Chapter 193

After the group of people left, Lu Xuyang chased the two people who left with the fox cat.

It was not long before Lu Xuyang left. In the room where the two people came out, there were a few more people out.In the appearance, there are obviously several bodyguards and other figures around.

What did the two people say what they said? If Lu Xuyang was here, he would definitely find that one of them was the senior of Tsinghua University, Gao Mufeng.

"Mr. Nakamura, please stop, you can trouble you here!" When the area was about to go out, Gao Mufeng said to the man next to him.

"Rest assured, Mr. Gao, I will definitely let her open!" The man

"Rest assured, Mr. Gao, I will definitely let her open!" The man fucking a weird Mandarin, guaranteed Gao Mufeng.

"Then I look forward to your good news!" Gao Mufeng said with a smile, and then left.

Seeing that Gao Mufeng's back disappeared, Mr. Nakamura gradually retracted the smile on his face and walked back with a few bodyguards. He had not forgotten to explore the surroundings before.

I didn't know how to get it in that room. The entrance that Lu Xuyang had seen before was quickly opened.The group walked in one after another, and the slate was as soon as possible, without showing a gap.


In a secret room, Wu Wanfang was tied up with his hands and sat on the ground, his heart in his heartFull of panic.

She only remembers that after Mr. Tian Bian talked about the export matters, she left the underground garage, and her memory just stopped in the garage.When she woke up again, she found that she had been taken here.

Just when I went out that day, my mobile phone was almost out of power.In order to save the phone number recorded, she turned off her mobile phone and brought it to the office wireless phone.

Because the phone is small.Similar to the mobile phone, those people didn't find it after searching the phone.It also gave her a chance to ask for help.Unfortunately, his help was discovered by those people, and his mobile phone was also taken away.

But she remembers that she sent a message in a hurry, but she didn't know who the information was received.I hope that person can be alert to rescue himself!Thinking of this, Wu Wanfang couldn't help raising his head and prayed silently to the sky.

Just then.The closed door was suddenly opened, and a man in his forties walked in with several bodyguards.

"Who is it? Treating our nobles like this?" No one responded behind him, and the man shouted a little angrily, "What are you doing? Don't you let our guests loosen?"

Several people quickly went up and tied Wu Wanfang, and one of them also moved a stool.And helped her sit up.

The man was obviously satisfied when he saw their movements. When he saw Wu Wanfang sitting down, he also ran down on another chair and sat down.

"I'm Nakamura, Miss Wu. Are you okay?" The man asked with a weird Mandarin with a smile.

"You feel that you have been tied for so long, and you haven't had a sip of tea. Can you get better when you eat meals?" Wu Wanfang also replied with a smile.There was a trace of tone, but he couldn't see the slightest from his face.

Actually when the man went in.Wu Wanfang was still very scared, but after seeing the man's approach, she immediately calmed down.

The man was polite to him, that must have something to do. In a short time, they should not make her.In this case, she doesn't have to be too polite to them.

When he heard Wu Wanfang's complaints, before the man ordered, one person behind him retreated, and after a while, he brought two cups of tea and put it on a table moved by several other people.

"Miss Wu, please drink tea!" Nakamura spread as a gentleman.

"Thank you!" Wu Wanfang replied politely, picked up the tea cup in front of him with one hand, and took a sip.

Since they are polite to her, she must be more polite. Otherwise, if the other party turns her face and starts, she will be called every day.

But Wu Wanfang still holds a small amount of abacus, that is a word-drag!

Even if the text message she sends failed to attract attention, she would not be able to return to the factory for a long time, and it would likely surprise others, so that she found out that she was missing.And her drag tips are to let others have more time to discover her missing.

It may be Wu Wanfang's thoughts. Nakamura did not give her too many opportunities and said directly: "Miss Wu, we are a relatively quiet place. If you don't like it, just cooperate with a small cooperation.A moment, we will send you out unscathed! "

In Nakamura's words, click on this place to be quiet, and the quiet place is generally remote and difficult to find.With Wu Wanfang's cleverness, he can definitely hear. His potential is to make her not want to escape or someone will find a place of rescue.

Of course, he didn't know that his so -called quiet one had discovered Lu Xuyang, and he had already acted to come in.

"How do I need to cooperate?" Wu Wanfang asked.To be honest, she is full of doubts now, and she really can't think of their motivation.

"In fact, there is nothing, but Miss Wu gave me the formula of 'Qing Guolu'!" Nakamura looked at Wu Wanfang after finishing expectations.

"Impossible!" Wu Wanfang immediately opposed.That's the main product of the company, how could she tell them the main formula?

What else wanted to say, Wu Wanfang interrupted without waiting for him to speak: "Don't say I don't know the formula of" Qing Guolu "Miss Wu, don't rush to oppose it first. Since you don't want to tell me the formula, I will not force you. We can retreat!" Nakamura continues to say a smile.

"Oh? How do you retreat and seek the second method?" Wu Wanfang asked.I don't know if they are thinking about some ghost ideas.

Nakamura considers a moment before saying: "We don't need Miss Wu to tell me the formula, I believe Miss Wu will not agree, as long as Miss Wu tells me a major material in the formula!"

> "Impossible!" Wu Wanfang immediately objected to hearing.Isn't this change of soup without changing medicine?It is equivalent to letting himself tell him the recipe of ‘green fruit’.

"Miss Wu! Are you too sincere?" Wu Wanfang's repeated opposition gradually disappeared on the smile on Nakamura's face: "I didn't find you to form a formula, I just want to know one of the main.The ingredients are fine. As for this small request, is Miss Wu unwilling to satisfy me? "

Zhongcun said behind, and his tone has gradually become serious. Hearing Wu Wanfang's ears,That is, the sense of threat is enhanced.