di si bai jiu shi zhang yin de jiu shi ni

Suddenly the air in the air.It seems that it violates the law of natural law, and the ancestors of Dilong are extremely appreciated.This way of fighting can not do it by himself, it is too confusing and sudden.If it wasn't for the power of its soul than Ji Shi and could make a certain prediction, this way of folding really brought it a lot of trouble.

Of course, there is also some restrictions on Ji Xun's air -to -folding method.He can do this with the destruction of God.And by changing the direction of the front of your body by destroying God, first of all, there must be a fixed traction point.If the strength of this traction point itself, he can use the destruction of the car to wash the car.In this way, he can pull his body back.Naturally, ordinary rocks and ground soil cannot be done so easily.But the body of Dilong's ancestors is no problem.

Ji Shi has now gained the extermination of the gods, and the body has no direction at all.Once fighting, the figure like a ghost is unparalleled.

Of course, it is not that the ancestor of the Dragon Dragon is not easy to use.Of.This change direction is the subsidiary effect developed by Ji Dai himself.The huge body such as the Danan Shenghuo Dragon obviously was obviously pulled by Ji.Moreover, Ji Shi can also notify it through soul communication to stabilize his body to help him pull.Therefore, if this is applied properly, it can be said that it is one of the killers of Ji.

At this time, seeing Ji moved down under his own body, the ancestral dragon's claws of the Dragon Dragon were shot, and at the same time, the magic power in the body was running at high speed.Ben Ji moved away.

The dragon claw shot under the ancestor of Dilong is terrible.That is not only the attack power within the scope of the dragon claws.At least the broad range of 30 meters in diameter seems to be pressed by a mountain.The magic of the Holy Peak is not allowed to perform any skills.It is also comparable to ordinary super kill skills.

Faced with this situation, Ji moved to panic. The three -month experience has gradually made him gradually understand the method of fighting the ancestors of Dilong.The palms of both hands were launched, and the extermination of the gods showed the ability to deduction.This is also a new ability developed by Ji Dai in recent months.Evolved from the extermination of God.

He operates the way to extinguish the gods, so that in this way, when the palm is launched, he will no longer produce suction, but a sudden explosive thrust.Then to help his own magic, the power of this push is quite huge.

The huge body of the Dragon Dragon is naturally impossible to be pushed by Ji Shi, but under this push, with the reaction force, Ji Shi's body has flown out like a shell.

From the beginning to the present, he didn't even use his phoenix dragon snake to change. Although his wings can make him have the ability to fly.But in this rapid action, it will become resistance.

Ji Shi changed his direction again. The spear of the soil naturally couldn't pierce him.The difference is also the five fingers. At this time, the middle finger and the thumb are buckled together and pop up instantly.A sharp burst suddenly sounded in the air.

This time, it is not the magic of the soil.The golden light was full of the extremely sharp spirit, and Ji Shi's body was locked by the power of the soul of the ancestor of the Dragon.The golden light chased behind him with an unparalleled momentum.

Facing the lock of the ancestor of Dilong, Ji Shi was not panicked. In the void, it seemed to be slightly twisted.Then, the golden light popped up in the ancestor of Dilong stopped in the air for a moment.The most shocked ancestor of Dilong was that he lost his lock in Ji Shi.

How is this possible?The ancestor of Dilong was really shocked this time. From the beginning of leaving Ji to move here, this situation has never appeared.The power of its soul is one level higher than that of Ji. According to common sense, Ji Shi cannot escape it at all.This is one of the reasons why Ji Shi could not escape here.With the locking of the soul, the ancestors of Dilong can clearly grasp his next move, and naturally he can calmly cope. With the magic of the other party, how easy is Ji Shi wanting to escape from it?

Lost locking, the pop -up metallic attack can naturally only maintain a straight line. After the air pauses in the air, Ji Shi just deviated a little bit from a little direction, and the golden light passed by him.

It is nothing to escape your attack, but to avoid your soul lock, this problem is big.The ancestors of Dilong were puzzled and depressed.Regardless of this set, Ji Shi has accelerated suddenly.Double -winged, with the snake flash, rushed at all -speed, and flew straight into the high altitude.In this way, the oblique flying is the most easily discovered way to discover the control range of the ancestor of the Dragon Dragon after countless tests.

There are water in the sky, soil on the ground, and the oblique flying can pull the distance as much as possible.There is no doubt that the attack power and distance of the ancestors of Dilong are inversely proportional.The farther the distance, the smaller the power of attack.

The ancestor of the Dragon Dragon was so short of surprise, and Ji Shi had already gone out for nearly 300 meters.The yin and yang fire soaring the French formation rose behind the back, and the Tai Chi magic domain opened to the greatest extent.

The ancestor of the Dragon Dragon had reacted at this time, humming coldly, raised his right paw, pointed at the sky, and pointed out the left paw at the same time, and made a false grabbing in the direction of Ji.

Suddenly, a strong sucking force had already appeared behind Ji Shi, and his full increase in speed was slow.Although he was barely able to keep moving forward, it can only be a few meters per second. This is like a turtle climbing.

The magic gap between Ji Shi and the ancestors of Dilong is really too large. This kind of inhalation is not known how many times it has become the culprit that Ji Shi cannot be separated.

What's more, at this time the sky is already dense clouds. This is not rainy under the cloud. Under the control of the ancestors of the earth dragon, countless water droplets are condensed into ice cone, and they go straight to Ji Shi's direction.Come down.

"I want to run, it's not so easy." The ancestors of Dilong came out, and the sky was hit with the traction. As long as Ji moved to resist the attack in the air.Naturally, it is impossible to block your own traction power, and you will definitely be pulled back.It wants to get this kid back as soon as possible, and then ask what is going on just now.Until now, it can't figure out why his attack will be delayed, and Ji Shi will be separated from the lock at that time. There is no doubt that this must be Ji Shi's troubled ghost.

At this time, Ji Shi's face was outward. The ancestor of Dilong could not see the look on his face. If it could see it, it may be a little vigilant.

Ji Shi's complexion is very dignified, his knees are rising, his arms are gathered on his chest, and his body will become smaller as possible, so the traction of this will naturally become smaller.The ice cone in the sky has fallen sharply.This is clearly a superb to attack the water system in all directions.But the ancestor of Dilong obviously didn't want to really hurt him. When using this magic skill to attack him, he would not be locked on him, but just attacking the periphery and pressureing him, making him unable to escape.

Ji Shi suddenly took a deep breath, his hands gathered in front of him and held together. At this time, he had completely turned into a dark color. Even in his eyes, there seemed to be ink.Erotic uncertainty.The yin and yang fire array behind the yin and yang fire is converted into yin and yang fire condensing the method.at the same time.Tai Chi Magic Realm is running quickly.Black and white two -color form a huge light ball around his body.With the cover of the Tai Chi Magic Realm, the changes in the five elements did not attract the attention of the ancestor of the Dragon.

The big array of the ice cone has arrived. Suddenly, Ji Dong's back of both wings converge, and all the forces behind the resistance behind are recovered.

This situation is not the first time that the ancestor of Dragon Dragon has been encountered.There is no doubt that this is the most wise choice to do this, avoiding the hard touch of the super -murderous skill.

Ji Shi's body was pulled back, and the ancestors of Dilong naturally relaxed a little, and the dragon claws continued to increase.As long as the momentum of returning, Ji Shi is almost impossible to rush before recovery.At the same time, his other dragon claw waved, and the dark clouds in the sky seemed to be swept away by a huge broom, disappearing with the ice cone large array.

This is the Sanhe Mountains, and in a sense, the Sanhe Mountains can be regarded as part of the body of the ancestor of Dilong.It is not a wonderful thing to be bombarded by super nirvana. At least a large number of plants die, not what the ancestors of Dilong are willing to see.Therefore, after the purpose is achieved, it would rather consume more magic to cancel its previously exerted scope of super killing.Even if the dragon emperor did not dare to simulate, even the Dragon Emperor eliminating the super nirvana he released, one is not good, it is the consequence of the back.

Ji Shi's body seems to be trying to open the wings in the air to stabilize the body and not be involved, but this behavior can only attract the disdainful eyes of the ancestor of Dilong.Is it so easy to block my magic traction?Even if it is a mountain, it means that the traction comes.

Sure enough, after Ji Shi's body was trying to struggle, he still chose to give up, and his body flew in the direction of the ancestor of Dilong like an artillery shell.

According to the past, the next moment, the dragon claws of the ancestors of Dilong will grab Ji Shi's body, and then throw him to the ground, thereby announced that this escape failure.This time, Ji Shi didn't even escape 400 meters in total.Only that lock is a highlight.It seems that it is too anxious.Many of the more effective escape ability are not used.

The ancestor of Dilong's ancestors itself is too powerful, and it never thinks that Ji Shi may escape from himself in a short time.Therefore, it has some underestimated to Ji.When it wanted to come, the reason why Ji Dong did not use many skills to escape, one might be because the ability to isolated his locking had a lot of consumption, and the other might be that he thought he could not escape from his own hands.Therefore, it was not skeptical that Ji Shi was smoothly caught by itself.

Seeing that Ji Shi had already arrived in front of the ancestors of Dilong.At this time, suddenly, Ji Shi, who was in the air, made an puzzlement of the ancestor of the Dragon Dragon.He didn't try to escape anymore, but turned around.

The moment Ji turned around, the ancestor of Dilong was taken aback.But it was too late to react again.Just in front of Ji's chest, his contracted hands were holding a diameter of about half a foot, presenting a black crystal with a multi -faceted diamond.The black crystal seems to be transparent, and there is still dark purple halo flowing. The most terrible thing is that it has no half of the magic fluctuations in itself. Until the moment Ji moved around, he saw this huge black crystal.The ancestors of the dragon did not feel the atmosphere of half a danger.

Ji Shi's face is pale, pale and scary, as if he has suffered a huge overdraft.

"This is this?" The ancestor of Dilong just wanted to say, Ji Shi's hands have been released.

No need to take the initiative, the traction of the ancestral dragon's claws of Dilong has attracted the black crystal to him.All this is slow, but it is actually done between the electric light firestone.When the two words were spit out in the mouth of Dilong, the black crystal had hit the huge dragon claws.

I was calculated. This was the first idea of the ancestor of Dilong, but even if it realized it was too late.When the idea in his heart was just emerged, an extremely cold breath had spread throughout the body.

It is spread throughout the body by magic, which is normal for humans and even ordinary dragons.Nothing happened.

After the general adult dragon is repaired as the tenth level, the general length will be between 20 meters and thirty meters, and the length of the dragon king will exceed the boundary of 30 meters.It grows to more than fifty meters.

You know, the huge body is not just the difference between length. The larger the body length, the larger the body's volume will increase.The ancestor of Dilong itself is a different number. What is the huge calculation of thousands of meters of body with a body of hundreds of meters.It can make it feel so huge in the instantly that it feels cold throughout the body?

Black, the ancestor of Dilong and the black crystal spread a little quickly, and between several times, it has been passed on to every place of the ancestor of Dilong.

The next chapter that is updated immediately will appear the second one to destroy the gods. Everyone guess what it is.hey-hey.