Chapter 451 Si Xuan, Siyong

Diamond Dragon King Elina's proposed.It is hoped that one of the saints of the Tiangan can sign a contract with their children and try to incubate the children who have failed to incubate for many years through the power of the contract.

Just when Ji Dong was in trouble, when Elina was disappointed, a sound sound sounded, "Let's sign a contract with your child."

Hearing this sound, everyone'sLooking at Ji at the same time, he looked at Ji.Just three steps behind him, Chen Sixuan who took off the veil took a few steps and came to Ji Shi.

"Si Xuan, you are the Maggrist, how can this be?" Ji moved and quickly reminded her.He never wanted Chen Sixuan to make this decision to help himself.Even among the saints of Heaven, there is a difference in qualifications, and Chen Sixuan is obviously one of the best qualifications.Ji Shi is very clear. If he is talented, Chen Sixuan is no longer worse than himself and his brother.It's just that she has always played the role of her assistant behind her in the battle, so everyone doesn't know much about her strength.Her future must be the leader of the Ogi Department. If she will affect her future development because of the problem of Warcraft partners, then it is by no means that Ji Shi wants to see.

Chen Sixuan seemed to see through Ji's thoughts and smiled slightly.Tao: "This is my own decision. You have nothing to do with Teacher Ji. It is my honor to be fortunate to sign a contract with the dragon emperor and the child of the Diamond Dragon King."

"Otsuki attribute?"After blinking, watching Chen Sixuan's perfect beauty of her jealousy, it was hesitant.Ji Shi is right. Of course, the establishment of the contract between the two parties is of course the best attribute and can complement each other.Is it correct to make your child signing a contract with an Oki Magician?

Chen Sixuan didn't feel timid in the face of the diamond dragon king, and smiled: "Hello Elina, I am willing to help you.Your child signed a contract, then this person must be me. Although my child and I are not the same attribute. But first of all, we are all yin attributes, it is yin soil, I am a yin and wood.Muke soil, soil -second -born wood. In terms of attributes, we do not have much advantage. But one thing, I can do better than anyone. I have the eternal armor of the goddess of life. MoreTeacher Ji Tong is temporarily borrowed from the core of my life. Your child cannot hatch out. The main reason is only one, that is, its vitality is not enough to break through the hardness of the eggshell.High, but it is also closely related to the vitality. I can provide the power of the contract and continue to provide it with a huge vitality as a support. Perhaps it cannot help it break out of the shell for a while, but it takes a long time. I believe there must be there must beOpportunities are successful. "

After listening to Chen Sixuan's words, the Diamond Dragon King was surprised." You mean, after you sign a contract with my child, will you continue to hatch with vitality? But, so, that's howIf you do it, it will affect your own cultivation. "

The most needed by the wooden magician is the vitality of nature. Therefore, the wooden magician is also the longest of the magician.However, if a lot of vitality is released from itself, then it will inevitably affect the cultivation speed of the wooden magician. In severe cases, it will even affect the physical health of the Wood Master.

Chen Sixuan smiled indifferently and said: "I believe I can handle it well. Besides, once it can help your child incubate, it will help me huge."

Diamond Dragon King watched it.With Chen Sixuan's firm eyes, his eyes gradually softened. "Actually. Even if my child did not hatch, he could also help you."

While saying, the Diamond Dragon King slowly raised his ownA strange symbol in the air in the air, in the air, suddenly appeared in front of her like a rippling light door.

Diamond Dragon King's claws. When her claws come back, there is already a crystal clear, like ice -like dragon eggs.

This dragon egg looks strange, and the whole body is white and transparent, just like the emerald carved, not as long as the ordinary egg, but the whole body is round, like the whole body is round, like it is like round, like the round body is round, just like the whole body is round, just like the whole body is round, like the round body is round, like the round body is round, just like the whole body is round, like the round body is round, like the round body is round, just like it is round, like it is like a round body, just like the whole body is round, just like the whole body is round, just like the whole body is round, just like the round body is round, just like the whole body is round, just like the whole body is round, just like the round body is round, just like the whole body is round, just like the round body is round, like the round body is round, just like the whole body is round, just like it is round, like it is like a round body.A amplified dumplings.It is about one meter in diameter. It doesn't look large in the hands of the Diamond Dragon King. It can be seen in front of the saints of Heaven.

On this dragon egg, even a layer of light white halo was emitted, like a treasure light flashed.Any saints can clearly feel the huge magic contained in it, as well as a strong breath of life.

Diamond Dragon King puts the dragon egg in front of Chen Sixuan and gently strokes the egg body with a finger.I have to let you sign a contract with humans. Can you forgive your mother? "

The diamond dragon king's words have just fallen, and the snow -white dragon eggs rotate quickly, rotating, and raised a piece from the dragon eggs.Children pointed at Chen Sixuan's direction.Then point to yourself.The saints who watched this scene were stunned, and even Chen Sixuan, who was a flame, couldn't help but be surprised.

Diamond Dragon King Elina is used to it, nodded to the dragon egg, "Baby, is her, are you satisfied with this human partner?"

As soon as he turned, he rolled out that, turned around Chen Sixuan for a week, and even caused Ji Shi, who was standing beside Chen Sixuan, had to retreat to avoid being hit by it.

A more weird scene appeared. After a week of rotation around Chen Sixuan, the dragon eggs were slightly shrinking, and they jumped out of thin air, making a series of cheerful whine, the white light around the egg shells, the layer of white light around the egg shellSuddenly, the strange scene appeared, and then the strange scene appeared. The dragon eggs, which had been one meter in diameter, quickly narrowed, and instantly narrowed to only about one foot in the diameter. The next moment, it directly hit Chen Sixuan's arms.

Holding the snow -white dragon egg, Chen Sixuan was a little stunned, and the dragon egg was still stunned on her plump **.A very friendly emotion passed out of the dragon eggs, and quickly entered Chen Sixuan's soul, as if asking her gently.

Seeing this scene, the Diamond Dragon King overjoyed, "Ah! Little girl, my baby likes you very much. It's great, you can sign a contract with it."

Du next to DuHe said stunned and said, "Oh my God! Even the dragon eggs love beauty. When you look at Sixuan beautiful, he even agrees with her."

Diamond Dragon King said: "You don't know this, you don't know if you don't know thisOur dragon tribe is the most appreciated race, but also the most beautiful things. Especially those beautiful things that can be circulated for a long time. In the outside world, we just know what we like to shine. In fact, what we like is beautiful.The two words are right. Even from the perspective of our Dragon, the beauty of this little girl is perfect. Even I have to be jealous, and my baby likes her because of this. This is really good."

Ji Shi suddenly asked:" Senior Irina, although your child has not yet hatched, but if I don't read it correctly, it should have already had their own consciousness, and even can even change to changeThe form of the egg shell. What is going on? "

Elina sighed, saying:" This is the mutation. It is extremely tough, so tough and the Dragon Emperor and I have no way to do any way. We can't break it by forcibly attack. After so many years, my baby has long has its own consciousness. Although it cannot break out of the shell, it can release my strength through the egg shell.It is admitted, but I have to tell you that my baby's egg shell is an excellent weapon for it. Even if it can’t be said to be an artifact, it is not too much.The shell is changed to any shape. Its defensive power, resisting junior and intermediate super killing skills. If it was not because this egg shell is too difficult, how can it incubate?After that, the ancestor of Dilong said that the only possibility of my child's hatching is to rely on its own power to break through. If the external force is strongly given to it, it will only hurt it.Signing a contract with you to leave me? "

As he said, the Diamond Dragon King began to cry silently again.Whether it is any race, maternal love is always the most selfless.

The saints of the Tiangan looked at Chen Sixuan, and their eyes showed a little admiration, although she said that she helped the Diamond Dragon King hatch the dragon egg and Ji Dong.But how can there be no factors in the world?Some people in the Saints of Tiangan helped the Diamond Dragon King hatch it and the children of the Dragon Emperor. There is no doubt that the Dragon tribe will make them more friendly.When others get a mount dragon, the choice must be the strongest dragon.Chen Sixuan sacrificed himself directly to get a powerful dragon mount partner to become the other people. Of course, everyone is not just on her feelings. Everyone can see that she has a great relationship with Ji Kimong.EssenceIt solves the problem in front of Ji.And the saints of Tianshan get benefits.Everyone asked themselves, maybe they might do it after changing, but they would never hesitate to hesitate as Chen Sixuan.

Ji moved out step by step, came to Chen Sixuan, grabbing her shoulder, "Si Xuan, you need to think clearly."

Chen Sixuan smiled slightly, stroking her arms gently, stroking her armsThe snow -white dragon eggs, and the dragon eggs seem to enjoy it, and the surface shows a slight creep. "I already think clearly. I think I have the right to determine what my Warcraft partner is."

Looking at her gentle and flat eyes, a string in Ji Shi's heart seemed to be touched fiercely. Although Chen Sixuan's round and smooth skin was used across his hand, he could still bring it toHis strong touch.After grabbing the hand on her shoulder tightly, Ji Shi finally opened her hand.

Although he didn't say anything, he knew that he owed Chen Sixuan again.Sighing in his heart, Chen Sixuan's feelings did not know when to pay off.

Chen Sixuan actually thought more than the Saint Saints. She decided to conclude a contract with this dragon egg, not just to help Ji move.When she saw the eyes of the Diamond Dragon King, she remembered her life.The flames were born out of thin air, and the red lotus was born from the essence of heaven and earth.Heaven and earth are her parents.In the past few days, I have seen Akin's recognition with the grandfather of Dilong, and then seeing the reunion of the Dragon Emperor, the Dragon King and the Dasan Holy Fire Dragon, her heart has been continuously touched.It is because of no father and no mother that her feelings are the most profound.Therefore, when she saw the tears of the Diamond Dragon King, she had made a decision.Be sure to help this mother.

Of course, her decision is by no means blind, no one knows the mystery of magic elements better than her.At least 60 % of her grasp can help this little guy to hatch with the help of the contract.At the same time, she also had her own selfishness, and the child of the Diamond Dragon King was not a matter of overnight.And after everyone has come to Longgu, everyone will have their own mounts.She didn't.In this case, no matter where she goes, she can monopolize Ji to move, and take Dasan Saint Fire Dragon with Ji.This time, she took the initiative to solve the problem in front of Ji. In any case, Ji Shi could no longer reject her to ride together.

"Elina, what is your child's name?" Chen Sixuan asked softly.

Elina said: "Because the child has not hatched, we temporarily call it eggs. Since you decide to conclude a contract with it, then the power to give our children names, I will I just get the name of the child, I will just get my child's name, I will I just get the name of the name, so I will just get the name of the child.Let you give you. I believe His Majesty will not oppose it. "

Let the power of a generation of Dragon King given the child with the child born with the dragon emperor given others to others, which is probably the first time in the entire Dragon tribe.What's more, once the dragon in this egg hatch out.Then, it will be the direct heir of the Dragon Emperor.Even the Danan Shenghuo Dragon is just its backup.

Chen Sixuan gently stroked the dragon egg in his hand and smiled: "My name is Sixuan, then it is called Simiao. I hope it can truly break the restraint and move it. Irina, Irina,Can you? "

" Thinking? Okay, just call Siyong. "Elina likes the meaning of this name, and she can see that since Chen Sixuan agreed, she would go to the helpShe hatched her child.

And this thought two words, but once again hit Ji's heart, whether he or heavenly saints, who doesn't understand the meaning of these two words?Thinking, thinking, thinking about Ji.

Ji closed his eyes and retreated silently, almost doing his best to suppress his inner impulse.

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