Chapter 151 Guardian

Chapter 151 Guardians

"Go, check me, what is the boy?" Wang Bin waved his hand and rushed to the following followers.

Because his family is rich and knows a certain size of the capital, there are not a few people who want to have a good relationship with him.As soon as he opened his mouth, a few of his classmates who wanted to stab him immediately ran away to verify.

"Why are you here?" Zheng Xiyi asked happily when he left the group of people.

"Of course I miss my family, so I came to see it. Of course, please help you help!" Lu Xuyang replied.

"I am afraid that the trivial matter is true. Seeing me is false?" Zheng Xiyi wrinkled with his nose, and rushed to Xuyang Road.

Although she said so, she could see from Zheng Xiyi's face, she was still very happy to the arrival of Lu Xuyang.

When he heard Zheng Xiyi's words, Lu Xuyang smiled and smiled.

Seeing Lu Xuyang's speechlessness, Zheng Xiyi knew that she guessed the right, and there was a trace of loss in her heart.But when she saw others was in front of her, she quickly threw that lost point aside. Curiously Chong Lu Xuyang asked, "What is the matter?"

"Yes, I have a classmate, I have a classmateI don't know what gifts to give, so I want you to give some opinions! Of course, the most important thing is to miss you, otherwise I don't have to run in person, right? "Lu Xuyang explained.

A trace of disappointment flashed at the bottom of Zheng Xiyi before did not escape Lu Xuyang's eyes.

Get the explanation of Lu Xuyang, Zheng Xiyi's emotions were significantly better.She stepped forward and hugged Lu Xuyang's arm to him: "Just my training is completed today, then let's go now!"

After getting Zheng Xiyi's consent, the two went to the nearby department stores nearby.The market goes.

"By the way, your classmate is a woman?" On the way, Zheng Xiyi asked Lu Xuyang.

"Yes, but I am not familiar with her, just know it. Because I have a partnership with his father, I have to go for her birthday banquet." I heard Zheng Xiyi's question, for fear ofThe misunderstanding Lu Xuyang quickly explained a lot.

"I didn't say anything!" Find the relationship between the two.Zheng Xiyi was relieved.

The vinegar flavor was almost sour by his front teeth.Also pretend!Of course, Lu Xuyang did not dare to say this, just stigmatizing it.Looking at Zheng Xiyi's cloudy face, he couldn't help but relieved.

Soon, the two arrived at their destinations and started strolling.

This is the first time that the two are shopping, and the first time they have stayed together for so long after they came to Beijing.After Lu Xuyang felt tired.Zheng Xiyi was still strolling with a high interest. Lu Xuyang couldn't help thinking that girls who were doing sports were much better?

In the end, Lu Xuyang heard Zheng Xiyi's suggestion.I bought a bracelet as Li Shanshan's birthday gift.

The two had eaten things and sent Zheng Xiyi back to the dormitory of the girls' school girls all the way. Without waiting for Zheng Xiyi to leave, Lu Xuyang took out a brocade box from the mysterious bag.Looking at the box, it seems to be a birthday gift I bought for his classmates.

"What do you do?" Zheng Xiyi asked in doubt.

"Send you!" Lu Xuyang said.The iron box in his hand was handed to Zheng Xiyi.

"Aren't you a birthday gift you bought for your classmates?" Zheng Xiyi puzzled Jin Boxes and looked at Lu Xuyang.

"You know when you open the box!" Lu Xuyang said mysteriously.

Looking at the god of God, Zheng Xiyi opened the box of the brocade in his hand obediently.

"Wow, so beautiful!" Looking at the things in the box, Zheng Xiyi screamed in surprise.

The original box was not the just bought bracelet, but a unique necklace.The entire necklace is mixed.The chain of the rose gold is paired with the fiery red gem, and the gorgeous redness is eye -catching, eye -catching, graceful and bright, full of enthusiasm.The main thing is that Lu Xuyang's love for her, letting Zheng Xiyi fall in love with it at first glance.

"Do you like it?" Lu Xuyang asked softly.

This necklace was bought by Zheng Xiyi when he helped him pick the bracelet, and for this reason, Lu Xuyang also ran a toilet in order to upgrade this necklace.

"Like!" When he heard Lu Xuyang's question, Zheng Xiyi nodded gently.

"Then let me bring it up!" Lu Xuyang said.

"Hmm!" Zheng Xiyi nodded, and then handed the necklace on his hand to Lu Xuyang.

After receiving the necklace, Lu Xuyang helped Zheng Xiyi bring up.

"Is it good?" Zheng Xiyi touched the ruby and asked Lu Xuyang.

"Good -looking, beautiful!" Lu Xuyang watched Zheng Xiyi's praise.Xiao Nizi's face was red and flushed.

"Hexi, I love you!" Looking at Zheng Xiyi, who was so embarrassed, Lu Xuyang stepped forward to hold her into her arms and said emotionally.

"I am too!" Zheng Xiyi responded whispered, and then buried his head in Lu Xuyang's arms shyly.

Looking at Zheng Xiyi, who looks like a camel, Lu Xuyang went on to say, "I heard, ruby is a female guardian stone, so I specially chose the ruby. This necklace is called" Guardian I will guard you. Although I can't always be with you at all times, I will always guard you until ... forever ... "

Hearing Lu Xuyang's words, Zheng Xiyi was crispy.His little face with a flushed face, his eyes glory and looked at Lu Xuyang: "I believe you!"

Then he said what he thought of: "Xiaoxu, about the one you saw when you came today, the one you saw todayA scene ... "

" Hush ... "Zheng Xiyi was interrupted by Lu Xuyang before he finished speaking.

"Don't explain, I believe you!" Lu Xuyang said.

After looking at the time, Lu Xuyang went on to say: "It's too late, go up, I have to go back to school, let's see you next time!"
Human happiness nodded, glanced at Lu Xuyang deeply, and ran towards upstairs. It wasn't until she saw her back disappearing in the corridor, and Lu Xuyang turned away.

In fact, Lu Xuyang did not tell Zheng Xiyi that the 'guardian' in that necklace was real. After seeing the scene of the runway today, Lu Xuyang had a bad premonition.It wasn't that he didn't believe Zheng Xiyi, but that he didn't believe her classmates.

There are too many princes in Beijing, and they will meet someone with identity.In case Zheng Xiyi encountered the kind of thing like today, and if he was not with her, wouldn't she eat in vain?

So Lu Xuyang refined the necklace blood.

The entire necklace equipment is bound, as long as Zheng Xiyi does not remove it, it will not be lost.And it comes with a skill called 'Guardian'.Only those who are not excluded by Zheng Xiyi can contact her, otherwise it is not possible.

I have to say that in order to Zheng Xiyi's safety, Lu Xuyang is also attentive.