Chapter Fifteen Level 5 Apprentice (Part 1)

"Boss, what did you do last night? I didn't go to the cafeteria for dinner. I didn't dare to go to the top floor to find you without you.Move asking.

Ji moved: "Yesterday something was something."

Bi Su did not investigate this issue.Drag it! Boss, do we want to find her trouble? "

I didn't wait for Ji to speak, Karl snorted, and said," Save it. Don't look at her as a woman,During the admission exam, she was the best one in our Cinghuo system, and it was above me. It is said that she was the 91 proportion of congenital attributes. "

Su Zhang made a big mouth.Let's go around the city for a week, I am afraid there are at least tens of kilometers. Let's keep it first. "

Running out of the fire city, Ji Shi already felt that his body began to heat up slightly, and his blood circulation accelerated.Can't say comfort.At this time, he deeply realized the benefits of absorbing the two crowns yesterday. After having the strength of a double -level first -class apprentice, his physical strength increased greatly, and a large amount of impurities were discharged.The magic is moisturizing, and the cardiopulmonary function and muscle strength have been enhanced.Otherwise, he would be panting from the college to the outside of the city alone.But there is no feeling of tiredness, but I feel that the body's joints and muscles are active.

I touched the red lotus in the left chest subconsciously. Ji Dong couldn't help but have a heat flow in his heart. He couldn't wait to go to the perfect flame of the perfect ground.And this heat flow also seemed to completely awaken his energy, following the brigade without any backward.

Carl and Bi Su are also strange. Don’t see it for a day. Ji Shi's physical strength is significantly better. They are the best among all first -year students.He helped him, but now it seems that at least a long time does not need it.

Over time, half an hour later, the physical fitness gap between the students appeared.The first one who ran was the only female student to return, and she followed the teacher in summer.The rest of the students have begun to leave.It began to show fatigue, and the speed slowed down.Now they have just moved from Nancheng to the West City Wall, and they have a distance from the North City Wall.

"Hurry up, give me up with me. Whoever is slow, don't blame me to be polite." As he said, he waved the rattan in his hand.

The intimidation of summer is like a strong needle, which has significantly increased the speed of the students.

While continuing to run, in the summer, drinking loudly, "If you want to be a yin and yang magician, it is not enough to be magical. You don't need to have abundant physical strength and tenacious willpower. Yes, I, I, IWhat I arranged for you today is the task that is almost impossible to complete. In the future, there will often be such courses. If who can't hold it, I am sorry for the tuition fees that parents pay you.Can the number of people condensing yin and yang crowns at a time of graduation up to 30 %? It is because our students are more perseverance than other colleges, and it is impossible to give me a mental point. Run.

There is no doubt that the words of the teacher in summer are very encouraged to these elementary school students, but this only allows them to persist for a moment.Gradually, how much physical strength can the ten -year -old child be started?Although the physical fitness of these elementary school students is good, the long -distance running around the city is still almost impossible to complete.

Summer's severe show in the first time in the first true sense, he told these first -year trainees with action that the rattan in his hands was by no means just furnishings.From the front position to the end, the rattan waved, the scream sounded one after another.

There is no doubt that the excitement of the scream is definitely more effective than the words of the teacher in the previous summer. In the painful struggle, continue to run.

However, if you pay close attention, you can find that although the teacher looks very severe in summer, it is actually not heavy when his vine bar falls, and there is a vaguely flowing flow on the rattan.Those who are drawn will run forward quickly in the scared, but they do not pay attention to the heating force from the place where they have been pumped, so that the limit of the limited physical strength is a bit.

The three groups of Ji Shi have always been in the first group. Although not as sudden as Zhuang, it is not backward. Carl and Bisu are getting strange.Breathing has begun to become heavy, but the rhythm of running has not been scattered, obviously there are still a lot of physical support.Today, the running around the city is much longer than the twenty laps that was punished yesterday. The difference between Ji's physical strength surprised them.However, at this time, the two also deeply realized how wise choices of Ji Shi had previously allowed them to save them. Although they are definitely the best in this group of colleges, they have been continuously impacted by tiredness.

"Well, the man's mother -in -law slowly came down. I said, how can a woman compare with our men." Bi Su said breathlessly that there was a lot of disaster in his eyes.

At this time, Ji Dong was not physically consumed. When looking up, the return speed of the aforementioned wish was significantly slowed down, and after returning, it turned out to be the three of them. Other students had to fall.behind.

Seeing that the return speed slows down, Bisu is suddenly energetic, speeding up the pace, and the work of a while will catch up.>
Zhu Gui turned his head and looked at Bi Su, who was catching up, and suddenly showed his smile. When Bi Su didn't respond, he just felt like something was tripped under his feet.When he rushed forward, when he barely wanted to control his body, his back was slapped, "Lie down, the mother."

After a dog eats After a dog eats shit, I wish to stop, step on his back on his back, watching him coldly, "Tell you, I will make me less in the future. Let me hear you call me a man, and I will burnJust your hair. "

As he said, Zhu returned to his right hand to stretch, a pump, a red flame came out, and he rose half a foot height.It's hard to write, Xiaosan also hopes to write better quality.Today's physical examination itself is very tired, driving more than 60 kilometers back and forth.But it was still even more chapters.Xiao San's ability to persist in continuously, that is, he insists on code words when there is anything.Xiaosan also believes that friends who like my book are definitely happy, because Xiao San will let you see it every day.Although I can't chat with you, every chapter I write is for you. In the hearts of the little three, your status is infinitely high.

Everyone also gives Xiaosan some happiness.Collection and recommendation, these do not need to spend a penny, but the Primary Three is very satisfied.After three, I ask for recommended tickets and collecting.