1 5 6 zong he zhi li de tie quan

"Brother Liu, can you say they can come?" The head of the engineering department asked uneasily.

"Yes." Liu Ziguang replied, looking at the distance, the traffic on the road in the early morning was not much.

"Can the police station listen to us? I don't believe it." The old man who spoke was the old man of the financial department.Participate, but send your own relatives to stare at it and report the news at any time.

"That is, the last time the Gao President came forward and asked them to clean up the illegal construction, they just sent a film police, several joint defenders came over, this time ... hum." The old woman in the general department also sneered and sneered.Ironically, she is also a man of Gao. Even if she can't lay off her head, she comes early in the morning to see Liu Ziguang's joke.

The remaining colleagues of the Department of Green Department of the Department of Cleaning Department were silently hit by them. Although they were not listening to it, they were also the truth.How can there be such a large energy who shouted the police station, and the police station did not support it. It relied on the property company itself to undergo such a large -scale rectification.

The time for a minute and a second, the agreed seven o'clock has arrived. There is still no movement on the road in front of the community.The old men of the subject and the old women of the comprehensive department were ridiculed and complained that Liu Ziguang called everyone up early in the morning, and the staff of the remaining departments also sighed secretly and were ready to return to the house.

Only Liu Ziguang looked at the distance, and a ironic smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.There is no need to call one by the phone.

But the time has been 7.05. Several high -level relatives have gone away. Only colleagues from the Ministry of Security of Liu Ziguang, and a group of temporary workers such as Liu Ziguang's Security Department, as well as the cleaning department of the Ministry of EngineeringWe.

At 7:00, a broadcast vehicle with a clear Jiangbei TV platform appeared on the corner of the street. A man with an anti -camera on the roof was recording in the backward direction in the backward direction.

After going back, it is a mighty team. The head of Passat is a policeman.The painting of national units, industry, commerce, taxation, courts, administrative law enforcement ...

At the entrance of the community, everyone has a*eyes. Which one is this?Is it passing by?Unlike, all these vehicles were stopped at the door of Zhicheng Garden, and they all stopped. From the car, a large number of people wearing ** were jumping from the vehicle, hiding the blue suit, wearing the national emblem ** the judge; all armed, handcuffed electric batons hanging around the waistPolice on the intercom; the staff of the Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau, the most prestigious team of the Law Enforcement Bureau, a white steel helmet, white armed belt, bean green **, the stars on the shoulders flickeredThe level is clear, and the evil is strict.

The door of a black Audi opened, Song Jianfeng drilled out of it, the heads and brains of each unit came to him, and the Song Bureau was simply deployed and dispersed.Action, so many law enforcement units acted together to scare the residents of the community. Those uncle who climbed up early in the morning and looked at the noisy people, all wore the pot.

Liu Ziguang stepped forward, came to Song Jianfeng and said, "Director Song, hello."

Director Song laughed, stretched out his hand to shake hands with Liu Ziguang, shaking his arms while shaking his arms while shaking his arms while shaking his arms and side.Said: "Everyone is responsible for rectifying the group rent.BR> said, a habit of waving, making a point of pointing in Jiangshan, the newspaper reporter took a slam with a SLR, shook Liu Ziguang and Song Jianfeng to shook hands, and the TV station photographer on the broadcast of the car rotated.The camera records this big action to crack down on group rents.

At this time, the colleagues of the property company were all*eyes, staring at Liu Ziguang and the leaders of the municipal bureau shook hands.Light bulbs are as big as the light bulb, and Captain Bai, who was hiding in the dark and waiting to watch the joke, went out of the phone and called Gao President Gao.

Leveraged by the Municipal ** Bureau, the comprehensive rectification operation of the combination of industrial and commercial tax in the court officially started. Since this operation has been reported to the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, all units are working hard, especially white, especially whiteThe helmet white armored troops horse first, rushed directly to the door according to the group rental households locked by the property department in advance, rushed upstairs to knock on the door, smashing the mountains.

Time is only at half past seven. Most office workers are still washing and preparing for breakfast time. When they heard knocking, the rented households inside came to open the door with a toothbrush.Do n’t do the door of the house, and then the brigade rushed in. The court staff read out the temporary method of the city's strike group tenants to a group of scared tenants, and then the governance began.

This is a three -bedroom three -bedroom of 120 bungalows. It has been divided into six separate small rooms by the three -in -board board. Each has a separate washing shower health system.On the three -story shelf bed, some sleepy people have just got up.

Group rental has always been a stubborn disease and is difficult to manage. Those group tenants are also poor people. They are not high. They can only choose this group rental method, but they frequently flow ** **, irregularities**, And the neighborhood contradictions caused by the reconstruction of the house have risen to social problems, and it has reached the point where non -governance.

This time the governance was ruthless. The governor directly cleaned out the private belongings of the rented households, and then waved the hammer to smash the messy partitions. When the owner came, he would order him to take the house to take the houseThe layout is changed to the original.

Some rented residents struggle, but in the face of comprehensive governance operations, they are like a car as a car and dare to resist the law. They are directly twisted by ** personnel.The strength and the national machine compete, and some people with a clever point take out their mobile phones and contact the landlord.

Not a big time, a man in his thirties arrived at the scene, and he drank a lot from far away: "Who dares to move my house!"

Readed to him temporarily, the man pushed the judge roughly and said, "I do n’t care about those, the house I bought, why do you come in, why do you hit me, how can I tell you, how did you smash me, how did he smash me, how did you smash me, how did he smash me, how did you smash me, how did he smash me, how did you smash me, how did he smash me, how did he smash me, how did he smash me, how did he smash me, how did he smash me, how did he smash me?I will restore me to the original, otherwise I will go to the province to sue you. "

At the law enforcement site, Liu Ziguang always accompanied Director Song and saw the man appeared, and then whispered:" This guy bought in the communityTwelve houses were changed to this kind of compartment for group rental. I heard that this person still has a background. "

Director Song twisted his eyebrows and said," The fundamental source of the phenomenon of group rental is thisPraising people is also the target of our strict fighting. No matter what he has, I have to obstruct the normal life of the majority of residents, and we must govern according to law. "

The landlord is still splashing, the TV station's camera will put his ugly face and faceAfter shooting completely, then took a picture of the governor who couldn't fight back, and scolded the excellent quality of the scolding. After the shooting, the police came on the court.The charges of official duties are detained, waiting for him will be the prosecution of the property company and the community industry committee.

The comprehensive governance of the morning has received unexpected results. More than ten nail -level group tenants were cleaned up. There were piles of private items downstairs.Board, Sanhe Board, and the toilet toilet washing the face pool was transported down, the landlords looked indignant, some called, and some reasonable, but no one dared to obstruct the law enforcement.

The rest of the group tenants who have not had time to rectify have also received a notice of rectification and administrative fines within a time limit. If rectification is refused within the prescribed period, the voucher of the court will be received.

During the entire comprehensive governance operation, the personnel of the property company have not been on the front line, followed by watching the fun. The TV station gave Liu Ziguang lens, and thought he was the boss of the property company.

At noon, the comprehensive governance came to an end, and the brigade was evacuated, leaving only a small number of personnel to continue to sweep the tail. At this time, the owners of the community after get off work at noon came back 6. The company finally did something good.

At noon, Jiangbei's noon news took five minutes to report the scene of the comprehensive governance of Zhicheng Garden.The subtitles below the TV screen are introduced that this is the leader of the property company.

In front of the TV, Gao's fat face has become purple -red, and the tea cup in his hand is almost crushed. His hate, it should be a great opportunity to make a limelight.Liu Ziguang grabbed his head, but he hated the TV station to Zhang Guanli, saying that he was the leader of the property company. If he let the group people see it, he did not laugh at himself.

Chengcheng Group, the president's office, Li Yan is reviewing the documents, and suddenly the inside telephone number rang. It was called by the Public Relations Department.There are news from our company. "

Li Yan picked up the remote control and opened the TV. The LED backlight on this wall is a comprehensive operation of the city's centralized governance group rental phenomenon.In the picture, the leaders of Liu Ziguang, who are wearing the Chengcheng Property and the leaders of the court of industrial and commercial tax in the court stood together, talked about it, and talked about it.

Li Yan unconsciously stood up from behind the desk, walked to the middle of the big office, watched the TV with his chin with his chin, as a group of chiefs, below, and he was doing such a big action below.The last one knew, this made her quite interested. I did not expect that this Liu Ziguang was not only brave and kind, but also quite a means.