7 1 7 jiu zhuang song ren dan

Each deputy county magistrate is equipped with a deputy secretary -general. All county -level cadres have special cars and full -time drivers. These are just a stunning expense.

The economy of the county mainly relies on civil servants. Without these people who eat fiscal meals for consumption, the shopping malls, supermarkets, specialty stores, and hometown chicken fast food restaurants in the county seat will have no business.It is just ordinary people, and the lives of cadres are still above the standard line.

In addition to the four sets of teams of county government, county party committee, and CPPCC, there are also public prosecutors, industry and commerce tax, cultural and educational and health, quality supervision bureaus, civil affairs bureaus, financial bureau, audit bureau, labor bureau, personnel bureau, planning bureau, and planning bureau, Land and Resources Bureau, Construction Bureau, Transportation Bureau, Grain Bureau, Cultural Bureau, Water Resources Bureau, Agricultural Bureau, Forestry Bureau, Transportation Bureau, and various ministries and commissions, women's federations, Youth League Committee, Old Old Old Commission, County Chronicle Compilation Office, Federation of Trade Unions,Writing Association, Literary Federation, Consumers Association, Poverty Alleviation Office, Fake Office, Abduction Office, Sweeping Office, Beijing Office, the Provincial Office of the Provincial Office, the Federation of Industry and Commerce, and the Civil Union of the Civil Affairs of the Local Alliance to the public party., Still, although the sparrows are small and five internal organs, although many units are extremely pocket, a three to four deputy in the official position always requires some recruiters below, and there are some drivers and one office.All are omitted configurations.

There are so many officials in the county, and there are more than thirty cadres at the vice -vice county level, but it ’s really something, but there is no one who has a head -up. There are many emergencies in the county recently.The county party secretary took a set of teams to the provincial capital to deal with the public relations crisis caused by the cadres of the propaganda department. The county magistrate took a set of teams to the wild boar to participate in the ceremony of the commemorative monument.People, the old men of the CPPCC have experienced many years of storms. At first glance, this situation has long been invisible.The situation has also withered.

A large county, indeed Zhou Wen is the biggest. He said that he was not because of his post of travel director, but because of the position of the county magistrate.However, they are all their duties, but they are not as comprehensive as the assistant to the county magistrate. Besides, now it is chaotic into a pot of porridge. The officials are not looking for soldiers.Can connect, don't find him to find.

Putting down the phone, Zhou Wen's hands were trembling, what happened outside, the grandson of the Public Security Bureau had already told him just now that this is the most afraid of the scene of each grass -roots official.It has been out of control. When you go out at this time, it is likely to be torn into fragments by the angry masses.

Zhou Wen worked as a grass -roots clerk in the office for seven years, and was familiar with the routine of solving the problem above. He covered the lid in advance and pressed it. This stupid high -pressure method often caused further deterioration of the situation.A very small criminal case or civil disputes may cause large -scale **.

The foundation foundation in Nan Tai County is quite weak. It has long been a barreltic barrel. Everyone often joked that everything is now, just a surname Chen, a surname Wu.The words are 两, and the two surnamed Chen Wu is not someone else.

Zhou Wen can choose to escape, because he has heard the wind, and the county magistrate is preparing to avoid his own county assistant position.After all, it is a foreigner, and he mixed out of outsiders to do the monument of the tofu residue. Tang County had thought Zhou Wen had someone in the province and could use it. LaterIt's slowly cold.

A director of a clear water yamen, at best, is just a scientific -level cadre. Why does it get the greater the more troubles, the better, the better, it is not about his own business.I decided to go out from the back door, go back to the dormitory to sleep, and then deduct the mobile phone battery, so that everyone can't find themselves.

Anyway, the county government will not come in the future. I simply move all the things. When Zhou Wen's hand reached into the family portrait on the table, the heart was suddenly stabbed, and the sweet smile of the daughter -in -law and sonIt made him feel sad. His son boasted that his father was the director all day long, and his daughter -in -law was also proud of himself in the unit. However, in fact, he was a mess, a poor county -level cadre of the county, which was pinched in the hands of others.

I picked up the family portrait. When I first graduated from college, the words were tangled after the clerk.

Zhou Wen, are you really willing to do a lifetime in Nan Tai County!

"No, I'm not reconciled!" Zhou Wenlao stood up, and there seemed to be a fire in his chest. He took out the things in the bag and put the whole family portrait from the frame and put it on the shirt pocket from the frame of the shirt pocket.In the intimate position, then take the red work brake of the county government seriously.

When I came to the downstairs door, I saw two newly assigned security guys excitedly talked with excitement. When I saw Assistant Zhou go downstairs, they suddenly said nothing.Assistant off work.

Zhou Wen walked away seriously, and saw a plate of peanut rice, two tea tanks, and a bottle of inferior liquor in the door of the gatekeeper.

Two guys became nervous. Although drinking in the night shift was long been customary, after all, they were illegal.It is likely to be fired.

But Assistant Zhou did not blame them, but smiled and said, "Drinking liquor in the summer is not hot?"

Seeing him so kind, the two veterans were born in the background.The security guard scratched his head and laughed: "Isn't it no money? The beer is too expensive, and the salary has not been paid yet."

Zhou Wen seemed to be indifferent.He came up with the tea tank and said, "I taste it?"

"You please." The two guys smiled at each other and felt that assistant Zhou was very easy -going.

Where do they know? At this time, Zhou Wen had already been trendy, and the waves were uncertain. Just now the pride walked down with him, but the natural cowardice instantly occupied the upper hand. He hesitated, trying to take this opportunity to take this opportunityThink again.

Seeing the simple face of the two guys, Zhou Wen suddenly flashed in his heart and asked, "What are you talking about just now?"
"Assistant Zhou, now the outside is so troublesome that the outside is so good that the outside is so good that the outside is so good that the outside is very good.What happened to the grandmother's grandma ... I heard that even the police car was lifted. "

" Oh, so serious! "Zhou Wen suddenly stood up, using the score that could not help but say,"Well, I found it for me. "

Two guys looked at each other, I don't know what medicine Zhou Wenlu sold in, but still notified the other four night shifts with a walkie -talkie.

There is someone under his hand, and Zhou Wen's confidence is sufficient. He said, "What happened outside, everyone knows, the county leaders are not there, we will go up, calm the situation, stay, and stay, stay, and stay, stay, and stay, stay, and stay, stay, and stay, stay, and stay, stay, and stay, stay, and stay, stay, and stay, stay, and stay, stay, and stay, stay, and stay, to stay, stay, and stay, stay, and stay.The next person is on duty, the rest of the people go with me. "

The security guards were stunned, I do n’t know if I should go with Assistant Zhou, Zhou Wen frowned:" What are the fear, but let you let you make you guyGo to the masses, everything has me, you just need to follow me, why, do you really want to be a lifetime security guard! "

Zhou Wen's sentence is very lethal, but all people in Nan Tai County have a strong civil servant complex., Even if it is a worker in the authorities, it is an excellent choice. If you can have a formal preparation, you can laugh when you dream. Although Zhou Wen does not say it, the meaning in the words is clear.Turning is not a dream!

The guys glanced at each other, and finally one said, "Assistant Zhou, I am willing to go with you!" With the first response, the rest was better, and they all expressed their willingness to go.

"Okay, there is a kind." Zhou Wen took the tea tank in front of him, poured one or two white wine in one or two white wine in his mouth.There is also a hero.

The security guards of the county government are full of veteran soldiers in this county.There are only five people, but they are a very disciplined small team. With them behind, Zhou Wen has a strong feeling in his heart.

In fact, the situation has not deteriorated to that point. Although there are many participants in this incident, most of them are onlookers. Only a small part of the unlusable tourism is smashed.There are debris such as the broken residue and brick tiles of the beer bottle. Some vehicles are overturned, the tires are ignited, and the smell of incineration of rubber drifted with the wind.

Zhou Wen stopped and made a phone call, but there was no one in the duty room. He used to be the mayor of the mayor. He naturally knew the number of the relevant leaders, so he directly called the call on the mobile phone of the Political and Legal Committee secretary of the Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee., Briefly notified the situation in Nantai County, and then retrospective and said, "Comrades, follow me!"

Zhou Wen walked towards the most densely places of the crowd with five people.The policeman who described the unexpected head of the head, shouted at Zhou Wen, a 25 -year -old guy headed: "Is it Assistant Zhou?"

Zhou Wen said: "It's me, you are the little grandson of the county bureau? How about the situation? "

" Out of control, there are too few people in the county bureau to control the situation at all. "

" Did you notify the Armed Police Squadron? "

"Without the approval of the leader, the Armed Police Squadron could not be dispatched. "

Zhou Wen nodded:" That's good. "

" What? "Xiao Sun frowned and didn't hear what Zhou Wen said.

"The nature of the armed police squadron has changed, and the situation will not only calm down, but also worsen." Zhou Wen is a cadre in the city, and it is far from the problem.

"What should I do now?" Xiao Sun asked.

"Promoting, peaceful people." Zhou Wen said his own character.

Xiao Sun's eyes lighted up, saying, "Assistant Zhou, you said, we listen to you!"