7 1 8 zhou wen shi de chu li

Due to the sudden incident, the keys in the police room were in the hands of the political commissar, so these people did not even have a baton in their hands. The only thing that could come in handy was the electric speaker in the hands of Xiao Sun...Com

Tonight's ** outbreak is too sudden, and it is weekend. It is not related to the relevant leaders. The emergency plan has become a waste paper. Now the only one who can come in handy is Zhou Wen's security guards.With the little grandson and others, less than ten people have to face tens of thousands of angry masses. This power is very different.

According to the introduction of the little grandson, some parents of the children blocked Xie Yuqiang, the owner of the child child's nutritional milk at the door of the dormitory of the Quality Supervision Bureau, and smashed his car. Xie Yuqiang called the police.I wanted to rescue Xie Yuqiang. As a result, I was caught in. A police car was overturned. Another number of innocent private cars was smashed, and the car tires were burned. A large number of people who did not know the truth joined in.Xiao Sun, they received the call from the person who was trapped, and found that they were not enough to see them at all. In a hurry, they called the county duty room. Zhou Wenneng came.When there was a leader sitting, several police officers also felt a little fixed in their hearts.

Where do they know, what kind of thought Zhou Wen came up with the heart that broke the boat, this matter was good, then the future is unlimited, and the handling is not good.Fleeing public office, but he has prepared the worst thoughts. Lao Tzu is not working. He does business with Liu Ziguang. With the relationship between his old classmates, he must not care about himself.

With a team of police officers and security guards, Zhou Wen walked towards the crowd's gathering. At this moment, Nantai County had a different hustle and bustle.The banana fan stood on the side of the road. The young people rode around the bicycle electric vehicle. The children were happy as happy as the New Year.The glass residue and broken bricks are closer to this group of people. The more powerful Zhou Wen's heartbeat is.

Zhou Wenming Bai Nantai County's dry relationship has been bad. If he has a little discomfort, he will be hit by the angry crowd and Xie Yuqiang. It is light to tear into pieces.He will also be poured with gasoline ...

He didn't dare to think down, shook his head hard, stopped his footsteps, took out his mobile phone from his pants pocket, and dialed the number at home.

"Hey, who is looking for?" The lazy voice of his wife sounded in his ear. At this time it was ten o'clock in the middle of the night, and the family was already asleep.

"It's me, baby."

"Sleep, do you want to let your father buy toys, why are you so noisy there?"
"It's okay, I knowQuiet, I just want to say, I love you. "

" Oh, Zhou Wen, what happened to you today ... "

I haven't finished there, Zhou Wen has hung up the phoneHe roared back: "Come with me!" He said resolutely, walking forward, the wind blew his placket, and there was a tragic and tragic atmosphere of the wind and water.

I have never seen Assistant Zhou, who has never seen good, and has such a majestic side. Several people's high -horse security guards him to open a passage and walk towards the besieged police car.

In fact, the situation is not as bad as imagined, and the masses are not unknown. They just want to vent the depression in their chests and punish the originator of the disaster. Moreover, there is no strict organizational system.Squeezed in without any effort.

The matter is so big. So far, no one has appeared in the official. The people have long been angry. Now that a person who has seen an official appears, it is suddenly excited again.

In the summer, the cool people on the street are wearing slippers big pants and undershirts. How can there be such a kind of meticulous white shirt and pants and leather shoes.It looks like being an official, let alone a group of followers and police behind him.

"When the official is here, the official is here." The masses picked up their heads and stood in front of a brick with a beer bottle.

The police car was surrounded by the crowd, the window had been smashed, the door was stunned, and the two headlights were all rotten.When the glass residue came, when the reinforcement arrived, the expression was revealed in his eyes.

"Please stay in your hand!" Zhou Wenyi found that his voice was so weak. He quickly picked up the electric speaker and put it on his mouth. After a while, his voice was enlarged by the electric speaker several times.Times, but it is still very difficult to hear tens of thousands of people gathered on the square.

"What are you doing? What qualifications do you have to let us stop your hands?"

"He is the assistant to the county magistrate, you calm down, listen to Assistant Zhou's speech." Xiao Sun and others also patiently persuaded, everyone knows that the masses are gunpowder barrels now, and they can only come to the soft.Hard.

But the scene was so chaotic that no one could listen to Zhou Wen's words. In the back, a few beer bottles were thrown over and almost hit Zhou Wen's head. The brown beer bottle turned into a pile of glass residue under the feet, and it was also.I reminded Zhou Wen that the conventional persuasion education is no longer working. If you want to calm down, you must apply the medicine!

Thinking of this, he walked towards the police car, jumped into the rear box in front of the public eyes, then stood on the car, raised the electric speaker, shouted with his greatest voice: "Destroy the poison milk powder, shoot shotXie Yuqiang! "

As soon as this statement came out, the audience was silent. As an official, he was responsible for his own words and deeds.In the case, each sentence of Zhou Wen represents the official. He suddenly shouted such a shocking world. The slogan that only shouted in the early days of liberation was not shocking.

Taking advantage of the good time in the audience, Zhou Wen then said: "My surname Zhou is from the county government. We will not say today. I just want to say that I have children., Drink milk powder, this kind of bereavement of the good milk producers, not killing is not enough to be indignant! "

Suddenly applauding, Zhou Wenda also experienced some. When attending various meetings, this kind of meeting.Seeing a lot of collective applause, but like today, tens of thousands of people are sincere, warm, and applauded from my heart, but I have heard it for the first time.

He hung the electric horn on his body and stretched out both hands and pressed it. This is a typical gesture of applause to stop applause, but the masses still applauded.Over time.

Finally, Zhou Wen raised the horn again, saying, "Criminals who produce poison milk must be severely punished by law, but it is not now! We are a legal society.There is a court to punish it. If anyone can convict, the society will be chaotic! "

It is a bit restless, and it seems a little dissatisfied. Zhou Wen quickly said," To me, shoot this dog dayIt's cheaper! "

Someone applauded below, and the officials on the television spoke on the TV were all flat and stable.Zhou Wen has been recognized and no longer treats him as an enemy.

"I suggest that the person's way is also cured of his body. Who has a prodigy and grandma, contribute, let the dog day drink, drink in the death!"

Below belowThere was another applause, and the little grandson also secretly raised her thumbs. Assistant Zhou had a way. Even if Xie Yuqiang drank a box of gods, he would not die, but it was possible to be dragged out of the trouble.

A positive people quickly went to the nearby shop to lift two boxes of prodigy milk. Zhou Wen stood on the roof and ordered: "Let's ask our public security personnel to come up and arrest Xie Yuqiang first."

There are a few unkempt police officers in the car how can I hear the meaning of Assistant Zhou under the steps of the steps, and quickly climb out and handcuff Xie Yuqiang. Poor Xie Xie has become a trembling quail -like.Essence

"Drink! Don't finish drinking, don't want to leave!" Zhou Wen drank with electric speakers, Xie Yuqiang was not a fool.If he is willing, he quickly took out a box of gods with handcuffs with handcuffs, and pulled out the straw to drink.

"This won't work, take him a large basin!" Zhou Wen shouted violently, and looked around: "It's too small here, everyone can't see it, let's change the place and go to the stage to drink."

There is a building that has been built not far from the door of the shopping mall. It was prepared for the road to use tomorrow. It happened to be sent in the field.On the top, under the gaze of tens of thousands of eyes in the square, the child's grandmother who disassembled a bag was poured into a stainless steel basin and forced Xie Yuqiang to drink it.

Xie Yuqiang held his face with a bowl and exposed his face. Zhou Wen waved his hand, and immediately came over the two security guys, held Xie Yuqiang's head, pried open his mouth, poured it with his face, and drank it.I did n’t sprinkle a lot, but this scene was extremely stimulating. The masses in the audience were boiling, but now the initiative has been in Zhou Wen ’s hands.

"Give me me, I am died and count me!" Zhou Wenzhao Xie Yuqiang kicked his back and looked at it from the stage.This is acting, and it is venting the anger for the masses. Several public security of the little grandson also understands that they are trying their best to cooperate.

Eye Xie Yuqiang was tossed enough, Zhou Wen picked up the electric speaker again: "Broadcast said there was heavy rain at night, everyone was scattered, I would have to go to work tomorrow.Never eat his good fruits. "

The masses laughed for a while, and a pale electric light flashed in the sky in a timely manner. After a few seconds, the thunder of the row of mountains and the sea sounded, which indicates that a heavy rain is coming.The crowds of onlookers went home one after another. When the rain rained, even those social idlers who were not afraid of the world were still leaving.

The pouring rain was poured on the top of the stage, and a dense sound was made. Zhou Wen felt that his back was soaked and exhausted, as if he had finished a whole football game, he couldn't care about the image.On the ground, ask the little grandson: "Is there a smoke?"

Xiao Sun touched the cigarette case, handed it over, and helped Zhou Wen ignite it.It's you. "

The remaining police officers who were trapped in the car also came over to thank Zhou Wendao. Zhou Wen was exhausted and had no energy to say something with them, just holding a hand and patting his shoulders.

Suddenly someone was lying on the ground like a leather ball, Xie Yuqiang, full of mouth like a ball, said, "What do he do?"