Chapter 145

"Dad!" Li Shanshan shouted at Li Wenbing as soon as he arrived in the private room.

"Shan Shan, why are you here?" Li Wenbing stunned.

"Yeah, the water family girl is here too?" Seeing the narcissus, Li Wenbing quickly greeted.

Lu Xuyang's sweat for a while ...

It turned out that they all knew, and Li Shanshan was actually Li Wenbing's daughter. No wonder it was so difficult.You must know that he had brought them over for a long time without tangling for so long.

"Uncle Li!" Daffodil greeted Li Wenbing.

"Hello!" Li Wenbing nodded.Then I seemed to see Lu Xuyang, and said, "Xiao Xu, finally I look forward to you?"

"Uncle Li!" Lu Xuyang greeted him with a scalp.

After a few people sitting, the waiter started serving.

After eating, I knew that Li Wenbing had something to talk about with Lu Xuyang. After Li Shanshan explained that Lu Xuyang was going to deduct, he left with Narcissus.

As soon as they left, Li Wenbing rushed to Xu Xuyang gossip: "Xiaoxu, what is the relationship between do you have to have a girl girl?"
"She is a school sister!" Lu Xuyang briefExplanation.

"It's so simple?"
"Yes, it's so simple!" Lu Xuyang definitely answered.

"How do you think my family Shan Shan is?" Li Wenbing asked again when he got Lu Xuyang.

"It's good!" Lu Xuyang didn't think too much, replied.

Li Wenbing laughed, Chong Lu Xuyang said: "In this case, then you pursue my Shan Shan, how about the son -in -law of my Li family?"

Lu Xuyang had a headache for a while, and rushed to Li Wenbing: "Uncle Li, I already have a girlfriend!"

I do n’t know that Li Wenbing is not surprised at all., As long as you do n’t get married, let ’s talk about it. My Shan Shan is not bad ..."

"Uncle Li, let's talk about things first, okay?"Essence

Seeing that Lu Xuyang seemed to be really not cold about his daughter, Li Wenbing had to smile: "Then let's talk about the pharmaceutical factory!" Then he didn't die: "However, my Shanshan, you still considerAh! "

" Uncle Li, I don't know if you plan to take the pharmaceutical factory ... "Lu Xuyang skipped Li Shanshan directly and asked Li Wenbing about the pharmaceutical factory.Wen Bing had to seriously discuss with Lu Xuyang about the pharmaceutical factory.

In the end, Lu Xuyang accounted for 55 % of the shares.It belongs to technology shares, and provides a certain amount of medicine for the past month; Li Wenbing accounts for 30 %, which is fund -owned. Of course, because Lu Xuyang is going to study.Pharmaceutical factory production and sales.He has come forward; as for the remaining 15 %, it is used for company operations.And the reward of each workers in the future.

After discussing the pharmaceutical factory with Li Wenbing, Lu Xuyang returned to school. It was rare to have this time. Lu Xuyang took his white rats to the school around the school.Occasionally, I slipped to the door of the school library.As soon as he moved, Lu Xuyang walked in.

"Is anyone?" Lu Xuyang screamed softly.

"Someone and someone!" At this time.A female voice sounded from under the table.

Lu Xuyang's probe looked inward, and I saw a girl squatting under the table: "What are you doing? Please help me get a book card!"

Br> "Ah?" The girl accidentally hit her forehead into the table because she was too anxious.She rubbed Lu Xuyang with her forehead and said, "Classmate, I can't do it today. That ... the computer is wrong. Next time!"
"Ah? Isn't it a coincidence?"After that, Lu Xuyang sighed helplessly, and said at the girl, "Okay, I'll come back all day later!"

"Come here, sister Huang Ying is here!" When Lu Xuyang was about to leave, he suddenly listened to it.To the name of Huang Ying.

If he remembers correctly, what they said is the yellow warbler he knows?Thinking of this, he stopped again.Soon, I saw a slim girl in.

Sure enough, this girl is not someone else, it is the yellow warbler who experiences the black hole with Lu Xuyang.

Seeing Lu Xuyang, the comer was also stunned, and then, a joy broke out from the heart.However, thinking about this guy for so many days, he couldn't help grudge.That look at Lu Xuyang's heart was hairy, he couldn't help but think: "Did I offend her again?"

Think about the girl's spicy, Lu Xuyang carefully hid behind the classmates, and made an ears stole the bellshape.

Looking at Lu Xuyang's movement, Huang Ying was annoyed in his heart. Is he unwilling to see himself so?Then he said to the library room Mei Mei: "There are people who are more powerful than me here, and you still call me to come over. Isn't this one fell swoop?"

I heard the words of the library, and the library room was stunned for a while.The crowds also looked at each other.Huang Ying is a master in the computer department, and even more powerful than Gao Mufeng, the president of the Student Council, and even worse than Huang Ying, isn't it a high master?

Looking at the people who do not understand, and Lu Xuyang, who is about to escape, Huang Ying pointed to Lu Xuyang and said, "You will not even forget our demon champion?"

ListenTo the explanation of Huang Ying, everyone suddenly realized.

Lu Xuyang secretly said in his heart. After that, he stopped the footsteps.Turning over the yellow warbler and said with a smile: "Hello!"

"I'm not good!" Huang Ying replied, and his voice was resentful.

After hearing Huang Ying's answer, Lu Xuyang, who didn't know how to respond, had to stand there embarrassedly, smiling stupidly.

Seeing Lu Xuyang's shameless look, the anger in Huang Ying's heart disappeared by more than half.She let go of Lu Xuyang with a soft voice: "Wait for me, I will walk together after I get the computer."

"Okay, you do!" Lu Xuyang replied.

The crowds of the onlookers soon discovered the strange atmosphere between the two.Some classmates thought that this is the classmate who disappeared with Huang Ying during the event!

So, it's lively ...

They are thinking about what happened between the two.

In the beginning of this year, the speed of gossip is the fastest.Soon, at the campus forum, there was a secret that he had to say between the evil champion, and the secrets that had to be said between the same school.But this is all the things behind ...

After Huang Ying repaired the computer, he left the library with Lu Xuyang.

Unconsciously, the two came to the school playground.

"Yeah, so cute little rats!" Huang Ying finally discovered Lu Xuyang's white rats.The silent between the two was broken.

When it comes to the little white mouse, Lu Xuyang started to have a headache again. Before he stuffed Wang Tian, the other two were stuffed with the other two of the dormitory. Now he still has thirteen in his hands.I don't know how to do it.

Looking at the appearance of Huang Ying holding the mice, Lu Xuyang's heart moved and said to her, "Is the little white rat cute? I would like to send you one, don't you want it?"

"Really?"Huang Ying is happy.This is the first time Lu Xuyang gave her something, although she was just a little rapper.

"Well, of course, it's true, you pick it yourself!" Lu Xuyang nodded quickly.

"I want this!" Huang Ying said to Lu Xuyang holding a little white mouse.

"Okay, send you! By the way, one is not enough? I have a few more, do you want to send you a few more, you can send you back to your dormitory classmates or something!" Lu Xuyang continued to sell.

"Okay!" Huang Ying picked a few more.

I was immersed in the happiness of Lu Xuyang's delivery, and Huang Ying completely forgot the original intention of calling Lu Xuyang.It wasn't until Lu Xuyang returned to the dormitory that he returned to God, but at this time, Lu Xuyang had gone far a long time, and she had to help him leave.