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Later, once, Brother Tiger was stabbed at the night market. The small knife of the three -edged wood was pierced into the belly.He chased his stomach for hundreds of meters away, and his heroic posture was developed in the car.

At that time, there was a project on President Nie at the time that he was in trouble. Several nail households were unwilling to move. The project progress was stagnant. Daily light interest loss was tens of thousands.Brother Tiger, I immediately felt that this person was available.

At that time, Mr. Nie asked the driver to send Brother Hu to the hospital for treatment, and helped him leave the medical expenses, leaving only one business card.

Brother Tiger did not let President Nie disappoint, and the injuries on his stomach took a bandage before he had a bandage. He took a group of brothers under his hands to block the snake and paint.Go, a great achievement has been made for the development of the great development.

Since then, the tiger brother is smooth and smooth, and the sand used in the construction sites of the large development is provided by him. There are local hooligans on the construction site to make trouble.The construction team was also established, asking President Nie to give some small projects, and it slowly started.

Whatever the inconvenience encountered in the development of the big development, it is a tiger brother as a pioneer, there is President Nie as a backing, and the tiger brother has a very ruthless hand. No matter what kind of thorns,It can be settled. In addition, there are any big things in President Nie's family, and Brother Hu is also very enthusiastic about helping. The cooperation between the two parties is quite happy.

To this day, Brother Tiger is no longer the small land that drove the massage room, and there are hundreds of brothers under their hands, more than a dozen mud heads, and several large and small real estate places.He became a tiger, but he understood in his heart that without President Nie, no major development, he had no achievements today.mianhuatang.la [Marshmallow Novel Network]

On the birthday of President Nie last month, the drunk of Lord Tiger drank, pulled his clothes to take red, and faithfully looked at Nie: "President Nie Nie NieMy big brother, you just say what you have, my life is yours. Whoever dares to do against you, I will kill who! "

Nie just smiled and said," TigerDrink too much, let him go back. "Among them, I was very proud of it. There was such a tiger who dared to fight, and it was really less annoying.


The role of the relocation office is quite limited. After a few days of work, they did not say that a family was moved.

The residents of Gao Tupo are very united. Originally, everyone was employees of the Chenuang Plant and Hongqi Factory. The distance between the two units was so close and both neighbors.This time, because of the demolition, retired, and the laid -off uncle, the uncle, were all right, and they all gathered in the neighborhood committee to discuss countermeasures every day.

Director Chen of the neighborhood committee is a woman in her fifties. She originally worked at the Women's Federation of Hongqi Factory and came back to work related to the neighborhood committee. She was a very enthusiastic elder sister.What about Xiaolou? I originally expected that the house demolition could pay the same area of housing, and it was better to get married for her son. Now it seems that there is no drama. Director Chen has a strong organizational ability. Under her leadership5,000 square meters of compensation will never move.

"Sisters, listen to me, we are more powerful, they just do not move, they are not right." Director Chen said in an impassioned, his mouth flew, and suddenly there was a in his early twenties at the door of the neighborhood committee.The guy, wearing Jinshi Glasses Siswen, stood there without talking.

Director Chen hurriedly stopped his speech, walked over and asked, "How do you come, do you need to go to work today?"

The person who came was the son of Director Chen, and also their family's family, and their family's family.Pride, graduated from prestigious universities in the provincial capital, and the civil servants who were only examined this year were divided into the Municipal Finance Bureau to work. The future is bright.

The son pulled his mother aside, whispered a few words, and Director Chen's expression was a little panicked. He came back and said to everyone, "There is something in my family, go first." Then he left.

The crowd looked at each other, I don't know what happened.

In the early morning of the next morning, a blue jumping truck stopped at the door of Director Chen, and a few eye -catching words were painted on the body: moving company.

Workers wearing camouflage clothes are like busy ants, and they lift the small and small things of Director Chen into the compartment.Ding Ding's ringing, it can be seen that this move is very hurried.

Come out to buy the neighbors who are early morning exercises and find that Director Chen wants to move, and quickly go around and ask her: "Director Chen, do you say it?Together with the demolition together. "

Director Chen supported me, and his eyes flickered. Everyone couldn't ask for one reason. You could only watch the truck and pull the director Chen's family to pull things away.The building is empty.

Director Chen is so anxious. The curtains in the house have not had time to move. The neighbors walked into the empty house blankly, and the most firm Director Chen moved away.Who still leads everyone.

"Find Lao Liu." Someone proposed.

"Yes, go to Lao Liu, let's have the greatest ability." Someone immediately attached.

The old Liu in their mouth is Liu Ziguang's dad, and the laid -off workers of the Chenuang Machinery Factory, because the son's mixed wind is in the outside, and the father follows the scenery.I asked him for a big deal, and the guests came to the guests at home. Now the director of the neighborhood committee retreated, and everyone thought of Lao Liu.

The crowd rushed to the big courtyard where Liu Ziguang's house was located.The child is too big. When my son comes back, I will ask him. Everyone rest assured that Xiaoguang will help everyone to support it. "

The neighbors gradually dispersed, and my mother blame:" Lao Liu, you shouldn't, you shouldn't.Holding things at home, there are so many things about my son, how can there be an empty managing this? "

Dad said," Some things can bear it, some things are really unbearable, so I have to endure it.It's been almost sixty years. Even if this life has been explained, I don't want my son to have a low head for a lifetime. "

My mother sighed and stopped talking.

At noon, Liu Ziguang came home and said, "I just saw Zhou Wen's old Zhang's family also moved. Why are everyone so realized?"

Dad said, "You came just right. In the morning, the neighbors said that Director Chen, the neighborhood committee, took the lead in moving. Everyone was a little panicked. I don't know what happened. Can you find a classmate to ask? "

Liu Ziguang thought for a while, took out his mobile phone and took out his mobile phoneDial Zhou Wen's number.

Zhou Wen received Liu Ziguang's phone in the first sentence: "Old classmates, are you asking about the demolition? Move it, the arms can't twist your thighs, this time the execution is very strong."

Liu Ziguang interlaced: "Zhou Wen, do your old father -in -law mobilize to move? Is it possible to be loose and give more compensation?"

Zhou Wen said: "The notice is on the top, everything is the notice, everything is the notice, everything is the notice.If a civil servant has a family member in the demolition area, it must cooperate with the mobilization and persuasion work. If the results are not effective within a week, the assessment will be affected.The number, but it is certain that the earlier you move, the more you take, the more benefits when the nail households are. "

Liu Ziguang asked," Why? "

"Because the development of this project is responsible, they have the most experience in dealing with nail households. "

" Can we only wait for being demolished? "

It is troublesome to implement, you can try the legal channel ... "


The relocation finally received some effects, most of the families with direct relatives who are civil servants, most of them have accepted silently.After the demolition compensation clause, after measured the area of the housing area, I moved away from the high soil slope under the onlookers of the neighbors. Although the house is important, there is no important job.Light.

But in the largest shantytown in Jiangbei City, Gao Tupo, there are very few civil servants' families after all.Essence

Now the information is developed, and ordinary people will go online. There are more information they have.The "Regulations on the Management of Urban Housing Demolition" stipulates that the compensation amount of the demolished houses should be determined according to the real estate market price assessment, and the opinions of the demolished person should be fully listened.It is only one thousand and five thousand five, and you say that you have to move.

Faced with the Diaomin of the law, the comrades of the relocation office had to be defeated. The staff complained angrily that this group of nail households also understood the Fa!Also learn to drill the law.

To this day, the movement of the Qianzhuo is poor, and there is no way to do it. Finally, in the winter evening, the brands of the movement of the movement have been retreated. The residents found that the relocation office was evacuated, and she was full of joy.

But in the early morning of the next morning, the crackling firecrackers woke up the residents near the alley verbally.The copper -plated iron brand is glittering, with red silk hanging outside, and a line of red words: Anju Demolition Company

A group of people with large waist and round waist stood at the door and patted the slap.On the ground, the red firecrackers of the ground were bombing, and the red paper scraps on the ground indicated a good start.

Huye stood at the door with a lot of time, looking at the residents of the probe in the distance, and a pride rose in his heart, and finally he could show his skills again.