Chapter 60 The left on the left is larger than the right

Meng Fan didn't want to be bitten by the zombie when he "hey hey" with her, but he still laughed and said, "Okay! I originally carried some potatoes and wanted you to cook me for me.In the newspaper, since you strongly request to make a promise, my old man is one, and it is not easy to refute your face? "

What I think of is that after he blows the cow and says that he is not afraid of the zombies, those zombies seem to appear like to prove what he said.

Children's dream rumors first discovered the zombies. She couldn't care about wearing clothes, and pointed at her hands: "Meng Fan, be careful."
Meng Fan immediately turned around, raised his gun, aimed atShooting, "Bang!" A second -level sensitive zombie lying on the wall was shot a headshot by Meng Fan.Although Meng Fan's marksmanship is not as good as Long Saifei. Well, it should not be compared to Li Qiuyun, but it is still much stronger than ordinary soldiers.

"Good marksmanship!" This praise, children's dream rumors are still from the heart.

But this is just the beginning. The secondary zombie just fell from the wall. A black shadow jumped in from the wall and jumped into the small courtyard. Meng Fan immediately fired again.But this black shadow moved quickly, and the shot failed to hit it. Meng Fan did not shoot anymore. He knew that he had several bullets, which was absolutely not allowed to waste.

Obviously, this is a three -level sensitive zombie with sharp and sharp claws. It did not immediately rush to Meng Fan. Instead, it was around Meng Fan.It apparently knows the power of the gun.

Suddenly there were three second -level sensitive zombies jumping down from the wall and rumored to the children's dream rumors.Meng Fan immediately threw the gun away: "Pick up the gun."

Tong Meng rumored to take a pistol and was a series of shooting until the bullet in the gun was empty.

Meng Fan feels very distressed by those bullets, but the three second -level zombies can be solved in three shots, but now it is not time to blame her.Why have no bullets so soon. "

If it wasn't for the third -level zombie ahead, Meng Fan really wanted to do her twice and told her that this was his last few bullets.

Although the children's dream rumors shot the bullets, there was still a second -level zombie that did not eliminate. Meng Fan retreated to her. When the secondary zombie rushed over, Meng Fan's backhand,The head of the zombie accurately.

"Uncle, you are really like a master of martial arts."

The third -level zombie immediately rushed over. Meng Fan had already gathered in the left arm.It does not mean that the left arm cannot be used.

Although the third -level zombies are fast, they are not as fast as the current. It was hit by the current and retreat. Meng Fan pursued it and struggled to cut out one by one.

After the third -level zombie was destroyed, there was no longer a zombie appearing. Meng Fan's eyes were dark and almost fell.This is the first time that Meng Fan has used electric shocks. Although he has successfully retired, he still has some uncomfortable adaptation.

"Uncle, are you okay!"
"Lao Tzu is only twenty -three! What is your name."
"Oh, sorry, sorry, but butYou should also scrape the beard. "

Meng Fan didn't follow her?" How did you do it just now, aren't you a killer? Shouldn't the marksmanship be good? Eliminate the two zombies.Gun, do you know that I only have these bullets. "

" Don't you know that people are still barely?When did you tell me the bullet, how do I know how many bullets you have? "Tongmeng rumors did not show weakness at all.

At this time, the child dream rumor only covered a thin shirt. Meng Fan laughed at her towering twin peaks: "Children's dream rhyme, your left side seems to be larger than the right,Asymmetric! "

" You ... shameless, go down! "Tong Meng rumors busy turned his body over and put on clothes quickly.

"Hey! Lao Tzu has saved you twice, do you say so to save your hero?"
"Huh! You can save me only that you are a good -colored manHow can it be called a hero? "

Save her with danger of life, and waste all the bullets. In the end, there is no thank you. Meng Fan can't help but be annoyed. He said coldly," Lao TzuSave you because you are a human, you have a little bit of color, this is not fake, but it is far worse than you from Lao Tzu's woman, so Lao Tzu didn't plan to move you at all. "

Meng FanTo be honest, among the four women he experienced, it can be said that each has its own thousands of autumn, but if you just talk about it, it must be Li Qiuyun's most beautiful, because the other three women, Meng Fan can find some shortcomings, the pearls are not enoughBig, Youzi is too plump. Cao Yan's chin is a bit sharp. Only Li Qiuyun, Meng Fan really can't say any flaws, especially her skin, because she has never had a lively life, so she is well maintained.It feels tender and smooth, and elastic. If she is hard to find out any shortcomings, it is that she is not as enthusiastic and proactive as Yamada Yoshiko in bed, but this is no wonder she was raped by Meng Fan, and she did not look like she was likeYouzi has that experience in that aspect.

If it is in the countryside, a charming woman like Li Qiuyun will be called a fairy by some elderly people. Her eyes are not as black as most Chinese, but slightly blue, a little mixed -race childThe taste of the nose is tall, the lips are round and sexy, and a pair of R rooms are full and strong. Although it may be smaller than Yuko, it is stronger than her, and it is easy to evoke the man's desire.However, Li Qiuyun is not Meng Fan's favorite type. She is not like humans. She is more like a fox charm who seduce men into hell.The pure girl is just like the pearl. Although it is not as perfect as Li Qiuyun, Meng Fan feels warm and real.

To be honest, Meng Fan's feeling of Li Qiuyun is spiritual rejection, and fascinates. Her almost perfect body makes Meng Fan's beasts to be satisfied again and again. Meng Fan has thought many times.I want to love her well, but I feel sorry for the death of Li Lu, there is a sense of guilt.Of course, in the end, Meng Fan still regarded as a woman who was his own, but the gap in his heart could not completely disappear at once.

Tongmeng rumors saw Meng Fan's attitude suddenly become serious, and he said seriously: "Sorry, I know you are really a good person, I just said that it was just a gas, you did save me two two, you did save me two two.The first time, and for the first time, when my face was ugly, so please do not go to my heart. "

" Good person? "Meng Fan sneered:" I'm afraid this is this yearThe most authentic fallacy I heard. If I am a good person, there will be a lot of bad people in the world at least. Hum! You don't need to boast of me, I will not leave you for the time being, but if you really encounter a big danger, if you really encounter a big danger, you really have a big danger.I wo n’t be a hero to save the beauty, so if you encounter a large number of zombies, you can only ask for more blessings and run faster. "
" I understand, you can rest assured, I will not be able toLai is on you, and you have to force you to be responsible for me. "Tong Meng rumor laughed.

Meng Fanxin said: "Damn, say what happened to me, do n’t he peek at her bath? In this world, this is a thing?"

> Meng Fan lost half a bag of potatoes in front of the children's dream rumors.There are potatoes, I have noodles, and potatoes stewed noodles are originally a great match! "Needless to say, this noodle bar was searched from this farmer's house.

Meng Fanzheng thought: "If the conditions are not allowed, Lao Tzu puts you in bed, better than this match!"

Meng Fan climbed to the top of the building to visitOver time, there was no trace of zombies. After he observed the surrounding situation, the scent of the potato stewed bars was drilled into his nose.

I do n’t know why, Meng Fan was hungry very fast. It ’s not long after eating, and now the stomach began to grun again. It may be too much physical consumption, so it is urgent to replenish energy.

I have to say that the dishes made by children's dream rhymes are better than Meng Fan. Meng Fan ate five bowls of breath and eaten children's dream rumors.Pig Bajie, how can I eat it so? "

" Hey! Lao Tzu is really a pig Bajie, I will do it early. Lao Tzu saves you twice, and it will be distressed when you eat this thing. Besides,I brought potatoes. "

Children's dream rumors laughed:" It's not distressed, it's just a mealing too much for your body. I'm not concerned about you, but you are really not safe.。”



Meng Fanxin said: "Listen to my now, you have taken off your clothes for three hundred rounds with Lao Tzu, what are you doing?" But Meng Fan just thought about it, and Mr. Cao said:Essence

It wasn't Meng Fan who wanted to be a gentleman, but he had already thought about it. He must not do that thing with a woman in an unsafe place, otherwise he would not know how to die.

"That's good, we leave things, I want to find a car to Beishan County, can you go."

"Go to Beishan County?" Tongmeng rumors seemed a little hesitant.

Meng Fan looked at her expression and didn't seem to want to go. Meng Fan thought about it and asked, "You wouldn't dare to go to the government's base because you committed anything?"

Tong Meng rumors silently, the default of Meng Fan's statement, Meng Fan smiled:" You are really dead -minded, when are you all?In the past, the killing was still settled. Now I am a living person. I tell you how many people I have killed them myself, and I dare to go. "

" You are different, you are killed after you appear in a zombie.People, of course, no one asked, but I killed it before, and I was an official. I was arrested and escaped with a gun. "
" Who said I haven't killed before, the person I killed,There are the same official in it, rest assured, no one cares about this now. "

Tong Meng rumors nodded and said," Also, the world is like this, the police can take care of itFight. Okay, I listen to you, go to Beishan County. "