Chapter 149 The Shock of World Hacker

Chapter 149 The shock of the world hacker

"... Congratulations, the successful evolution of Zhi Ling's first level into the second level of Zhi Ling ..."

A faint electronic sound interrupted Lu Xuyang's thoughts.

"Wisdom and Spirit, the second level of Zhi Ling, the second level of Zhi Ling ..." After repeatedly read it, Lu Xuyang reacted only. Isn't Zhi Ling just the thing that wisdom brain comes with it?At this time he remembered that he had ignored the smart brain for a long time.

Is the reason for being hungry? Is Zhi Ling going to upgrade?Lu Xuyang guessed.

Ah, by the way, it seems that Li Shanshan still asked him to buckle up. He actually forgot that he had been out of Jiuxiao Cloud, but he would never meet her.Lu Xuyang thought.

"Lu Xuyang ..."

A greeted, scaring Lu Xuyang, who was about to open the smart brain, and immediately stopped the movement on his hand.Looking up, it really means that Cao Cao and Cao Cao arrived. Isn't this Li Shanshan just thought of?Sure enough, I couldn't do my heart, Lu Xuyang thought.

However, he didn't want to be tortured by his ears. Thinking of this Lu Xuyang, he pretended not to hear Li Shanshan's greeting. The cat's waist and stomped in the direction opposite to Li Shanshan quickly.

"Lu Xuyang ..." Li Shanshan still shouted behind.

When he heard that his voice was getting closer, Lu Xuyang ran away as soon as he pulled his legs.Knowing that you will be taught when you get caught, you will be a fool if you don't run.

This run, Lu Xuyang actually returned to the library and took a book at will. Lu Xuyang looked at it with interest, and soon forgot the existence of Zhiling 2 and Li Shanshan.


The hacker forum is still continuing, but the two sides have no progress!

On this day, all the hackers who participated in the attack 'Xianxia "found their computer black screen at the same time. Soon, a line of words popped up on it:" The hacker in the world, the coming person does not refuse.You are still too good! Haha ~~~ "

Seeing this line of words, hackers are angry, the provocations of Chiguo!

Soon.Each hacker began to use their circles to contact them more and more hackers who they knew.They don't believe it, they will not overcome a small game client.

One, two, ten, a hundred, a hundred, the hacking legion that attacks' Xian Xia "is more and more rolling.But in the face of them, it is more and more strong firewall, and even they can see a firewall.Twisted their buttocks and laughed at their light Twisted their buttocks and laughed at their light ass children.

George is depressed, he did not expect that he would find himselfAn impossible task.It has been a lot of days. This game called "Xian Xia" is like hedgehogs, and it is obviously that he is about to succeed.However, in a blink of an eye, it was strictly guarded like hormone.

George was completely frustrated. This failure reminds him of the master who has lived in his seclusion: Bruce!

Although he is not well known, but.He can be called the king of the world's hackers!Although he didn't want to admit his incompetence, George had to admit that he was not at home. The things he would know for his master.But it ’s the kung fu of some three -legged cats.

So George sent this task he could not complete to his master Bruce in the form of mail!


黑客王者出山,虽然一般人不How to know, but the intelligence departments of various countries quickly discovered and locked him.This person who once committed various cases but made them unable to arrest them.For governments from various countries, his mountains are undoubtedly a headache!

Soon, according to the news that countries locked, they discovered the game "Xian Xia".It is found that this is difficult to be overcome by many hackers, and all countries are happy. If the firewalls in their country can have such a interest ...

So soon, various countries have also begun to participate in game customers.Come on the attack ...

It was a day after another, and no one was successful.Even the hacker King Bruce had no information.And various countries are also shocked and happy, and even Bruce can prevent it. Such technology should be so powerful.If this technology can be used by yourself ...

It is another day, two days, three days, three, until five days later, there is still no information that overcome success, and Bruce still has no news.At this time, various countries were crazy.They began to use their resources to overcome them, and they only hoped that this technology would eventually fall into their country.

Two days later, the hacker king Brune eventually announced that he had no way to successfully overcome the ‘Xian Xia’.At the same time, he also advised other hackers not to provoke it anymore.He said that this was a powerful person. In case of causing him to get angry, he would probably suffer a strong counterattack!

So the whole hacker world was shocked.

So, ‘Xian Xia’ became the first game of the world ’s hacking, and no one dared to violate it.

Although the overcome incident has passed temporarily.However, many countries still send many information personnel to explore.This technology really makes them unable to give up.

Lu Xuyang opened this scene what he saw.This scene made him want to start the company's idea.

No need to ask why!

Just kidding, they have been stared at by various countries. Where can he open a company?He didn't want to be stared at.

But he still expects to make a little money with this game. What should I do?I do n’t know if the smart brain can be virtually a similar account.

Although it is unlikely, Lu Xuyang still mentioned it with Zhizhi.

"Make sure you complete the task!" It is the voice of a child.

When Lu Xuyang just opened his mind, a child's voice said ‘welcome back’.He thought it was an illusion, but he didn't expect it to be true.Is this the benefit of the upgrade of Zhi Ling?You can speak.

So I do n’t know how to help him achieve the task?Lu Xuyang thought, but then he left him behind.He had to deduct Li Shanshan. Although he was lucky to escape last time, he is now working with Li Wenbing to have the opportunity to meet in the future.He didn't want to hide all the time.

Lu Xuyang's buckle was previously applied. The number can only be eight digits, but the name is really ...

Name, this is the name he started according to his surname.

Log in to the buckle and hear a cough sound.It's the system message!Lu Xuyang opened a look. A girl named ‘Shan Shan Lai Lai’ is applying for adding herself as a friend. Looking at this net name, it is estimated that it is Li Shanshan.Soon, Lu Xuyang ordered to agree, and became a buckle friend with this "Shan Shan Lai".