, Meng Fan let go of his hand. He suddenly felt that the woman in front of him was very familiar, just like his family.

"Who are you? Why am I here?" Meng Fan asked the whip and asked.

"Do you want to know? If you want to know, then obediently obedient!" The woman smiled charmingly. This smile made Meng Fan feel like it came to spring all at once.

But the beautiful feeling is always so short, because a woman's hand suddenly had an extra exquisite pistol. Meng Fan immediately felt that she had been in the winter in the winter in the winter.

The woman still laughed very cute: "Good, listen to my sister, lay on the bed there, and my sister gives you sugar."

"Neuropathy, abnormal, lunatic, beautiful lunatic. "Meng Fan couldn't help but describe the woman in this way. He said hard:" Is your gun really? Isn't it a toy! "

" Do you want to try it? "The woman laughedBullet was carried.

"No, no." Meng Fan hurriedly waved, this was not a trick. In case of a real gun, Meng Fan's little life was gone.He could only lie on the bed obediently, and in fact he could only obey.

"Really good, now put your hand on the handcuffs on both sides of the bedside."

"Pap!" Meng Fanang put it up, and the handcuffs immediately locked, and Meng Fan was locked on the bed.Meng Fan's heart could not help but sank. Now he is completely the flesh on the board, and he can only be slaughtered without any room for returning.

The woman naturally put the gun up, and she came to the bed with a smile. "Really obedient, my sister reward you." She actually kissed Meng Fan's forehead.

"Can she lock me just to be affectionate with me?" Meng Fan immediately laughed at her stupid idea. Only a man would lock the woman to carry out rape in the future, but did not hear it.Women will be like this for men, because they don't need it at all.

A beautiful woman like her, who wants a man to only be beckoned, does not need to be so troublesome at all.

"Come, drink it." The woman brought a bowl of black things, put it beside the bed, and saw that the upper part of the bed rose immediately. It turned out that this bed was not ordinary.The bed is like a hospital bed in the hospital.

"What is this?"

"What do you think? Isn't it a poison, is it still a big tonic soup?" The woman said with a smile.

However, Meng Fan feels that it may not be poison, because she is going to kill him, it seems that there is no need to be so troublesome, but it must not be a good thing.

Meng Fan gritted his teeth and refused to open his mouth. "Good, Meng Fan, you have to believe me, and after you drink it, what about I have another reward?"

"Reward?"Meng Fan was stunned, and the woman had poured him down.

Bitter!The bitter and bitter things flowed along Meng Fan's throat to the stomach, but Meng Fan felt like a fire in the lower abdomen was burning.

"What do you drink for me?"

"You know if you can't use it." The woman blinked and said, "I said to give you a reward." The woman laughed with a smile.Det rid of the coat, now she only has a pink suspender vest and short skirt. A pair of full -bodied busts seem to be broken.

The woman actually took off her short skirt again, leaving only a pair of pink panties. Meng Fan's brain was stunned, a feeling of extremely hypoxia.The tent was supported by the lower body.

"Do you want me? Meng Fan!" The woman smiled blink.