Chapter 146

I didn't have to take the time to go back to the place where the cinnabar lotus was found.

‘Forget it, let’ s care about it, anyway, Li Shu ’s address has not found the address of the pharmaceutical factory.’Thinking about it, Lu Xuyang began to swim in the sky again.

Suddenly, he thought of the school library. Although the textbooks in his hands were finished, it did not mean that the knowledge he learned was enough, otherwise there would be no life in the world who would live to the old school.To the old one said.It seems that in the future, the focus is on the school library.Lu Xu thought.

In the early morning of the next day, Lu Xuyang ran to the school library.As for the library's book certificate or something, when Huang Ying helped the computer yesterday, he had asked the library to help it.

Entering the library, Lu Xuyang felt like he seemed to enter a new world, a world of knowledge.

A list of bookshelves, showing a stack of different types of books.I couldn't care about what it was, Lu Xuyang couldn't wait to draw a book from the shelf, and read it with interest.Since the last time he studied, he completely fell in love with the taste of studying.

One day, two days, five days, ten days, anyway, Lu Xuyang didn't know how many days have been.Every day, Lu Xuyang buried himself in various books.From natural sciences to humanities and social sciences; from the meeting to various thesis; each has benefited Lu Xuyang a lot.Until recently, Lu Xuyang felt that his head had a faint feeling of shaping and pain, and he stopped reading.

Although he recently felt that he had read a lot of books, but compared to the library, it was just the corner of the iceberg.Lu Xuyang also wanted to continue, but the knowledge and faint pain that had not had time to digest in his mind made Lu Xuyang have to dispel the idea.

The phrase "The greedy lack of snake swallowing" Lu Xuyang still knows.It seems that you still have to digest the things in your mind and let's talk about it.Think of this.Lu Xuyang put down the books in his hand and walked out of the library.

It's almost a month in Tsinghua University. You should go to Peking University to see. I don't know what the Peking University Library is like?Lu Xuyang, who was looking forward to, accelerated his footsteps and walked back to the dormitory.Set up at will and set off to Peking University.

Lu Xuyang, who hadn't gone out for a long time, suddenly had the interest of walking, and he decided to walk to Peking University.Looking at the crowded crowd on the street.Lu Xuyang looked at the next date a little bit, it turned out to be Sunday!Lu Xuyang suddenly realized that he walked forward.

"Children who leave home are wandering outside, there are no good clothes and no good smoke, so hard ..."
"Everyone, okay ..."

At this moment, a "Children who leave home" interrupted Lu Xuyang's thoughts with the begging of a girl and stopped watching.I saw a man in a military uniform sitting on the ground and singing a song. A little girl next to her about ten years of age kneeling on the ground and begging for pedestrians.

Seeing them, Lu Xuyang disgusted!Now this society.Too many scammers who begged to make money.A few days ago, Lu Xuyang also saw in the news that a beggar king drove a sports car.It's just a miserable person who has been controlled.

In particular, in order to get people's sympathy, they actually disabled the good children, and then threw it on the street to beg.

Lu Xuyang looked at the little girl carefully.Except for a bit thinner, it is okay elsewhere.It doesn't look like being controlled.There is also the man sitting, except that there are any other faults, except for decadent.

That's how I came out to beg?Is this too professional ethics?Aren't you a rice bowl grabbing the disabled people?Moreover, some disabled people are not so incompatible!

Lu Xuyang stunned: With a hand and a big master, he didn't go to find a job.Instead, when I came out of the road to sing and begged, I guess they were either lazy or they wanted to be famous and crazy!Lu Xuyang despised for a while, and he had to walk from the side.I did n’t know at this time, the children who left home just finished singing, and the man changed into another song.

This is a song that the army wants, the name is "Patriotic Dedication Song

The man sang very much. From his voice, Lu Xuyang could hear the kind of no regrets that belong to the selfless dedication of the soldiers.The singing voice was very infectious. After a while, many people watched them. They all listened silently, and their faces were the kind of admiration for soldiers.

Lu Xuyang kept listening, watching those who were infected by singing, and after listening to the song, he took out money and dedicated his love silently, and the men's face with a rare face on his face when he accepted his love.These pictures make Lu Xuyang feel how great soldiers are.

This song is not what ordinary people can sing. Without the selflessness of soldiers, and without the martial arts, it is impossible to sing at all.

So, in front of him, the general who can sing so imposing, so no regrets should be a soldier, at least it should be a soldier right.So how did this former soldier fall to this point today?

Lu Xuyang had a little curiosity. He did not come forward to donate money like those people before.Because he felt that these were not expected by the person in front of him.

Lu Xuyang stood here for a long time, and listened to this former soldier sang a lot of songs, but it was not surprising that the man would only be rejuvenated when he sang the military song.

He is a soldier, yes!Lu Xuyang affirmed.

The sky gradually darken, Lu Xuyang's stop is six or seven hours.Listening to the man's voice from the previous Gao Qiaoyang to the gradually hoarseness behind him, he has been paying attention to it silently.The man's feeling of Lu Xuyang in front of him was like an eagle with a broken wings that could not soar his wings, but he could only lick the wound on the ground and sobbing.

If he used to be a soldier, with the unique character unique to the soldiers, if he was not in particular, he would definitely not allow himself to fall to this point today.After all, what did this man torture this?

If you want to help, what do you need to do?Lu Xuyang thought carefully, and he looked forward to the day when the eagle showed his wings again!

Seeing fewer and fewer pedestrians, men and girls began to clean up, but the man never stood up.There was a trace of accident in Lu Xuyang. Is this man who is not in his lower body?

Lu Xuyang's guess of the girl's action certificate, the best man was sitting on a wooden board with a rope, and the man was dragged back by the girl.

After the man and the girl left, Lu Xuyang followed up.