Chapter 150 Goodbye Zheng Xiyi

Li Shanshan didn't seem to be online, and Lu Xuyang began to observe the fox cat in his body.

"Why don't you wake up this little guy?" Lu Xuyang murmured to himself.

At this moment, Lu Xuyang suddenly felt that his whole body was hot, and then the whole body was cold. This extreme feeling from hot to cold, which made Lu Xuyang shivering.

Looking down, it turned out to be a fox and cat. I saw that it was all white light for a while, and it was all black light.And Lu Xuyang's body is also changing with the change of light, the whole body is cold and hot, but this feeling ... It's really uncomfortable.

Knowing that the fox cat should wake up, Lu Xuyang was happy.God is pity, the little guy wakes up, it seems that the legs of the disabled soldiers are cured.

Just when Lu Xuyang accelerated the frequency of alternation of the body's hot and cold, when he began to collapse, the little guy finally opened his eyes and took all those black light and white light on it. Lu Xuyang was also loose.A breath.

After a while, the little fox cat jumped out of Lu Xuyang happily.

The fox cat who swallowed the yin was obviously a lap than before, and there was no change in other parts, but the yin and yang doubles have become red.Now it is obvious that people can see people.

So a small group of yin, it actually absorbed for so long, but there was no other change except for growing a circle.Lu Xuyang suddenly felt stressful.

It seems that he has to take some more time to that strange place, look for yin and yang qi.Otherwise, it is estimated that this beast will never grow up.

On the way to the growth of fox cats, there is a long way to go!IntersectionIntersection


On this day, Lu Xuyang has eatenWhen he arrived at the library, unfortunately, he met Li Shanshan again.After Lu Shanshan's gentle complaints without dirty words.The invitation letter was stuffed into Lu Xuyang's hands.Open it, it is Li Shanshan's birthday party.

People have taken the initiative to invite, Lu Xuyang must go.

Not only do you want to go.Also prepare for birthday gifts.But what girls like, he has no clue for a long time.have no choice.Lu Xuyang remembered Zheng Xiyi, who was far away from the sports school.Girls should know girls more?

I haven't seen Zheng Xiyi for a long time, just to see her at this time.Thinking of this, Lu Xuyang packed up and took a taxi to Beijing Sports School.

When I came last time, I was in a bad mood because of the misunderstanding Wu Wanfang, so I didn't accompany her much.During the holiday, she went back because of her, and she had always had something to do.So I couldn't accompany her.I finally have time this time, and should accompany her to compensate.Lu Xuyang thought.

After registering in the school security room, Lu Xuyang was put in.It wasn't until a few steps that he thought.He did not ask Zheng Xiyi's class from beginning to end.

Is it really like people say, and the best thing that can't get. Will you not care about it after getting it?

It seems that I am really not a competent boyfriend!Lu Xuyang thought.

He has always felt ashamed to Wu Wanfang, and all the girls made are really distressing.But he ignored Zheng Xiyi who trusted himself wholeheartedly.

Think about the last time he was unhappy because of Wu Wanfang.Come to Zheng Xiyi, how unfair this is her?But the girl had no doubt at all, but just thought he was tired in learning, and desperately cheered for him.

Think about Wu Wanfang again, Lu Xuyang feels more and more sorry for Zheng Xiyi.But if he really let him give up Wu Wanfang for Zheng Xiyi, he couldn't do it.Girlfriend represents responsibility.The difference is that he has to be responsible for the two girls.

Fortunately, I have converged afterwards, I have no longer refining the charm flowers, and I have not used that skill.Otherwise, there are too many people who are sorry.

Lu Xuyang secretly rejoiced. At this moment, he finally saw a classmate who came on his face. He ran up quickly and asked the classmate: "Excuse me .... Do you know which class Zheng Xiyi is?"

Lu Xuyang's question made the girl froze for a moment.road.Unexpectedly, I was so lucky, and I just knew Zheng Xiyi if I stopped a classmate.

"Who are you her?" The girl asked again.

"I am his boyfriend, I watched her specifically today, where are she now, please tell me if you want me?" Lu Xuyang replied to the classmate with heart.I did n’t know, after listening to Lu Xuyang's words, the expression on the girl's face became more and more strange.

"Are you sure you are Zheng Xiyi's boyfriend?" The girl asked again.The strange color on his face was getting stronger, and even when Lu Xuyang spoke, he looked at him carefully.

Hearing the girl's question, Lu Xuyang nodded very affirmatively.

It may be Lu Xuyang's patience to win her favor or other purposes. Lu Xuyang didn't know. In the end, the girl pointed to Lu Xuyang: "Your girlfriend is on the track over there.You just go there to the end to the end. "

Then he rushed to Xuyang again:" That ... I advise you to go quickly. "After that, he left.

Get the guidance of that girl, Lu Xuyang quickly found the runway that the girl said.After looking around, he didn't see Zheng Xiyi, and only saw a bunch of people surrounded there.After picking up the crowd, Lu Xuyang got in, and the scene he saw made him spoken: a boy was stopping a girl and pulling it to him, and that girl was looking for it.Zheng Xiyi.

No wonder the girl's expression just so strange, Lu Xuyang thought.


Zheng Xiyi was thinking about how to get out, and suddenly Lu Xuyang's voice sounded in her ear.Here when she needs it most.

She turned around with the hand that was pulled by Wang Bin and frowned with a serious expression to him: "My boyfriend is here!"

Then he ran beside Lu Xuyang.

Lu Xuyang made a special trip to accompany Zheng Xiyi. He didn't want to waste this time, so he just glared at the boy fiercely and left Zheng Xiyi.

Wang Bin, Master Wang family, he has been the treasure of his family since he was a child, and was spoiled by his family. As long as he saw something, he could not get it.

Seeing Zheng Xiyi at a new life meeting. During this time, he chased her many times, but she didn't agree with it once, and even began to hide from him.Originally, Wang Bin didn't care too much. He only thought that Zheng Xiyi wanted to seize the cause, and it was rare to meet the eyes in the sports school. He also played patiently with him for a while.

Until recently, patience began to be exhausted, he tried to block Zheng Xiyi, who had been hiding on his runway.

With his family history, pursuing a Zheng Xiyi at least eight percent of the hope, but did not expect that Yi Ran was destroyed by the little white face killed by this halfway.

Looking at the two who were carrying each other, Wang Bin was of course unwilling, and his eyes became red.