Chapter 40 Party

A pair of gentle hands covered Meng Fan's eyes gently, the fragrance of a girl, and drifted into Meng Fan's nasal cavity at the same time."Guess who I am?" A woman asked softly.

Meng Fan thought it was Li Qiuyun, but it felt wrong when he heard the sound. This was a completely strange voice, but he seemed to have heard it.

Meng Fan turned his head and found that the woman covering his eyes with his hands turned out to be Zurich.

"How can it be you? How did you run my room?" Meng Fan has always been guarding Zurich, but it does not mean that Zurich thinks that he has the ability to hurt them.Essence

"Brother Meng, I heard them talk about your heroic deeds, and I really worshiped you. Just now I passed the door and saw your heart, so I joked with you.Is it really angry? "Zurich looked innocent and innocent, making Meng Fan unable to get angry, and there seemed to be no reason for anger.

Meng Fan began to feel that whether he was preparing for Zurich, is there necessary? Perhaps that Zhu Xiang is really pitying incense and jade, so as not to move in Zurich.Protecting this girl may be just because of her natural beauty, pitiful.

But this idea is just a flash of flashes in Meng Fan's brain. In the last days, Meng Fan concluded that everything must be cautious, he would rather kill, and unnecessary thoughts.

Meng Fan looked at the door of the open room and asked, "Are there any people in your family?"
"Sorry, Brother Meng, in fact, I am lying, the real situation is, in the past, in the past, in the past, in the past, in the past, in the past, in the past, in the past,I ca n’t remember everything about things. I just remember ten days ago, I stayed in the village near the gas station. There was a backpack around me.Because there is an ID card in my pocket, which says this name, and I also say that I am sixteen years old. Actually, I don't know if I am really called Zurich. "

" Are you amnesia? "
"It should be!"

Meng Fan sighed and said softly, "In the last days, amnesia is a good thing.Bar! There is no license in the future, and you are not allowed to enter my room, especially don't run to me behind. If I misunderstand it, it will be a dangerous attack. "

"Well, I know, Brother Meng, then I went out. "Surich's voice was very sweet, giving people a very sticky feeling, and I wanted to listen to it, but Meng Fan knew that the last days made people feel beautiful in the last days.Things are often dangerous.

Zurich came in as soon as she left Li Qiuyun. She didn't know where to find a conjoined short skirt and changed it, so she ran to show off Meng Fan.

"Is it good? Husband." Women are always tired of beauty, as well as Li Qiuyun.

"Good -looking, better than when you don't wear clothes." Meng Fan said with a smile.

"Bad guy! Taking me to look for happiness." Li Qiuyun smiled brightly, smiled and smiled, her eyes had some ambiguous.Meng Fan hugged her in her arms, and Li Qiuyun obediently hugged in Meng Fan's arms. She smiled in her eyes and looked at him hotly.

Meng Fan felt a hot force rising in the lower abdomen, so he laughed: "Okay, you dare to seduce me during the day, believe it or not now I have done you."He kissed Li Qiuyun.

Li Qiuyun laughed and avoided, lying in Meng Fan's ear and said, "Meng Fan, now it's not possible, there are too many people outside. At night, I will satisfy your big bad guy's desire."

For this temporary settlement point, of course, the most important thing is still safe. Luo Hongyun found in a house less than 200 meters away from them.Not like people from a distance.

Luo Hongyun reported the situation to Meng Fan. Meng Fan thought that it was likely that the Baihu gangs came to monitor them, so he sneered: "Don't ignore him, people don't commit me, I am not a prisoner.As long as you usually pay more attention, right, find the fishing line? "

" Deng Chao found some, how about it on the car? "
" Very good, cloth on the night at nightThe fishing line array, then arrange the dark whistle, me, you, and Li Xiaotian, we three children take turns to patrol the night shift, you can arrange for specific people. "

The so -called fishing line array is in the fishing lineIt is tied to an object that is easy to make sounds at one end, and then wraps the fishing line to the must -have place to enter the courtyard, so as long as someone comes to sneak attack, it will make a sound.

"Well, no problem, even long, just, you don't have to patrol it in person!"
"No! We are too small, if I am not worthy of night, they may be likelyIt will be relaxed, so it will be fixed. "

It is very lively at night.He also brought a few bottles of wine over. Meng Fan put a large table of chicken legs, cans and other foods from the gas station, and let everyone eat it in an exception. Of course, the women who rescued them made them eat them.Dare to fly like a dragon.

Wu Hainan's spiritual ratio is much better when he is separated. He laughed and said, "Meng Fan, here is so good, we will not go back. Compared with this in the county seatPig food.

Meng Fanhaha laughed: "You just want to leave, I don't allow it, I tell you a good news, Zhou Tianzi may be here."

Wu HainanHaha smiled: "I already know it, and tell you!"

Meng Fan thought, can you tell them if Long Saifei can not tell them?Liang Luoqi smiled at first, and then he expressed his indifference: "Brother Zhou is coming, it's good, but unfortunately Pearl her?"

Meng Fan waved his hand: "How many people can live well in the last days?We do n’t mention things that are unhappy, come to us to drink. "

Liang Luoqi is naturally much better when he is separated. There are contributions to the care of Dragon Saifei and others.Laughing: "Brother Meng is right, let's drink." After speaking, raised the cup, it had a good taste of women.

Meng Fan drank a large glass of wine and asked about what happened on Long Saifei Road.Long Sai Fei sighed: "Just blame me too much, and put the key to preparation on the zombies. How can I think that I will be attacked by similar types."

In the ambush of the Bawang Gang in the last days, but there are many people led by Long Saifei, and compared with the people of the last overlord gangs, they are not a little bit strong in combat power, and the people of the last hegemony gang occupy a favorable terrain., Each of the two sides has its own advantages. After a few hours of fierce fighting, Shi Zengjin shot a civilian who had no guns who wanted to capture with a machine gun.In order to break the breakout, only two cars were rushed out in the end.Dragon Saifei carried a sniper bullet with the remaining people abandoning the car on the mountain. The people of the last -time bully gang followed, but once they lost the favorable terrain, where is the ghost sniper such as Long Saifei?Oppose, the Dragon Said missiles are vain. Fifty bullets eliminate fifty -year -old overlord gangs, if not the rest of the people are not good at dusk, they will escape in a timely manner.As a result, he lost heavy losses, leaving only more than 20 people. In the end, he was slaughtered by Meng Fan himself.

Meng Fan laughed after listening: "I would like to thank you, Saifei, if you hadn't killed them so many people, I didn't get away when I met them.In Jin, I was sent by me in the end, and it was a revenge for those people. "

The wine passed the three patrols, and the dragon sighed:" Meng Team, I thought it was in Beishan County, and it was time.Where the safety and civilization are, how can I think of the difference from the imagination. "

" Saifei, what is the situation in the county? Seventy -two divisions? Isn't it in Beishan County? ">
"Oh! Seventy -two divisions have evacuated Beishan County three months ago. Now Beishan County Base is controlled by the newly compiled one, two, and two groups.The anti -zombie was positive and was promoted to the head of the regiment, but after controlling Beishan County, this person became deteriorated.Now the management power of the county is in the hands of the army. "

" Yes, although there are county chiefs, but there is no troops and no right, it is basically an empty shelf.There are 800 are the previous 68th Division and the 72nd Infantry Camp. Four hundred are armed police from various places, and 300 are temporarily recruited. "

" The civilian life in the county is not very good? "

" More than bad, it is quite bad. There are too many victims who have escaped around. There are so many people in the small Beishan County. The new houses are similar to the pigpen.It's nothing, the disaster period! Just eat or live. The key is that this Gao Qingshan. He lives in a mansion by himself.How can you be enjoyed as a soldier at this time? "

Meng Fan smiled slightly. It is not surprising that people in the disaster become.On the other hand, once the power has lost effective constraints, how can this not happen.

Long Saifei lowered his voice and said, "This Gao Qingshan often recruits girls aged 16 to 24 with the banner of recruiting logistics personnel for the army.His confidant officer. "

Meng Fan frowned and laughed:" This Gao Qingshan seems to be very enjoyable.Will the zombies be desperate when coming? You must not keep your life, drink, and play. "

" Who said is not, will be a soldier who will only enjoy, can you still have combat effectiveness? "

Meng Fanzheng and Long Saifei and others chatted. Suddenly a gun came from the direction of the national road. Meng Fan's face changed, and he ordered Li Xiaotian to check what happened?

Li Xiaotian returned quickly, saying that there were some zombies on the national road, and the army was ordered to block it.