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As soon as I got the news, I did not report such a big action in the first phase of Cheng sincer, and let the group deputy chief Xu Xu, who is responsible for the property, is the vice president of the fierce middle -aged company in the first phase of the branch.

"Such a big action did not notify the above, it is really no organization and discipline! I must criticize them when I look back." Mr. Xu said uneasily.

"Oh, that's not necessary, I think the effect is not bad, let them go to do it. If the property fee collection ratio can be improved, I will ask the board of directors to pay them." Li YanAfter speaking, the phone was hung up.

The door of the office was softly knocked out. The lady of the secretary sent it in a stack of documents.As a strong real estate business, the eyes of Chengcheng Group are not limited to the city.

Thinking of this land to bid, Li Yan had a headache for a while. Although the cake is **, there must be a pair of iron -mouth steel to eat it.Looking at it, there is a great potential. Although Chengcheng Group is strong, the strong dragon does not overwhelm the snake. If you want to win this standard, you will definitely encounter how much resistance in Mingli.


Zhicheng Garden Conference Room, President Gao, who is late is chairing the meeting.

"Well, this comprehensive governance is very successful this time, ah, me, I have been coordinating all aspects of the relationship between the group headquarters, and I have not had time to conduct the scene to conduct.Commendation. "

General Gao Gao is full of champion and takes all the credit on themselves, but the employees have a long time in their hearts, and no one cares about him. After that, the Captain White and the Integrated Department of the Accounting Division are finished.Several guys raised their hands warmly, applauding Gao.

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"The focus of the next work is to strengthen the collection efforts. It is mainly led by the customer service department and the general department. The accounting department cooperates, I am optimistic about you."Conscience, the relatives, all of them straightened their waistboards and accepted the leadership review.

After cleaning up the group rent, the majority of the owners are very satisfied. In addition, the property company has strengthened the intensity of cleaning and greening in a timely manner.With the green belt, the sprinkler vehicle is used to clean the road and sprinkle the water of the trees. The community is clean and clean, and people are willing to pay the property fee.

But there are still some difficulties that are difficult to solve. Aunt who lives on the first floor on the first floor likes to raise chickens.Ten chickens run around, Youyi swims, every morning is not bright, the big rooster will sing high, noisy people can't sleep, chicken feces, feather feathers are flying everywhere.I also came to this aunt several times to negotiate, but there was no tree.

Aunt is actually not bad money, just like playing with this, saying that the chicken that is stored is delicious, the eggs are nutritious, and her family is nutritious.It is useless at all. The complaint came to the property. The property staff came from it.Everyone is helpless.

The neighbors did not dare to provoke professional households, so they had to sprinkle their qi on the property company and do not solve the problem of chicken group disturbing the people. They united to pay the property fee.Backlessly, the problem of this headache has been put in the present.

The staff of the customer service department came to persuade the aunt to move the chicken group away again, even if you keep it at home, but don't take up the public green space. Don't cry in the morning.The dog blood noble sprinkler scolded by the little customer service, and the tears came out.

It is worth mentioning that the aunt never paid the property fee, and there was no reason to pay it!

The customer service department finds Gao's reflection situation, and Gao is also okay, but this household is really special. If it is not governed, the owners of the surrounding buildings will not pay the property fee.Bending, Gao Gao took the confidant of his men to meet. What are the guys who can only shoot horses and beard, and there are any tricks. It is nothing more than big eyes and small eyes.

There is no way. The minister of the customer service department took a group of his men to find Liu Ziguang to find a way. Liu Ziguang put his hand and said, "There is no way to Gao, what can I do?We go to grab the chickens of others illegal. "

The Minister of the customer service department is a 27th and eighth -year -old, and under his hand is a group of youth., Pursuing and selling well, wrapped Liu Ziguang.

"Brother Liu, please help us, we all know that you have the most way."
"Good brother, I invite you to eat,"

Liu Ziguang was entangled by them. Haha said with a smile: "Okay, I think of ways, but our two departments must form a friendly unit, both young people, and more transmission."

As soon as this statement came out, the female generals of the customer service department immediately put their hearts back back to their stomachs, and took a decoction and said, "Liu Brother, you said, we will definitely implement it.K, outing to climb the mountain, there is no problem. "

Most of the young men of the Security Department are single Han, and they have already coveted the MMs of the customer service department for three feet.The post of post, don't say anything, what Liu Gong let him do, it is a word!

In the afternoon of the next day, in front of the 45th building, the chicken -raising aunt was sitting at the door and a few old ladies pushing the license nine.The truck stopped at the door, opened the back door, opened the five iron cages together, and the fierce dogs with blood -red tongue rushed out of it, rushing to the fat chicken group.

In the green belt in front of the building, more than thirty rooster chickens and chickens, large and small, are pecking eaten leisurely. The lawn has long been messy by them.The big rooster, the golden chicken is **, stared at his territory and wives and concubines majestic, and the big red chicken crown was high, and he was an inseparable school.

Suddenly, the break of the five fierce dogs broke the leisurely and quiet rural life. The evil dogs bite when they saw the chickens, Bai Sen's teeth, the sharp claws, and the roar in the throat all made the chickens make the chickensThe group trembled, and a few timid hens were scared to death on the spot. In order to protect the territory, the big rooster resolutely struggled with the fierce dog. UnfortunatelyAs a result, fate.

The chicken raising aunt was stunned by this sudden situation, and it was screaming for a while, but the chicken group had been destroyed.The scene of the scene is comparable to the battlefield.

The owner of the dog whispered, and the five trained hunting dogs jumped into the small truck., Leave the chicken aunt who shakes.

The aunt was angry and immediately called the police. The police station was alarming, but in the face of this situation, ** was helpless.

More than thirty chickens are not worth a few money, but they are not killed, but are killed by dogs. How should this case be determined?And this big ** is sturdy, the police station knows it, and no one wants to ignore her, so she just records the confession and leave.

The chickens are overwhelmed, and the neighbors of the surrounding buildings are applauding. Everyone knows that it is done by the property company, but they all know that no one said, but quietly went to the property customer service department and put the property of the month of the month.The fee is paid.

Everyone still underestimated the strength of the chicken. After her chicken group was destroyed, she immediately called to recruit her son.Latto the dozen brothers to the property company to come **.

It is a youth, tall and strong, wearing a black slim T -shirt, followed by more than a dozen people behind him, all of which are full of anger.The door was blocked, only when it was allowed to get in, when the problem was solved, and when it was released.

Several hooligans dressed up to the customer service hall, swallowing the clouds with smoke, and scaring customer service to be out of color. Several people quietly ran to the security office and reported Minister Liu.

Liu Ziguang's eyebrows were picked, and he was interested: "Some people dare to go to me to make trouble, interesting." Immediately, he went to his heart, and a few in his heart suddenly walked behind Liu Ziguang.

When he came to the lobby, Liu Ziguang hadn't spoken yet. The young man in the black T -shirt was bright, and he ran over and nodded his head: "Isn't this Liu Brother?"

It was the scarred head, and Liu Ziguang had a black leopard at the gate of 1912.

Liu Ziguang nodded lightly: "It's a black leopard, what's the matter with people?"

The black leopard quickly smoked: "It's okay, it's all misunderstandings, brother, you smoke."

Liu Ziguang put on cigarettes, and the Black Panther was sincere and helped him to order, saying, "Brother, please ask you, don't tell Brother Scar, if he knows, it must be peeled with me."

Liu Ziguang swallowed the clouds and vomited the mist, and his expression was free: "Say good, little things."
"Who, come, come!" Black Panther pointed at behind him, and the young man quickly fart quicklyFart came over, his face was uneasy.

"This is the Gong Gong of Brother Liu, the scar brother's family, know no! Brother scarred he has to go to smoke when he sees him!"

Brother Liu, I don’t know that this place is your old cover. My mother's old is stubborn. I will not let her raise chickens, but just listen. "

This group of people goes more thanQuickly, when their cars disappeared in their sight, the customer service department all jumped up, one by one with a smile, and cheered around Liu Ziguang:
"Minister Liu is too great!"

br> "Brother Guang, I admire you so much!"


The even more surprising is still behind. After half an hour, the chicken nourishment ran to the customer service department in person and paid to payThe long -owned property expenses, I can't help but apologize, saying that I will never raise chickens in the future.

The property fee collection ratio is ready to be completed, and Liu Ziguang received another good news.

The phone was called by Fang Ye, saying that the 500,000 yuan had been settled, let him come to get it.