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The factory was covered with people, and it was unable to pull the flat head...COM

The news from the city also confirmed that the nutritional milk of the prodigy students does contain more than 1,000 times melamine, which was reappeared as early as 2008In the world, everyone has not showed much surprise. The ingenious conscience of illegal merchants can no longer be measured with normal thinking. When the profit is so high, they dare to get out of their lives, not to mention the health of others.

If it is just a simple food poisoning incident, parents will endure it, but the children are being killed. Now every family is the only child, and kidney stones are an extremely painful disease. Don'tSpeaking of children, the adults can't hold it up when they are sick. Watching their baby moaning in the sick bed, and those experts on TV are still vowing to pack tickets for God's milk. Parents finally finally finally have a ticket.Out of anger, someone proposed to go to the food factory to find the boss to settle accounts, and then a large group responded.

The air is extremely hot, it seems that a Mars can be ignited. In the evening, Nan Tai County is full of anxious and irritable atmosphere. Parents of a large group of children walk towards the goddess food factory.The masses joined and gradually formed a mighty team.

The Prodigy Food Factory is in a rental house in the northwest of the county. This is a typical farmhouse. There are two small buildings with a wide yard.On the top with tiles, the patterns of rural people such as the River Red Sun, and other people like the rural people. Only the words that are not very prominent on the door of the Nantai God Child Food Co., Ltd., which are not very obvious, indicate that this is a factory.

The door of the factory was closed, General Iron moved the door, and the angry masses smashed the iron locks and embraced them in., Milk powder, additives, and artificial pigments are everywhere. The sewage on the ground flows across the ground.Strangers, squeaked twice, slipped away quietly.

Everyone searched for the spontaneous searches, but found no one, but found a lot of storage milk powder. These milk powder was installed in a large barrel without any sanitary measures.It can be seen from the humble production line and well in the yard that this so -called safe and sanitary food factory that the so -called experts endorsed at best is a family workshop.

Seeing the milk that his child drinks is produced in this harsh environment, everyone's anger is deeper, and some people who burn out of anger in the anger suggest that a fire is burned here, but it is even moreA rational opinion believes that the police have been reported to the police, industry and commerce, and health quarantine departments to investigate and deal with.

If it was yesterday, this kind of rational opinion will still be adopted, but after seeing the experts of the experts on TV, no one believes that the guys who have a vegetarian meal will enforce the law.Relying on themselves, many people take out their mobile phones and start shooting every detail here. They are going home to publish online. Some people have proposed that they have to put this unsuspecting factory owner out.

The county seat is so big, and when you look down, you can't see the head. No one knows the details of the owner of the Prodigy Food Factory.After receiving the telephone text message from relatives and friends, the citizens ran out of the house to watch the fun. When they were near the dormitory of the Quality Supervision Bureau, there were thousands of people.

Xie Yuqiang, the owner of the Prodigy Food Factory, is the second -generation official in the county. His father is the former director of the County Quality Supervision Bureau. After graduating from junior high school, he entered the army after graduating from junior high school.The relationship was allocated to the Quality Supervision Bureau as a preparation driver. Later, he held a stoppage of salary and tinked business with a group of friends.

Xie Yuqiang's five major and three rough, like shaving, wearing a thick gold chain and golden precepts, and a person in the underworld, in fact, it is to scare the ordinary people.The relationship is familiar with the people in the county. When it comes to opening the factory, all the green lights pass.

Speaking of the fact that this factory is also due to accidents. Xie Yuqiang's friend was Guang, saying that there was a batch of cheap milk powder outside to find the house, and the price was absolutely in place.The goods in 2008.

Friends do not hide him, saying that the batch of goods that year is not fake, but it is absolutely impossible to eat people. Just pay attention when blending.Milk powder brand, saying that these famous brands are also used in 2008. It ’s okay not to do it. Your strong brother is afraid of hairy.

So Xie Yuqiang took the goods and used the canned production line that had previously processed soda to produce nutritional milk. Others were familiar with them and quickly opened the sales.The elementary school students in the summer vacation took the whole box of nutrient milk when they returned to school.

Although Xie Yuqiang asked the workers to add more additives and water as much as possible to the nutritional milk, there was still an accident. Xie Yuqiang hurried up and down. Fortunately, his old man was still a little more than Wei Wei.Worried that the above was tightly investigated. Later, the mayor of the Tang Dynasty ordered the lid to cover the lid and no negative incidents in the county. Xie Yuqiang was relieved and knew that he had passed.

Xie Yuqiang was training at home. Suddenly his wife came in from the outside and said something happened. Qiangzi ran away. Xie Yuqiang ran to the window to see, and his legs were scared.A few clothes went downstairs and drilled into their own Honda Accord.

But the road to get out has been blocked, but some people know his car number. Poor Xie Yuqiang was surrounded by the angry crowd.It became a lot of holes and unevenness. Xie Yuqiang, who was scared, locked the door and dared not come out. At the same time, he called the police with a telephone.

Ten minutes later, the police car arrived at the scene. At this time, the atmosphere has been fierce ...

(here is cut off two thousand words)In the White House in Nantai County, the burnt smell of incineration of the tires drifted into the window. Zhou Wen shook his nose and was a little uneasy. Suddenly the phone rang, and the Public Security Bureau came to find the mayor of Tang County. Zhou Wen told them that the mayor of Tang County went.The Wild Pig's Ceremony attended the commemorative ceremony of the monument, and I couldn't return it for the time being.

I asked the county's other duty leaders in the county? Zhou Wen said that the county party committee and county governments have been in the countryside, and there is no leadership on duty.

The other party is obviously anxious and ask which one is.

Zhou Wen was hesitant, saying that I was Zhou Wen, assistant to the county chief.

The other party said with a relief: "Assistant Zhou, I am the grandson of the county public security bureau. If you have a big deal, you hurry up to host the overall situation. Now there is only you in the county."