Chapter 194 Going into the Tiger Point

Not to mention the dialogue between Nakamura and Wu Wanfang, Lu Xuyang followed all the way and followed the two to a supermarket in the city.The two left after buying some snacks. They said with a smile and walked downstairs. Lu Xuyang followed all the way until the underground parking lot.

The two should be driving. Lu Xuyang brought a mask up. This was what he just touched when he was in the supermarket.

At this time, the two walked in front of a white van, one went directly to the driver, and the other came to the trunk to put things.

When Lu Xuyang did not pay attention, he directly reached the trunk at the fastest speed, quickly stretched out of his back, covered the man's mouth, and the other hand was split directly in the man.At the back of the neck.

The man's eyes were dark and fainted directly. Lu Xuyang quickly caught him and pushed him into the trunk.After covering the trunk car cover, Lu Xuyang naturally walked to the auxiliary frame and pulled the door and sat in.

At this time, the man who was sitting murmured in his mouth, suddenly turned his head and just saw Lu Xuyang.

"Who are you?" The man was surprised.

The knife in his hand was answered.

"Drive!" Lu Xuyang said deeply.The knife in his hand also pushed the person hard, and soon, the part of the part was exuded with a trace of blood.

"Okay!" The man nodded in a panic, trembling his hands and lit the car.

I have to say that the driver's skills are still good. If you change it to yourself, it is estimated that the car can move.Lu Xuyang thought that when he could have such a good technology.

Soon, the car drove to a more secluded location under the instructions of Lu Xuyang.Lu Xuyang looked around, determined that there were no one around him, and after being considered a secret, he retracted his attention.

"Parking!" Lu Xuyang suddenly said.

With his drink, the man trembled suddenly, and then stepped on the brake obediently.

"Tell me, why do you kidnap Wu Wanfang?" Lu Xuyang asked the man with a knife.

"Who? Who ... is Wu Wanfang?" The man was scared by Lu Xuyang's knife, but Lu Xuyang was very contempt.Where is the courage to do bad things like such a person?

But that's better, so that he had the opportunity to ask what he wanted.

"Less nonsense! The woman tied by you!" Lu Xuyang knocked on his face with a knife, a little impatiently scolded.

"I ... I ... I don't know!" The man trembled.

"Don't you know?" Lu Xuyang knocked him fiercely with a knife back: "You all caught her, but he said you don't know?"
"Know! "The man was a little aggrieved in his heart:" It was instructed on it, why do I know why she wants to catch her? "

Lu Xuyang has a moment of embarrassment.Knowing the reason why Wu Wanfang was caught.

But this kind of unknown reason is even more abominable to catch Wu Wanfang for no reason.Lu Xuyang thought of anger.

"Which house she was locked underground and what was the following pattern?"

The man hesitated, since he was abducted.That's definitely nothing to sue.If he tells the person in front of him.When it was broken, his life would not be guaranteed, and the punishment for such people was the most scary.Think of this.The man's eyes turned, and said:

"The following is a passage. Then the two sides are separated from the room. Although it is separated, the sound insulation effect is particularly good.The room at the end. "

" Are you sure? "Lu Xuyang asked fiercely.

"OK, very certain!" The man nodded his head, but did not swear at the sky.

"Well, if I find you lied to me, then wash your neck and wait!" Lu Xuyang looked at him viciously.

"Uh ..."

I heard Lu Xuyang's threat.The man shrank his shoulders and quickly moved his hands to his neck, as if Lu Xuyang was about to do it at him now.Knowing that he threatened to take effect, Lu Xuyang didn't speak anymore, but was not ready.Sad that person.

After putting the man down, Lu Xuyang got out of the car. In order not to be so fast, Lu Xuyang also threw the man into the trunk together, lock it, and Shi Shiran after finishing it.The house that was detected before.

As for those two people, they also obeyed the command. Lu Xuyang was too lazy to care about them. Now the most important thing is to save Wu Wanfang.

I took the controller that the driver's body had previously touched from the hand and took it in my hand. The things were very light. I looked at it carefully. This controller was clearly a watch.

After the man was stunned by Lu Xuyang, the watch might hit the steering wheel, and the shape of the controller was unintentionally opened.That is, at that time, Lu Xuyang saw a silver shell flipped from the watch.

Otherwise, he won't be so easy to find that the controller he is looking for is actually a watch.

"It seems that the organization is not small!" Lu Xuyang sighed secretly.Otherwise, just a shake controller will not be so delicate and secret.

Bringing 'watches' on their hands, like Lu Xuyang's raccoon cat, touched the house.Soon, he entered the house.

Open the 'watch' and press the buttons with the size of the rice grains inside. The slate slowly opened in front of Lu Xuyang's eyes, exposing the looming ladder inside.Lu Xuyang looked at it and walked in carefully.

The passage is a bit dark, Lu Xuyang groped all the way, fortunately, no one.Otherwise, just this way, there is no dead end, it is easy to be discovered.

"Amitabha, blessed by the Bodhisattva!" Lu Xuyang said silently and continued to move forward.

Looking all the way, it really told that person, there is only one channel, room on both sides, and the door of the rooms one by one.After counting it carefully, then, Lu Xuyang had already passed through a dozen rooms.

Suddenly, the voice of a person's speaking came from before, the sound was looming, and there seemed to be nothing. If it wasn't for Lu Xuyang's hearing good, it is estimated that it would be difficult for ordinary people to hear.

Listening to the side, this is a man's voice. What the man said was not the Chinese that he was familiar with, but a strange English!From this point, Lu Xuyang is sure that this person is definitely not based on English. Otherwise, the tone should not be so weird!

Lu Xuyang touched the sound, and after about two to three minutes, he could already hear the man speak very clearly.