Chapter 148 Back to Peking University

Chapter 148 Return to Peking University

Back to Peking University, all three of the dormitory have fallen asleep.After grooming, Lu Xuyang was lying on the bed.Fortunately, there was a foresight, and it will be promoted to the level. Not to mention for a few months, it is estimated that it will not be dirty in a few years.

I don't know when the fox cat can wake up. If it can't wake up in ten days, he can only gamble with the exquisite fruit of Xiandou.Lu Xuyang thought, slowly entering the dreamland.

The next morning, Lu Xuyang woke up in Feng Beibei's noise.Open your eyes and see Feng Beibei, who is chasing the mice everywhere.

"Shell, what are you doing?" Li Huaishan also woke up at this time, asking Feng Beibei, who was jumping up and down.

"Didn't you see? I'm catching mice, I don't know where to run so many mice." Feng Beibei replied.People have not stopped chasing.

"Really?" Li Huaishan heard it!

Feng Beibei was surprised for a while, how did he hear Li Huaishan as happy?

"There are mice in the dormitory, what are you happy about?" Feng Beibei asked immediately.

"Haha, don't you know? The mouse meat is an absolute! We have a blessing today!" Li Huaishan jumped down from the bed and added the ranks of the mouse.

Hearing the words of two living treasures, Lu Xuyang was speechless for a while: "You two are bold enough, but the mice are carried by the germs, dare to eat it, you two are not afraid of poisoning?"

"Yeah, wake up? You are finally willing to come back?" After hearing Lu Xuyang's interest, Feng Beibei said.

"Yeah, we thought you were fascinated by Tsinghua Meimei, and he was reluctant to come back!" Li Huaishan also ridiculed.

Lu Xuyang glanced at the two of them, and did not squeak, but Wu Hai nodded with yawning.Then he called back all the mice.I was sent to the dormitory three.Give four to Huang Ying, and he still has nine himself.It is quite a shocking to gather together.

No, Li Huaishan and Feng Beibei stared at each other in surprise, watching Lu Xuyang's white rats obediently gathered in front of him.Even Wu Hai couldn't help but flash.

"Evil ~~~"

Feng Beibei shouted with a long voice, making Lu Xuyang's sweat straight up.

Lu Xuyang shuddered, and said at Feng Beibei: "Speak something, I'm afraid of cold!"
"Haha, nothing, just ... this mouse is you all you are youDo you raise it? "Feng Beibei asked.

"What do you say?" Lu Xuyang looked back at him with a while.

Seeing Lu Xuyang's expression.Feng Beibei quickly trotted to Lu Xuyang, and looked forward to him: "Can you send me?"

"What? Want to eat mouse meat?" Lu Xuyang asked.He was reluctant to eat, and he was even more reluctant to give away.

Feng Beibei's face changed, and the serious Chong Lu Xuyang said: "What do you say? Such a cute little white mouse, no one will have to talk! Of course I want to raise it!Do you give it? "

" Give ~~~ "Lu Xuyang, who was shook by Feng Beibei, replied.

Then he ordered the white rat head.Immediately, a little white mouse ran to Feng Beibei and smelled it with his nose.Then he climbed to Feng Beibei's shoulders and squatted down.

I don't know how to do it.Why are these small things more and more good?Lu Xuyang puzzled.

He doesn't want to think about, what is Xiandou?That's food like jade rabbit.Can it be peaceful?

Seeing Feng Beibei getting his pet, Li Huaishan couldn't wait, and ran to Lu Xuyang. Lu Xuyang didn't embarrass him, but just said a sentence "Don't eat mouse meat" and sent it.A mouse gave him.

"Wu Hai. Can you?" Lu Xuyang, who gave Li Huaishan mice, asked Wu Hai again.

Wu Hai, who was sitting on the bed, nodded, with spiritual little white mice, he was really interested.

I have to say that Lu Xuyang's sales are successful!

Schools on both sides.Six roommates, one was stuffed by him.

‘Six left, then send one Zheng Xiyi. Last time, she took up her little white rabbit.In addition, Wu Wanfang also gave one, and he had to stay four himself.‘Lu Xuyang thought.That's a dingled disappear!

Soon, all three of the dormitory went to class. Only Lu Xuyang, who had nothing to do with, fell asleep again and climbed up.After grooming, Lu Xuyang came to Peking University Library.

After seeing the Tsinghua Library, Lu Xuyang was shocked without previous.After being calmly went through the procedure of the first life, Lu Xuyang picked up into the sea of books.

Not to mention Lu Xuyang first, but now the hacking forum is incredible.Why? Because of the previous challenges, neither sides could not be completed.

From the beginning of the challenge to the influx of a large number of hackers.But the "Xianxia" game server seems to be not on the earth.No matter how they checked, they couldn't find it, and they couldn't break in.

I have to say that their sixth sense is very spiritual. The wisdom brain upgraded through Lu Xuyang is no longer a ordinary computer.Not to mention the existence of Zhi Ling.

A lot of hackers who came in because of the comparison of the two sides and left a lot. In the end, only the two sides were still insisting.

On this day, after reading the book, Lu Xuyang suddenly felt particularly hungry. The feeling seemed to have never eaten for thousands of years.Lu Xuyang, who was hungry, smashed into the dining room after the library.After eating fiercely, I finally felt satisfied.

Lu Xuyang, who was full and drinking, walked towards the dormitory, but then walked to the door of the dormitory, and his stomach began to scream again. It felt like the whole white was eaten.

Shouldn't you get sick yourself?Lu Xuyang thought about it.

But he was not embarrassed to run away in the restaurant again, but took a part of the food from the mysterious bag while no one, and eaten it in the dormitory.However, after two minutes, my stomach was hungry again.Lu Xuyang was frightened this time. He didn't understand what happened to him?

The three of the dormitory have returned. He dare not take things from the mysterious bag in front of them, otherwise they must not be a monster.Thinking of this, Lu Xuyang ran to a place where no one was discovered, and took another food with the food with the space attached to the mysterious bag before and started to eat it.

One, two, three, five, five, Lu Xuyang did not know how many copies he had eaten in the end. He was numb, and even forgot the previous horror.He was stuffed with food in his mouth. Fortunately, he had a lot of food in the space.

Lu Xuyang reacted until his stomach was a little full.After returning to God, he shocked a cold sweat, and touched the belly that he finally filled, and he began to mourn the days of eating in the future.